Chapter 1:

The Genius Rabbit

Genius Rabbit - A One-Shot Story

Her capabilities were out of this world as the spherical ball flew into the air. Her swift movement and reaction were the first to reach the ball before everyone else. She leaped from the ground with a readied right arm, and she slammed the object with great force.Bookmark here

 The other players tried intercepting her play, but by then, it was already too late. The scoreboard rang loudly, and the crowd cheered violently in her victory. Her teammates congratulated her, throwing her into the sky as they rallied their new success. Bookmark here

I guess that’s why she was the star player in our school. Everyone recognized her signature spike. Her impressive mobility as an athlete was superb. It was no wonder why her teammates placed all of their trust in her.Bookmark here

Teachers and coaches joined in Sindy’s victory, praising her accomplishments as if she were their own daughter. The opposing team shared their enjoyment facing Sindy.Bookmark here

 I couldn’t help it but put a smile to see their lovely interaction. Did mankind find the answer to peace? I would never know the answer to that question, but I was confident to believe this was the key to these unwavering inquiries of mine. Bookmark here

A week had passed since the day of their victory, and I caught myself watching the girls celebrate with pizza. Except Sindy was not there.Bookmark here

I was quick to remove myself from viewing any further since I had better priorities than becoming an audience of their party. Bookmark here

Sindy passed by, who usually interacted with many students, and she even gave them inspiration through her words alone.Bookmark here

I set eyes on the child who traded looks with me. She waved at me with a smile. “Hi, Akachi!”Bookmark here

I waved back. Bookmark here

This was the perfect opportunity to speak to Sindy about her outstanding game, but moments before I gained the chance, a scrawny student approached her rather quickly. He was very hasty as if it were his long-lasting goal to reach her. I was displeased, and I couldn’t help myself keep a keen eye on him. Bookmark here

“H-Hi, Sindy. I-I want you to have this!” he inclined his upper body forward, gifting Sindy a carefully wrapped box. For unknown reasons, I was disturbed. This unsettling atmosphere filled me with anger as I was helpless to do anything for these clueless people. Bookmark here

Sindy, being the sweet girl she was, kindly accepted the young man’s gift. She continued to display her smile, projecting an inviting spirit to everyone in her surroundings. Bookmark here

If I were her, I would’ve rejected it. That was her biggest flaw. I watched the scrawny boy dispose of his presence from Sindy, and he jumped with joy to have his first interaction.Bookmark here

My brows furrowed, sensing a putrid future for him, and I feared the longer he walked into this path would only create more issues. Bookmark here

“Hi, Akachi!” the serene voice removed my trance, and my eyes directed towards Mercedes. “Are you alright? You looked like you saw a ghost.”Bookmark here

I raised my thumb and nodded. She smiled graciously, releasing a sigh of relief afterward. “I’m so glad. If there is something bothering you, please tell me okay?”Bookmark here

I nodded again. Mercedes reminded me of my surrogate mother, a precious gem that couldn’t be sold to anyone.Bookmark here

“Mercedes! Akachi! How’s it going?” Sindy approached us, followed by a horde of students who were dying to hear her response with their inquiries. “Oh Merci, I forgot to do today’s homework. Is it fine if I copy yours?”Bookmark here

Mercedes frowned in response. I supposed she was in the same shoes as Sindy too. “I’m sorry, Sindy. I’ve been so busy with my job that I couldn’t get mine done.”Bookmark here

Then, their eyes directed towards me. I already anticipated their next course of words, so I immediately offered my paper to the girls with no question. “Oh my god, Akachi, you’re a lifesaver!”Bookmark here

“I just knew we could count on you, Akachi!” commented Mercedes. Nonetheless, I nodded. Bookmark here

“Anyway, I swear I’ll give you this back to you in our last hour!” said Sindy.Bookmark here

Mercedes gasped, “Sindy, wait! You must give it to me somehow.”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I’ll quickly write down Akachi’s answers—then I’ll give it to you during lunch period.”Bookmark here

