Chapter 8:

Ch 8 - The two mages

St Chaos Healer

These two people, the way they were dressed and armed gave off a powerful aura for some reason.

After I took a good look at the bald guy with a hammer, his body was covered with little stains of blood. The concentration of blood was a lot more on the hammerhead of his hammer that he carried. It was almost drenched with thick blood.

Meanwhile, the girl dressed in black didn’t have any bloodstains like that. She looked quite clean and fresh, unlike her partner. But the staff she was holding with a mysterious blue gem gave off a powerful aura… This power comes from that gem definitely emitting the power of mana.

I still haven’t manifested mana core but I can still feel the power from that stone.

These two people are definitely powerful people.
They must be the so-called-

“Metrina, there are some people who are in need of healing.” suddenly the bald guy spoke while he was glancing at us.

Hearing the bald guy the girl named Metrina followed the baldie's gaze.
Her eyes widened after seeing us and rushed in our direction.

I instinctively stood in front of my mother to protect her.
I still have no clue who these two people are and what’s their motive.

But did I just hear baldie saying something about healing?

Metrina stopped right in front of me a few steps away.
I glared at her vigilantly but she didn’t seem to show any malice.

Instead, she stared at my broken arms and her eye had this sympathetic look,
“Little guy, don’t worry. I am a healer and I will help you heal your arms.”

Did she just say, healer?

I glared at her and she didn’t seem to be lying to me.
My mom was in a much worse condition than me.
She also lost a lot of blood and if nothing’s done, she might die.

“I don’t need healing but my mother…” I replied and stepped aside.

Metrina quickly approached where my mom was and took a glance at her condition.

Her face stiffened and she seemed to be in thinking,
“Her arm is ruptured, bones are shattered and the flesh is badly torn apart. She has also lost a lot of blood. Her situation doesn’t look good.”

I fell on my knees and bowed my head,
“Please… Please save my mom.”

This was the first time I ever begged for help, and not to mention to some stranger who I just met.
I once was the Overlord who never submitted or lowered my head against anyone before.

But this feeling of helplessness and this feeling of losing your loved ones once again.
I can’t bear it anymore. If lowering myself before someone else helps me save her, then so be it.

Metrina just smiled and raised me up from the ground,
“Don’t worry, I’ll try to save your mom. I am a proud healer after all.” she said winking one of her eyes playfully, “Now move away and leave her to me.”

She stood in front of my mom and held her staff horizontally in the air.
Suddenly the blue gem in her staff started to glow.

I quickly backed away a few meters away from her.

Metrina closed her eyes and started muttering some words out loud. The bizarre words she spoke were in a weird tongue that I never have heard before.

While she chanted those words, a mysterious glowing blue glowing magic circle appeared above my mom. There were lots of runes and patterns inscribed within the circle as it hovered above her. The glowing intensity of the magic circle started to get brighter and brighter by the passing seconds.

She opened her eyes which were glowing,
“Divine Cradle of Goddess Iva!”

The magic circle started spinning and tiny fragments emitted from the circle. The small particles of light were the size of snowflakes that fell on top of my injured mother. The fragments of light were focused more on the place where my mom’s injured arm was.

Just as the glowing light touched my mother’s arm, it instantly absorbed in her skin and started the healing process. The battered and torn flesh started repairing itself and started stitching back together. The shattered parts of bone fragments disappeared and new bones started regrowing in their place.

This is the power of regeneration healing, one of the top-class healing techniques.
She must be a top-tier healer mage.

At this rate, my mom’s injury will definitely be healed in no time.

Just when I was mesmerized by the healing process, someone yanked my arm.
Suddenly I saw a little girl pulling my arm while bawling out her eyes and a big snot leaking from her nose. Her frock was dirty and stained with the mucus leaking from her nose.

It was none other than Heather.

“Big~ bro!~ *hiccups* Aunty~ *hiccups* will she be~ okay?” Heather asked with her moist big eyes.

“Well, I hope so.”

Listening to my not-so-optimistic reply, she started even crying more loudly.

She grabbed my shirt,
“I~ I~ I am really sorry *hiccups* It’s my fault~ I brought that~ that~ *hiccup* doggie to play. I~ I didn’t know it, was a bad doggie.”

I let out a sigh.
It wasn’t Heather’s fault that this happened.
Either way, the wolf would eventually come to our home anyway, they do happen to have a strong sense of smell. It was a miracle that Heather wasn’t attacked already.

Also, my mom jumped in the wolf’s jaw to save Heather.
This was a decision she made herself.

I patted her head,
“Stop crying, you're spilling your snot all over my shirt. Anyway, see that big sister over there,” I pointed to Metrina, “She’s now trying to fix mom. So stop worrying, she’ll be fine.”

Finally Heather stopped crying.

“You brats” suddenly a deep voice echoed just behind me.

I quickly turn around to see the baldie standing behind me.
He was quite tall like a beast and that big hammer lugged on his shoulder was like a mountain blocking the sky.

He was glaring right at me,
“So you guys fought and killed this gray wolf?”

