Chapter 1:

The Battle of 2 men. Or are they men?


7 years later- Void of nothingness. Kamaka(male)- I can’t believe you would do such just for “her'' sake Netero. Netero(male)- this wouldn’t have happened if you had some sense Kamaka. Netero- After all these years you're still the same little brat from camp. Kamaka- Funny you say that, while putting the WHOLE multiverse in danger. It’s none of your business trying to stop me from what I do. Kamaka- Yeah, ok Netero. (takes out his spirit weapon) I’ll save ya. Netero- never give up ay. (starts running toward each other)

Current time- Forest of Pokonoah

Ayato(Female)- C'mon you guys, stop moving so slow! Yokai(male) It’s just your moving fast Ayato! (Kamaka passes by them both) Kamaka- hush and keep running! We gotta see the fight! Netero- all of you guys stop. (Everyone looks back) You act like it's going to be interesting anyway. Have you not heard what yuu is capable of doing? Everyone- No. Sigh, I should have known. He decides your fate!! Everyone- WHAT!?!? Yes, no matter how ridiculous the fate is, it happens. Ayato- this must be why he is feared in the world. Netero- Yes it is, I heard he made a person cough out his lungs. Yokai- brutal, just brutal. Yokai- wait, where’s Kamaka? Netero_ I knew this would happen, he doesn’t listen. (Ayato, Yokai and Netero meet up with Kamaka) Yokai- are you sure the camp won’t catch us? Kamaka- Yes, I’m almost confident they won’t. They already checked to see if we were there and when they did, we were still there. It's no way they will catch us. Plus it’s night time. Yokai- SHHHHH IT'S GOING TO START!! Kamaka- ok, ok. (Yuu is fighting his opponent vel.) Yuu- why do this? You are basically ASKING for death. Vel-.... Yuu- ok well then, you asked for it. Hmmmmmm what should your fate be? I feel like just crushing you well be it, DIE FOOL. Vel- ha. Yuu-w-w- WHAT? Ayato, Yokai, Netero and Kamaka, W-H-A-T. Vel- Sauka-Qua-la. Yuu died on the spot. Kamaka- t-this has to be a dream. Yuu can’t be dead. Vel- END. The ground is shaking uncontrollably. Cracks through the ground, trees falling. Kamaka- GET TOGETHER! Ayato- go to the emergency jet! Netero- you sure? Ayato- what else can we do? This is life or death! We ne-. Kamaka- RUN VEL IS CHASING US. Vel- I just want the special child. Vel- I won’t stress myself. (Vel teleports to the Special child.) The special child is Kamaka.