We went on our way to the next class. Time flowed endlessly like a rock resting within a river stream. Bookmark here

I was greeted by the boisterous, ecstatic teacher, Mrs. Dale. If she was given a microphone, the entire world would hear her. Though, I respected her dedication as a teacher. Bookmark here

I sat peacefully in my seat, awaiting either Mercedes or Sindy to return my homework. Even as I saw them socializing with each other and taking a seat, none of them seemed to notice my presence. I waited patiently, yet nothing happened. Bookmark here

Minutes had passed, and class was starting soon. I alerted the girls’ attention by waving my hand until a new face appeared in front of my presence.Bookmark here

“Hey Akachi, thanks for letting me use your homework! It really helped,” she had long strands of bright chestnut hair resting on her right shoulder.Bookmark here

Though, I had no recollection ever speaking to Amber about my homework.Bookmark here

Regardless, I was glad to have my homework to return to my own hands. Bookmark here

I nodded my head to show my gratitude, and Amber went on to take her seat. Bookmark here

The school bell rang its song of capriccios, and Mrs. Dale entered the class with energy. “Hello, everyone!” Bookmark here

Her voice alone echoed across the classroom, and I’d only wished she kept her voice low. I perceived the tiny conversations formed amongst the tables. Mrs. Dale walked around for a while until she made herself the center of attention. “Everyone, pass up your homework!”Bookmark here

The students in each table piled their works as they handed the teacher an entire stack at the end of it. Mrs. Dale began her next course on instructions, but my eyes tended to wander elsewhere like usual. Bookmark here

Suddenly, the eyes turned its attention to the tiny glass attached on the door. A familiar face hugged their own head against the window, creating condensation against the translucent walls, and nobody had recognized his presence other than myself. Bookmark here

“Hey Akachi, are you slacking off?” Mrs. Dale was quick to realize my action. I immediately alerted everyone of the young man, and Mercedes screamed in horror upon staring at his clinging expression. “Oh, it’s just Wyatt. Relax, everyone.”Bookmark here

She approached the door, opening them and allowing Wyatt to enter the classroom. Bookmark here

However, Mrs. Dale became a rock. I tilted my head in confusion, wondering why she wasn’t moving as if she just saw a ghost until the horrors awakened my realization. Bookmark here

Panic consumed the girls while the boys were ready to deal with the scrawny student. Mrs. Dale retreated a couple meters away, clinging tight to her stomach as scarlet drenched the floors. Bookmark here

“H-Hi Sindy! I-I like you! Really, really like you!”Bookmark here

One of our basketball athletes confronted Wyatt, and then he was effortlessly thrown across the classroom. The boys in the corner picked themselves up from their seats, surprised by the sheer strength carried within the scrawny student, and they overcame him in numbers. They ended the same like the athlete.Bookmark here

Wyatt slowly grew closer to Sindy all the while she did the opposite. The rest of the girls begged him not to complete his ruthless actions, but he mercilessly carved his fist into their faces. As the last male alive, I did what was best; I confronted Wyatt. Bookmark here

“You! I don’t like you! Not one bit!” Bookmark here

Suddenly, I felt the winter wind breathing into my stomach. Then, Helios’ warmth cured my cold. Upon realization, Wyatt had already plunged me. Becoming one with the filthy floors, I used the last remains of my consciousness to witness Mercedes slain under Wyatt’s hand. Bookmark here

He finally grasped Sindy, who cried in fear of joining the rest of her classmates. Darkness slowly consumed my vision, and my ears perceived the last moments.Bookmark here

“Did you like my present, Sindy? I know you did!”
Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Akachi! Hey buddy, wake up!” A sudden shock to my body raised my awareness to the max, and I found myself surrounded with the same classmates who were previously attacked by Wyatt. A breath of relief was released from me until Sindy reacted differently than usual.Bookmark here

