Chapter 3:



Current Time: “KAMAKAAAAAAAA-.” Ayato screamed her lungs out to Kamaka. “Until we see you guys again.” Vel takes the child and leaves. “Kamaka.” What just- happened?” This is fake right?” Not Kamaka.” The le-. Netero cuts out Yokai. “SHUT THE HELL UP.” WE LOST KAMAKA AND YOUR TRYING TO MAKE SOME MEMORIES.” You don’t think I’m sad to?” You're not his only friend.” While the 2 kids yell at each other Ayato sits there, thinking about what she could have done. “Guys, right now is not the time to be arguing.” Please, for me, stop.” The ground starts shaking again. One big crack hits the ground. The 3 children are falling down to who knows what. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH-.” The children are, trapped. The children are still stuck. They are stuck. Forever. And ever.

Back to Kamaka/

Vel took the child. “Let. Me. GO!” Vel tapped the child on his head. He went out automatically. (Kamaka wakes up.) “Where am I?” Wait, Vel.” Hello there special boy.” “Get what ya want outta me and let me go.” I’m sure my friends are panicking. “Panicking?” Your friends are gone. For good. “What, you’re just messing with me now where are they?” I am indeed telling the truth Kamaka.” Your speaking nonsense!” I know they are ok.” Hate to break it to ya child.” Kamaka stares at Vel.” It CAN’T be.” Impossible.” Do-. “SHUT THE HELL UP.” Very rude child.” IF THIS IS TRUE, I WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE SURE YOU FEEL EVERY SINGLE BIT OF PAIN POSSIBLE.” Hmph.” The child is screaming at the top of his lungs. Vel snaps, and hushes the kid. “Finally, I can talk in peace.” You are in my world.” I captured you for very specific reasons.” You are special, Kamaka.” You might be able to take, “it” down. In Kamakas mind all he thinks about is his friends. Especially Ayato, is she ok, are they ok, is he joking? Millions of questions go through his mind. He thinks of endless possibilities to change the outcome of this. “Now do you understand. Kamaka.” Kamaka didn't listen to a single word Vel said. “Vel, where are my friends at?” If you listened you would have known, they fell into the circle of circles.” They are stuckforever unless you change that Kamaka.” But in order to do so, you have to unlock your abilities and-. “Just tell me, how to get them back.” Once I do, you're going to wish you never existed. “Oooh, intimidating.” I’m going to have to give you flashbacks in order for you to start gaining your powers. “You're going to change.” Vel places his hand on Kamaka’s head. He releases memories. Memories of war, death, suffering, and the worst of it all, love. People's hearts are broken. Kamaka had to relive all memories of these times. For months, months and months Kamaka was placed inside this bubble, reliving terrible memories.

5 months later.

“Hello Kamaka, long time no see.” …… “Don’t want to speak huh?” I can see why.” You should start practicing to save your little friends you got. “Everyone has to suffer, no matter how bad.” It’s not my business helping them.” “You’ve changed.” I like it, we might become great friends.” It’s not like I enjoy staying with you Vel.” You took from me, took me, and torched me.” Imagine I’m your mom, you wouldn’t like to hurt her huh.” After spending those months going through memories after memories I realize, you have to do what you have to do.” You have no time for love, friends, or family. “It’s all in the way.” Those people spent their last seconds of their lives crying to their mommy or daddy.” Pitiful.” Are you sure you want to keep your friends falling?” I will save them to cure Boredom and please, don’t confuse them as my friends.” Well if you need to practice at any time, it’s now.” Just do this so I can leave the hell hole for now.” Kamaka remembers Ayato. He still feels a little love for her. Even after reflecting those memories, he can’t get over her. “She’s one hell of a lady huh? Kamaka looks at Vel. “How do you know I’m thinking of her?” When I passed those memories onto you, I got a little piece of yours.” Every time you think of her, I do too. “Besides that, it’s time for training to stop whatever it is controlling us.” First off, you need to strengthen your mind.” Clear it, control it, transcend it. Kamaka doesn’t want to but, if the clues tie together, this is the right thing to do. Kamaka sits there for minutes trying to clear his mind but all he thinks about is the suffering, The screams, the cries, the heartbreaks. Kamaka starts to realize this is the suffering and depression from the note. -SWITCH FORMATION-

Vel- I’ll give you help.

Kamaka- I don’t need your help.

Vel- yes, yes you do. Plus, who’s gonna stop me from doing whatever I do?

Kamaka- just, just go on already

Vel- think of your most happy moment, don’t worry about me, the memories, your friends……

Kamaka- I thought I was supposed to clear and transcend it?

Vel- Don’t speak, do.

[Kamaka thinks of him playing with his mom, Aurora.]

(7 years earlier)

Aurora- Catch it!

(Aurora throws, Kamaka catches)

Kamaka- yayyyyyy!!

Aurora- good job!

The sun was out, cheerful music was playing, and the enjoyment was beautiful. This was the, “Perfect Day,”

Aurora- can you do a favor for me Kamaka?

Kamaka- what is it ma?

Aurora- stay by me for the rest of your life.

Kamaka- duh mom!

Aurora smiled.

-Current time-

Vel- you did it?

Kamaka- I did!! I mean, it’s not that important, really.

Vel- I know you might not like me, but you're gonna have to get used to it.

Kamaka- yeah, whatever. So, about “them” when will I be able to retrieve them?

Vel- oh so you DO want too.

Kamaka- don’t get too excited, I realized from my memories with her, stay happy and make others happy.

Vel- Oh. Well you're going to need more years until you're ready to get them outta there.

Kamaka- YEARS? How will they stay alive?

Vel- they won’t die, they will just be stuck

Kamaka- I don’t want anyone to suffer again. So about the answer. You said he’s above dimensions?

Vel- oh, that was an understatement. He’s above Ōnā!

Kamaka- what’s that?

Vel- the highest of the heights.

Kamaka- so this won’t be easy ay.

Vel- I hope you didn’t expect it to be easy.

Kamaka- I didn’t.

Vel- there was one who reached the Kyōzon. The highest anyone has reached apart from the answer. He’s nowhere to be found now, I heard he just writes notes from the void of nothingness.

Kamaka mind- could that be who wrote me the note? I guess he was pretty close. Why did he stop

Kamaka- you said the void of nothingness? Where is that at?

Vel- couldn’t tell ya. We don’t even know if it 100% exists.

Kamaka- yikes. Well when’s part 2 of the training?

Vel- now.