An ancient Fire Dragon ransacks a home, intent on stealing a bag of gold lying within, but... she accidentally takes the owners' son as well! By the time she realizes it, bandits have already taken advantage of the mayhem her visit brought, destroying the village and murdering the citizens. With no way to properly rid herself of the infant, she opts to raise him herself, and watches with interest as the young child grows more like her by the day.

But, a slowly encroaching Demon Army threatens to tear apart the peaceful life she's built for her and her son. What's more, her kind are forbidden from involving themselves in wars without the express permission from the Gods. Seeing no other way to ensure the simple life he's been living, the boy chooses to fight in his mother's stead. Will the powers gained in his time with the Dragon be enough to turn the tide of war in favor of humanity, or will he succumb to the madness of a world engulfed in a never ending war?

UpdatedSep 28, 2019
Writing StatusOngoing
Featured fan art of this novel.