Chapter 48:

047 – ManCon!

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May 11, the dedicated day for ManCon.Bookmark here

It's called ManCon or Manga Convention, but it isn't really mangacentric as one would still see anime content, fanarts, independent illustrators and such in one place. It's just like how TAC, a group of illustrators isn’t focused on manga content aside from Yuuga when he's not Amagami-sensei.Bookmark here

I wouldn't say that I know everything that I have to do once we're here. This is actually my first time to be attending this kind of conventions and it just so happened that TAC was given an invitation and a sponsored booth. But to think, an Instanyan artist page to be sponsored in this kind of events? Woah.Bookmark here

But while there are those thoughts, I am worried. No, I am extremely worried just like how I expect G to be the same.Bookmark here

We're both scared of doujins. Especially when G's friend, Shuri Kagaki is recalled.Bookmark here

Nevertheless, our Art Club then assembled in a parking space of a food park in Sector 527 with our wills set on fire.Bookmark here

Then Mori asked upon his arrival.Bookmark here

"Where's Mato-sen?"Bookmark here

"'O, idiots. Summer is the season of youth, and when Nagi is distressed,' is what he said," as I did an abysmal impression of the absent person as I intended.Bookmark here

"What?! Then who's going to drive?" Mori became confused.Bookmark here

I raised my hand, "Me, of course."Bookmark here

G and Mori looked at me with wide and winking eyes. As if they don't believe me, I took out my driver's license.Bookmark here

"I hope that we will be safe…" the two thought.Bookmark here

Without saying anything, they then all sat inside the car. At this point Mori is the only one that doesn't know that I am in a relationship with Rin, but he did not mind when he saw her sit on the front passenger seat alone when it can fit two people. On the second row of seats is where Nagi, Shiro and Jean sat while Mori and G are on the back.Bookmark here

I was anxious at first when Tenth lent me an SUV, but I figured that I can't do anything about it. He trusts me too much. I'm so thankful that I have a decent experience on navigating in the traffic of the Capital.Bookmark here

Still, I wish we could have come with Akira.Bookmark here

As to why we are traveling by wheels, the event hall where ManCon will be is in the Capital.Bookmark here

Wait, I literally just said that a second ago.Bookmark here

Anyway, in a rough estimate, we would be there after two and a half hours. If there is no traffic (which no way it will happen), it will just be an hour. That's the Capital, everyone.Bookmark here

Finally on the road, Shiro asked, "Did anyone tell what Yuuga is attending for today? He said that he had some important matters he needs to sort out, right?"Bookmark here

"Ahh… Has anyone of you met a friend named Mina, or Minase?" Rin gradually changed the flow of conversation.Bookmark here

Nagi reacted, "Ah, yeah. I met her last November."Bookmark here

"You've probably heard that she and Yuuga are childhood friends."Bookmark here

"I have. Did she say something?"Bookmark here

"She said that he had to attend something that is more important than this. He's actually a very busy person."Bookmark here

"Hmm. Nothing we can do about that."Bookmark here

On the way to the Capital, I felt bad for Mori as he's the only one that is not an otaku on board while playing anisongs. But moreover, Rin and I also felt bad that we're the only one that can clearly understand them. It was fun though.Bookmark here

Future A/N: I forgot that Jean can also understand.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Arriving in the venue, it was… it was something I have never felt. That tension—a tension more intense than the gazes of Horach and Ryota. In its own ways, ManCon is a way more terrifying environment than the underworld… not like I have already gone there.Bookmark here

Without missing a beat, we immediately fought through the crowd and finally managed to come in our designated booth and began setting up. Thank goodness, if this place was not air conditioned, Nagi and I might have fainted from the heat. I am especially worried that I might be starting to inherit my family's illness—high blood pressure.Bookmark here

We were given a map of the whole venue with the legends as to where to find who.Bookmark here

As I have expected, Nagi and Shiro held it first.Bookmark here

"I see… So this is where Yuki Amagami's booth is found…"Bookmark here

"Wah! So far from here!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I stepped away to the back of the booth, "I'll just make a call.Bookmark here

**Hello? Is this Kuni Kida-san by any chance?"Bookmark here

"**Yes, that is me. Who is this speaking?"Bookmark here

"**My name is Gin, Gin Sakato. I would assume that Amagami-sensei already informed you about us?"Bookmark here

