Chapter 2:

What’s all this?


(Earlier the Day of the Incident) [Place]- Outside of his Camp room- Kamaka- “What’s this paper?” Papers randomly fall from the sky these days? “It has words”. “The title seems to be, The Truth. I am a pretty good reader.” I’m glad ma to-. Ma. I miss her. I swear I will get revenge for what happened to her.” Besides that, lemme read this.” The world where this paper is known as Vapory. Years ago this world was known as Hakimarun. Millions of years ago the world was filled with many (humans). They would study the Hakimaruns surroundings. They started to suspect life on the planets surrounding them. Infact, these planets did have life on them. The Hakimaruns on the planet testing out certain things sent attacks on the planet using rockets of a special type. The life on that planet was murder and destroyed, except for the SPECIAL type of people. Those special people attacked Hakimarun and wiped out the human race. The special people started to reproduce their own kind. Renaming the planet now known as Vapory. These special people were made diligently by The Answer. The creator of EVERYTHING. All worlds, dimensions and life were made by The Answer. He makes these special people to see if any can reach his level. Which has never happened. He gives these people powers of his choice. Every now and then it's a really special person. He gives these people greater powers. To even surpass him you would have to exist with The Answer, or exist apart from him. At first, some people didn’t believe in this God. Those people aren’t here with us anymore. Kamaka- “What’s this? If something like this is true, what haven’t I heard nothing like this?” Back to the letter- I write this to inform the person reading this. If you are reading this you’ve been chosen. Kamaka- “chosen? I hope this isn’t a prank, it’s messing with my mind.” You might be asking, “how do I know all of this? I myself was chosen. I was eager to go on my journey. But when I went on it, It was the most depressing thing I’ve done. I almost came out successful. But I didn’t make it all the way. I would have come out successful if I knew as much knowledge I knew now. So please, I know this might seem crazy but PLEASE continue your journey. Also, keep this to yourself. You will know when the time is right to release this information. -SWITCH DIALOGUE- Kamaka sat there head spinning in circles. If this is a prank, it’s the best one I’ve ever encountered. “Where do I put this? What do I say? Do I start right now?” The child has many questions going on in his mind. “Hey Kamaka!” Shouts Ayato. “H-hey ayato.” What’s the matter, you seem odd.” Kamaka remembers that the letter said to not tell anyone. “Oh nothing just waking up from a bad dream.” I did too.” I had a dream reliving the past.” Back to the night when THEY took us.” Took us from our parents.” Just for something that happened millions of years ago.” I hope my parents are ok without me.”Ma. She took care of me, fed me, bathed me, made sure I had a great time.” Just for her last moments of her life watching me suffer.” I’m sorry to hear that.” Ayato walks to Kamaka and kisses him on the cheek. Kamaka blushes. Kamaka had a crush on Ayato ever since they and the other 2 were grouped together. Sometimes Ayato and Kamaka had to sleep in the same bed when they were broke. He remembers while Ayato was sleeping wrapping her arms around him without noticing. He always looks back at these moments and smile. Now that they are 14 they start to mature. Not changing much about them.”Thank you for caring for me Ayato for all this time.” Seriously, I don’t have many people to express my feelings to.” Ayato, I lo- “Of course Kamaka.” Anything for a brother like you!” Kamaka almost faints. (His mind) Brother? She thinks of me as a brother? I’m sitting here wanting her to be my wife and she thinks of me as a brother? “Thanks Ayato.” I remember, we have to get ready to see the fight Ayato.” “Oh YES!!!” Yokai and Netero wake up. “Get ready for the fight lads!!” “Is it really right now? Exclaims Netero. “Yes it is!” Get ready!” Don’t be too loud, they can still hear ya know.” Says Yokai. “Don’t worry we’re good.” Says Kamaka. Kamaka goes to the bathroom to clear his mind about Ayato calling him a brother. “Should I really be worrying about this?” I guess, we are kinda like brother and sister.”We’ve been here since we were 7.” We’ve worked together so much.” I won’t give up my feelings for her.” Just like the note said, continue your journey.” Kamaka makes sure he acts normal in front of his friends. They grab their backpacks, weapons, and callout horns. “I will bring the jet just in case.” Says Ayato.” As if we will need that, plus we don’t even know if it works.” If it explodes, we will be dunzo.” You never know Netero, quit being let down.” Hmph.” Let’s get out of here smoothly and- Ayato turns the jet to auto ground movement, one thing that works 100%. While Netero and Yokai start to head on. Kamaka waits for Ayato to finish. “Thanks for waiting for me, the others usually just go.” Of course after all, it would be the right to do ya know. (Silence) “Well, let’s get going!” I don’t want them to get too far ahead!” Ok!”