Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: Infinite

The Immortal Witch's Death Wish

Hmm… perhaps Nuon didn’t deserve a death like that.Bookmark here

The man was skilled for sure. If this was her in her early days, perhaps she wouldn’t have stood a chance. He was at least as strong as Merlin when she had first met him and decided to train him.Bookmark here

For Nuon to have reached this height on his own…. She smiled. Then perhaps there is definitely room for others to grow and strike her down.Bookmark here

Had Nuon had anything special aside from honed physical technique, she probably would have considered him more valuable. But, as it stood, there was no way for Nuon to have been capable of killing her.Bookmark here

Even if the whole city worked together to bring an end to her, so long as they don’t possess any special talent, she could not meet her end.Bookmark here

She could make an enemy of herself, but that was not how she preferred to do things. Ruthless though as she may be, she would rather avoid causing unnecessary death. Still, there had been a time when an entire country fell to her.Bookmark here

That tragedy was an event they had brought upon themselves. There were very few ways one could enrage her to that point. Truly, had they thought it through, the fate they had met would have been circumvented.Bookmark here

Before long, Lusha was back in the city. The blood had dried, expedited by the wind when she flew.Bookmark here

Still, she couldn’t help but notice the streets were eerily empty.Bookmark here

I see…. So it's like that.Bookmark here

Lusha continued walking. They plan on wasting her time yet again. Paranoia is a huge design flaw in the human mind.Bookmark here

If that’s the case, then she had better hurry and at least finish what she came here to do. She approached the guild hall and realized it was entirely empty. It felt almost as if all the residents were made deceased.Bookmark here

The only one within the guild hall was the attendant standing where she usually did. “Welcome b-...” her words trailed off upon seeing the blood covered girl.Bookmark here

“A-are you alright? Did Nuon do this? Where is he?” she was getting frantic and began shuffling through various papers as she was trying to document the incident.Bookmark here

“Nuon?” She thought for a second. “Oh yeah, that big guy. He’s dead.”Bookmark here

Her eyes almost popped out of her socket.Bookmark here

“Anyway’s where did everyone go? It’s awfully quiet here.”Bookmark here

“T-they, got called to some strange emergency summon. There seems to be an issue going on at the moment.”Bookmark here

She paused. “I-is Nuon truly dead?”Bookmark here

Lusha didn’t answer her. Instead demanded to sign up for the adventurer’s guild. “Had he not tried to test me, I could have joined the guild without having killed him. Let’s make haste. I’d like to become an adventurer as soon as possible.”Bookmark here

She bowed her head and left immediately, picking up a strange light parchment. Upon doing so, the parchment began to glow. A seal rested in the middle of it, supposedly for blood signatures. She nicked her thumb with her index finger and pressed it against the parchment.Bookmark here

A soft glow remained on the tag after she had given the proper amount of blood. The attendant promptly took it and left to a room behind the counter.Bookmark here

She dipped the tag in a small fountain of pure black. The tag slowly sunk within it, emitting a hard glow before finally being overpowered by the embrace of darkness.Bookmark here

She came back a minute later and offered her a couple sheets of paper. She was to sign each and every one of them before returning it to her. Thus, she began signing.Bookmark here

Liability, payment agreement, rules- She really had no care for what she was signing. Just as she was about to return the rest to her, a question came up. Alias/Team Name.Bookmark here

Hmmm….. This is a hard one. I hadn’t expected to have to find an alias so soon.Bookmark here

How about…… “Infinite.”Bookmark here

From now on she was Lusha Viscirilis, leader of Team Infinite. Though, this was still a party of one, the fact that she circled party name meant she had intended on forming a group.Bookmark here

“By the way, are there any quests that I can take right away?”Bookmark here

She handed Lusha a porcelain tag and rested it on her hand. “No. as of the moment, since you are just a porcelain adventurer, there aren’t any quests available for your level.”Bookmark here

“Ehhhhh? Hey hey, what do you mean now. I’ve become an adventurer and I still can’t take any quests?”Bookmark here

She sighed. It seemed the world fully intended to make this a wild goose chase.Bookmark here

“Well… there is one quest that is out I suppose.”Bookmark here

She pulled a parchment that contained the details of her quest. “Nuon had already accepted it because the payout was generous. B-but it’s a very mundane escorting mission.”Bookmark here

She handed the form over to her. “Heheh, perfect. I’ll be taking that then.” She left the guild hall promptly.Bookmark here

The scene that awaited her outside however, was much more of a nuisance than she had thought she’d run into.Bookmark here

The moment the doors to the guild swung open, Lusha was surrounded on all fronts. Various of the city’s mages and elite task forces were lying in wait.Bookmark here

Many of them dotted the skies, the ground -- every corner one could look.Bookmark here

Valkyrie stood among the middle of the mages floating high above. He had put his hand up to command ready from all of the mages there.Bookmark here

This was a tense moment as they glared at each other. “You are really beginning to get on my nerve, young brat.” She spoke.Bookmark here

The anger in her words were almost feral.Bookmark here

“You know. I was going to plan on just removing a finger or two from you, but I think you’ve long overstepped your point of forgiveness.”Bookmark here

“I’ll only ask you this. Are you stronger than Nuon?”Bookmark here

This question was to make sure she proceeds with this situation differently. If he was stronger than Nuon, she would allow the man a chance at her life. If he wasn’t, she wouldn't waste her time.Bookmark here

Valkyrie would be foolish to think that the strength of himself and a few hundred magicians alone could tip the scale in his favor.Bookmark here

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