"**Oh, the assistant! I'm sorry, but I don't think we can talk any longer. I am pretty busy right n-"Bookmark here

"**Kuni-san, please listen. I am also here in ManCon in the TAC booth. We are actually classmates with Sensei but he asks not to reveal himself yet to them."Bookmark here

"**Ah, that's right! He mentioned that before! Then, please do inform me if they will come here later."Bookmark here

"**Yes. Thank you very much and we're counting on you."Bookmark here

"**Wait, Sakato-san. How did you get my contact info anyway?"Bookmark here

"**I saw your international contact card lying around in Amagami-sensei's place."Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

By the way, Kuni-san is a guy despite his somewhat feminine given name.Bookmark here

I came back and tapped the two who are still absorbed on the map.Bookmark here

"Hey, couple of autumn! When will you two go around the booths?"Bookmark here

"Maybe around 1pm."Bookmark here

"Noted. We should make schedules for who will be manning the booth while we are away."Bookmark here

"I guess you're right. Then you and Ringo can do your mini date after us."Bookmark here

"This is a convention, Nagi."Bookmark here

Still, we don't know how exactly the convention for us will turn out. There have already been a few instances that we are recognized by people just by being in a still incomplete booth. But having observed the others, we really look like complete amateurs with how slow we are at setting up.Bookmark here

We however got things done by fifteen to ten in the morning with a decent booth that can actually fit the seven of us. Seriously, how in the world did this happen for us to all fit in two rows? Surprisingly, the crowd lessened in this fifteen minutes before the event starts out. It seems that we still have a lot of time, but we haven't even made any warm-ups in reality which made us rush even if there is a space to breathe.Bookmark here

In the main desk are a stack of one hundred blank papers to be used for commissions while we sell prints and the never before seen original illustrations I had in my inventory over the year. My electric bill for the last two months jumped up to 2-4000 Laxes because of the demand for power and my apparent usage so I need income. Original and firsthand content made by artists has great value to whoever will get that one of one piece in this world. Although I have to admit that it makes me sad that I have to do this, but the world does not fare well with anyone.Bookmark here

All of a sudden, a short fifteen minutes passed and the crowd of people waved in the venue after being bathed in that blazing heat. There were normal looking people, whom I will dub as wolves in sheep's clothing, and obvious people doing cosplay of many notable manga characters. I sometimes can't get how weird this community of my species is.Bookmark here

Our booth was not an exception to the many people that lined up in front of us. We are here for our own commercial purposes, but I seem to have disregarded that this place can actually become a place for meet and greet. To think that there are people who are actually willing to shake our hands and give us a refreshing smile after seeing us, it feels unreal.Bookmark here

But in the midst of it, I am slightly worried about the cameras of the people pointed at us while we do signing and doing on the spot commissions eventually.Bookmark here

I will have to say that us being the TAC makes up for my ignorance. Our group was not particularly regarded as a mangacentric organization and so I didn't have any problem when I don't recognize majority of their cosplay. I do see the effort in the process of making their costumes, but I have my opinions as a slightly minimalist with my standpoint.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Meanwhile, in Yuki Amagami's booth, forty minutes have passed ever since the event got open to the public. Due to Yuuga's first appearance with his (or what was thought to be her by his readers) real and true self publicly, his booth immediately got packed with people mostly with flustered women. Because of that, the mangaka had to take a rest from the handshakes and pictures, and sat behind while still accommodating autographs.Bookmark here

Thus, the wave of people showed their concern with letting him rest and the crowd of people drastically lessened. With that, Kuni Kida, Yuki's editor is minding the booth with Minase as though all the awkwardness of the world fell to them.Bookmark here

After hours of being present to the convention, this is the first time they will speak to each other.Bookmark here

"K-Kida-san…? Is it difficult for you to communicate with the people here?"Bookmark here

"Ahahaha… It is a little **hard…"Bookmark here

A/N: It is a little 'muzukashii'. The cringe; my cringe.Bookmark here

"Actually, I learned a little of your language with Sensei teaching me."Bookmark here