Heather hid behind my back and was quite wary of the big guy.

“Yes but my mom dealt the finishing blow,” I replied truthfully.

“Oh, is that so,” he replied while shaking his head.

Just when he took out something holding in his hand,
“This thing. Did you make it?”

The thing the bald guy was holding was one of my stone knives,

He took a closer look at the knife,
“Hmm. Not bad kid.”

After saying so he handed me the knife back.
“In the near future, if you ever become an adventurer. You should try joining our party ‘The Crimson Velvet’. That is if you ever become a mage.”

“Eh… I’ll think about it.”

“That’s good to hear. Haha”
The bald guy patted my shoulder.
His patting like I was being patted by a boulder.

Can’t he see I am injured here?

Suddenly the guy stopped laughing and looked serious,
“She’s about done.”

I quickly glanced at the healer and it seemed she was done healing.

I quickly rushed to check my mom, little Heather followed suit.

To my surprise, my mom’s arm seemed to regrow a new one.
There was not even a scar left from her previous injury.

If it wasn’t for her tattered clothes, no one would even guess if she was even attacked in the first place.

But for some reason, she wasn’t waking up.

I curiously glanced at Metrina.

Meanwhile, Metrina seemed quite pale while gasping for breath.
The big bald guy was standing beside her and helped her get on her feet.

It seemed this healing technique must have taken a lot out of her.

Soon her gaze met mine.
She gave me warm smile,
“Don’t worry. Your mom’s just unconscious and she should wake up in few days.”

Few days?
I had checked my mom’s pulse and she seemed to be fine and just seem to be in a deep state of sleep.

I took a breath of relief and sat on the ground.
Heather also sat beside me clinging to me like a parasite.

Just when Metrina reached out her pocket and took out a vial bottle and drank its content.
After drinking from that bottle there was a mysterious glow enveloped her body for a few seconds before it dissipated.

Suddenly her complexion was restored and she looked a lot better.

She then took a sigh and then turned her sights on me,
“Well, now your mom’s all fixed up. It’s your turn next.”

Saying so, she started healing me with the same ritual.
Meanwhile, Heather wasn’t letting go of my shirt and was adamant to stick with me.

Metrina told me it was fine for Heather to stick around.
My injuries weren't as severe as my mom's. So there was no need to separate Heather from me.

She used the same technique to fix my arms like before.
In a couple of minutes, my arms were fixed anew.

This time Metrina didn’t look as pale as before but she still appeared to be out of breath.

After she got on her feet she glanced at Baldie,
“Hey, Halberd! Get to work already! We don’t want more stray gray wolves attacking this village.” she said while pouting.

More gray wolves!
Hearing this brought out a cold sweat on my brows.
Just one injured gray wolf was so much trouble if a whole group were to show up...

Just thinking about it sent shivers down my spine.

If I had my Demonic powers, just one swing of my hand was enough to wipe out a big army of wolves. Right now, I am a powerless kid who still hasn't manifested a mana core.

If such a pack of gray wolves attacked, our town will surely be wiped out.

“Oh dang! It almost slipped my mind.” replied the bald guy named Halberd as he scratched his head.

Saying so Halberd started walking towards the woods.
That was the same direction where this gray wolf had appeared from.

He reached the edge of the river then started glancing around.
The river separated our village from the woods.

I was quite curious about what he was about to do,
“Hey Heather, stay with mom here.”

Heather still held on to my edge of the shirt more tightly,

“It’s alright now. I need you to look after mom. You are a good girl, right?” I asked with a smile.

Heather instantly nodded and finally let go of my shirt.

I was quite curious about what Halberd was about to do so I followed him but I still maintained some distance.

“This place should be fine,” he said while glancing left and right.

He then placed his hammer down on the ground and started stretching his arms.
His arms were covered with metallic armor till her shoulder blade. That armor seemed to have some magical runes engraved on it.

After he was done stretching he then suddenly stood quietly in his place and closed his eyes.
He stood for a couple of minutes and then suddenly opened his eyes wide open.

He then clapped his hand and got on his knees and slapped both his palms onto the ground,
“Bezos Earth Wall!”

Suddenly the earth started shaking there was a loud rumbling.
The rumbling echoed throughout the surroundings and even the birds scattered away from the woods.

Suddenly the ground in front of Halberd started moving.
A tall slab of the earth in front of Halberd started to rise towards the sky.
The whole slabs of earth walls started rising from both sides.

In a few minutes, there were tall towering walls of rocks blocking the village from the woods.
The earth wall was as tall as 15 meters and it stretched almost a kilometer or so and protected till the edge of the village

That's when I came to know that Halberd is an Earth mage and a powerful one at that.
He just created such a big barricade of walls in such a short time.

The loud rumbling lasted for a couple of minutes until the walls stabilized.
Halberd soon got up on his feet and swept the sweat from his brows,
“Phew. That should do it.”

I thought he would go pale like Metrina who used high-tier healing but that wasn’t the case here.
This guy just created a blockade of an earth wall and still seemed to be more than fine.

He should be at least an Elite or even a Silver class mage.