This Sindy transformed from an enticing princess to a hysterical girl. “Wyatt! I just had a weird dream that Wyatt attacked us!”Bookmark here

Immediately, I stood up. Our eyes met, forming a connection from this odd dream. It was like a dream that became a reality; a reality that became a dream. Bookmark here

Suddenly, my intuition commanded me to turn around. Mercedes screamed in horror to see Wyatt hugging the door. Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s just Wyatt. Relax, everyone.”Bookmark here

“No, Mrs. Dale! Don’t open that door for Wyatt!” Sindy ordered. “He’s dangerous!”Bookmark here

“Wyatt is not dangerous. He’s too scrawny!” Bookmark here

“It’s not that! Wyatt started acting weird, and then he—,” their prolonged argument left the scrawny student impatient that he destroyed the door with his sheer strength. “Quick, everyone! Stay back from him! He only wants me!” Bookmark here

“Sindy!” Mrs. Dale tried to convince her otherwise, but Sindy had already accepted her destiny. Bookmark here

Have you decided to defy your fate? Sindy gasped, searching for whomever spoke those words. Her first glance was towards me as if I were the one who created these voices. The unfortunate ending was unexpected, but you have been given another chance. Will you stride the path for infinite hope?Bookmark here

“Yes, anything to not let that happen again!” Bookmark here

Very well then. You have now formed a contract with the Seductress. Suddenly, Sindy began grunting in agony. She covered both ears, bumping against the tables, and no one was able to comprehend Sindy’s unknown pain. It is a pleasure working with you.Bookmark here

An emerald rabbit came out of nowhere, blinding Wyatt’s field of vision until he screamed hoarsely on the floors. Sindy raised her arm as it peacefully hopped on her hand. Then it transformed into a bracelet where it latched onto Sindy’s wrist. “I am the brightest star, Sirius!” Bookmark here

The tables began shaking in circles, and a jade light blinded our vision briefly. When the tables had stopped moving, Sindy had changed her appearance into a rabbit themed suit: pointy jade ears, green-and-black armored attire with several white linings to her torso.Bookmark here

Sindy rapidly patted her face, hearing metal clangs across her mask. She gasped high pitched, searching her backpack until she obtained a mirror. Bookmark here

Seeing her own reflection under this attire filled the girl with many emotions.Bookmark here

Distracted, Wyatt recovered the attack as he charged towards Sindy with vicious strikes; however, Sindy’s athletic abilities gained the upper advantage in evading each attack. Bookmark here

Her fists engulfed in a sea of flames, and she launched a punch into Wyatt’s stomach which blasted him out of the classroom. Bookmark here

Upon realizing her action, the sweet girl clasped both her hands. “I’m sorry, Wyatt! I didn’t mean to do that!”Bookmark here

He was a zombie laid flat on the floor. Lifeless, Sindy had assumed his unfortunate passing. “Oh no, this can’t be good! I killed Wyatt…"Bookmark here

I recognized the distress filling the classroom. Panic would soon consume them, and more issues would rise like a snowballing effect. Bookmark here

Unlike the others, I saw through his sneaky tactics. It was child’s play, for his fingers gave it away. If only Sindy spotted it, her unnecessary panicking would cease to exist. I had no other choice, approaching Sindy as I patted her shoulder. Bookmark here

“What is it, Akachi?” I pointed forward, and the armored girl saw his fingers bringing life. She sighed in relief, glad she wasn’t ready to hold responsibility to take a life. But someday, I knew she would accept that path. “Wyatt, you have to stop this!”Bookmark here

I patted her shoulder. This time, I shook my head. Bookmark here

Wyatt was revived from the powerful punch, and a noticeable spot raised questions of his existence. Bookmark here

From my position, I would’ve concluded it as a bruise; however, this bruise gashed an ebony pool of blood. Deeper inspection into the bruise was an engraving emblem in the tissue—a phoenix? “Sindy, I always loved you. You were the first to talk to me when I was alone! That made me so happy! That’s why I want you to be mine all to myself!”Bookmark here

