Faded Scales of a Hyacinth

A land cloaked in a veil of mist, set to distract travellers who wish entry into the city of Velan- what could have been a better setting for a woman to discover why she wants to continue her existence?

The ‘Leviathan’, a force etched deep into her heart with runes, tries desperately to taunt her will away if only to take over her body and become a calamitous force that razes the world of Gaelis.

Aelem La’arte attempts to navigate her life amidst the voice creeping along in her head. When she is hunted down by the one force meant to bring her life to an end, the anxiety that clutches at her body is met with something wholly unexpected- a gentle smile that pierces the insatiable night.

To find the name of the dragon that taunts her alongside a knight of butterflies and flowers, or to crumble against its will and become the destruction of the land around her, what kind of life could be seen to have more purpose?

Cover art by @daisy_bijutsu on twitter.

Art by @daisy_bijutsu on twitter.

Art by @daisy_bijutsu on twitter.

UpdatedFeb 29, 2024
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count26,835
Featured fan art of this novel.
The Butterfly Knight and the Leviathan.