Chapter 0:

Day 0

Living 4 Years Back in Time

Day 0Bookmark here

God, where do I begin? It was pain. I don’t remember much of at least everything but I do remembering hurt like hell.Bookmark here

My family was coming home from a long-ass dinner meeting my dad was having, and all I remember was the dark sky. Then within nanoseconds, screaming, crying, blurry blue and red light flashing and complete silence.Bookmark here

It stayed like that for a little too long. It was probably a few seconds but the uncomfortable silence made me feel uneasy but like I’m still alive. Like the feeling you get when you feel out of touch from reality, a feeling of loneliness that I was fond of. Bookmark here

I somehow tell myself to open my eyes after closing it shut for too long. What I see in my room, the alarm clock going off, and me dripping in sweat. After a long ass time of laying in bed, I get up and search the place. Something must have changed. I can’t be the only one who remembers.Bookmark here

After checking the bathroom, then my parent's bedroom, study room, I get to the kitchen. My little sister, Ren, was there. Same as my parents. None of them died, but something seems off.Bookmark here

I sit down next to Ren and noticed she was tiny. She looks like a baby still despite being in high school. Bookmark here

“Yo, Ren. What day is it?”Bookmark here

“Uh...August 15th.”Bookmark here

“Wait, that can’t be. I can't have slept for 2 months,”Bookmark here

“What do you mean? Hitori, it’s been 2 months. School starts in 2 days,”Bookmark here

“Well for you at least, wait what year is it?”Bookmark here

“Oh my god, Hitori, it’s like you lost your mind! Like do you remember anything?”Bookmark here

“I mean yes and no...”Bookmark here

“I can’t believe you! It’s XVI, what other year could it be?”Bookmark here

“Hahah really funny Ren. But I do think ”Bookmark here

After that, I went to my room and checked my phone and in the middle of the screen 'August 15th, XVI'.Bookmark here

Honestly, I was panicking but I couldn’t show my family because it seems as they don’t remember. So I left the house and spent the whole day at the book store where I read, cried, and questioned reality.Bookmark here

I got this notebook to write my thoughts on what the fuck is happening to me that I’m gonna keep secret.Bookmark here

So I guess this is day 0 of my journey.Bookmark here

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