He transformed into an abomination of darkness. First, a blob that one would secrete until it evolved into its truest form. A black slime manifested into the same shape as Sindy, and several arms from the blob wrapped around this fake Sindy. Bookmark here

“Eww, that thing is gross. Did you really have these thoughts about me?” wondered Sindy. Bookmark here

“I’ve always loved you, Sindy!” the fake Sindy used Wyatt’s voice, and she smiled graciously. “I want you. All of it to myself!”Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry, Wyatt. I have a boyfriend,” she faced Wyatt’s abomination, confident in her decision to defeat him with her newly found strength. She threw her fists into the slime creature, only to be caught by the fake Sindy. “Ew, gross! Have to get it off me!”Bookmark here

More arms formed within the blob as it swarmed Sindy, hugging her tightly to its clutches. Bookmark here

I analyzed the creature, realizing the majority of its source came from the large blob, so I picked up the nearest paper and pencil to find some way to help Sindy strive to victory. Bookmark here

Sindy continued struggling in trying to release herself from the Wyatt’s sticky grasp. Suddenly, she generated an emerald orb—and she used it upon the fake Sindy which was enough to keep some distance to herself. Bookmark here

I managed to finish my notes in time, sharing the information to Sindy. “Wow, Akachi! All that from watching? I knew you had good handwriting, but I never knew you were good at analyzing!”Bookmark here

I smiled while nodding. Wyatt’s weakness had to be his source of power from within. “Alright, watch out everyone! Sindy Olson is ready to save the day! I just learned I can do this!” She gathered enough energy to create a spherical orb hovering her grasp. “I call it, Wind Whorl!”Bookmark here

The classmates witnessed the brave student charged forward at the slime creature, prepared to protect her loved ones and accepting the role as our school’s hero.Bookmark here

She implanted the sphere into the blob, disintegrating the fake Sindy altogether, and Wyatt screamed his last breath until he reverted to his scrawny shape. “Huh, where am I? It felt like I had a bad dream, and someone made it go away…”Bookmark here

Sindy lent her hand to the boy. Although hesitant at first, Sindy picked him up from the ground. Bookmark here

The feeling of hatred that I once had on him were finally gone. Perhaps it was because Sindy managed to cleanse whatever was manifesting inside of him. Bookmark here

"Everything is fine, Wyatt! I really liked the present you gave me!"Bookmark here

That creepy boy transformed to an innocent, sweet boy. He jumped in the air joyfully before disappearing into the hallways. Bookmark here

No one could comprehend that day. But we knew one thing, Sindy was the school's hero.Bookmark here

To explain it in simple terms, it was cool. Nobody outside of this classroom knew of Sindy’s alter ego, and we were grateful for her efforts that it naturally integrated into our daily lives. Bookmark here

Of course, teachers and students all alike wondered about the situation with the broken door. Mrs. Dale, more than just the boisterous teacher she was, promised to keep Sindy’s heroic actions a secret, and she gave everyone the most hideous of stories. Bookmark here

I highly doubted that no one would buy it, but it seemed no one bothered to learn the truth. Everyone went on with their lives with wonders, including our class too. We were the most curious.Bookmark here

What was this power? None of us knew. The Genius Rabbit was born...Bookmark here

The last school bell rung glorious, and the hallways became crowded. I was one of the first few to exit the building. Bookmark here

And, I noticed Sindy standing next to her vehicle as if she was waiting for someone. Me, possibly?Bookmark here

Her eyes were locked on me. I approached her, waving at her.Bookmark here

She waved back. And smiled.Bookmark here

"Akachi, I just wanted to say something..."Bookmark here

My head tilted a little to the right, my brows raised.Bookmark here

What question did she wanted to ask before leaving? Bookmark here

"You heard that voice, too? Didn't you?"Bookmark here

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