"Is that so…"Bookmark here

Aside from Minase having nothing more to say to the Japanese man, he thought to herself that Kuni might be pressured with using Orio's language when he admits that he isn't very fluent.Bookmark here

"**Ah, Amagami-sensei. If you want, you can go look around the other booths while you're on break. Okuni-san, I wouldn't mind if you join Sensei. I can handle the things here by myself."Bookmark here

"Mina, he said that he wouldn't mind if you join me in going around other booths."Bookmark here

"I really hope that it will be the case…Bookmark here

Kuni-san, we will be back shortly after."Bookmark here

"Please take your time."Bookmark here

As the two made their exit outside the booth, the editor thought…Bookmark here

"Sensei, you baka!"Bookmark here

Even he already saw through Minase's feelings.Bookmark here

"Hey, Mina. Are you going to the TAC's booth?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'll try if I can request for a sketch."Bookmark here

"I see. You know that I can't show myself there so I'll wait for you somewhere once we're there."Bookmark here

"Hmm. You're such a worrywart even when you decided to tell them later on. Hey, I don't think they will think of badly. I already met Nagi, and you should know more than me that he likes romance manga! Maybe just a bit too much, though.Bookmark here

Anyway, you shouldn't worry about that too much. They are your friends and even I… I am one of your friends, and I did understand!"Bookmark here

"Well, thanks…Bookmark here

…"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

‹Gin›Bookmark here

Back on TAC's booth, Mori and Jean have taken their breaks, and Nagi and Shiro are on the front.Bookmark here

"Ringo! Should we split the line?" asked Nagi after a far glance.Bookmark here

"Hmm. Yep. I think it's fine to use up more of our space."Bookmark here

"Got it.Bookmark here

Everyone! We're going to ask you to split the line in half! Those on the second half can come to my desk!"Bookmark here

With what was instructed the line split and came to Nagi's side.Bookmark here

"Ohh… This is a pretty nice booth."Bookmark here

"Hello, can we know your-Bookmark here

Do you want an autograph, a picture, a print, a commissioned sketch, or a scolding, Mato-sen?"Bookmark here

"A sight of my students having fun."Bookmark here

Nagi immediately stood up with a Sharpy at hand and signed Mato's palm.Bookmark here

A signature, and not a name or an 'I love you'. The comet then split apart.Bookmark here

With the awareness that he made quite a scene, he wrote on a piece of paper and raised it beside Mato. What was written is: "This is @SenseiofTAC", which is his username in Instanyan. Even as the supervisor of Art Club in Blue Ink, he is also active in the account.Bookmark here

Thus, the amount of lenses towards the booth doubled. Yeah, phones have double or triple camera lenses in this day and age.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much for coming!"Bookmark here

Nagi however did not notice that next in line was Minase.Bookmark here

"Oh, you're Ringo's friend, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes. It's been a while since we last met."Bookmark here

"Hahahaha. Of course you will be here. Aren't you with Erika right now?"Bookmark here

"Oh, I forgot. We haven't met here but I know that she's somewhere. Wait, this print… this is your piece if I can remember."Bookmark here

Minase pointed out the print of a sakura tree painted with a watercolor set that Nagi made back in January.Bookmark here

"Ah, this one. It's hardly felt in this piece, but the theme here is resiliency in the middle of hard times. It looks like a simple painting, but it took me so much effort when you can't see what's behind every color. It's a lesson for me to not give up on something even when it looks like it is hopeless…Bookmark here

Oh, please don't mind what I just said."Bookmark here

"No, it's fine. I'll get two of it with your signature. I will give Yuu a copy.Bookmark here

And I'll be sure not to give up with what I wish for."Bookmark here

"Here you go."Bookmark here

"Thank you. Oh, can we get a selfie?"Bookmark here

"Sure. Shiro, you have a minute?"Bookmark here

*click*Bookmark here

Nagi was careful not to get close with Minase in the picture, but Shiro still threw a crumpled paper to his head after Minase left with her payment.Bookmark here

"I should have introduced her to you, sorry."Bookmark here

But a picture of Shiro throwing the paper was caught and given to them by someone on the line.Bookmark here

"Pfft… Your face on the picture is hilarious, Nagi."Bookmark here

"Yeah, right. But give me a copy too, okay? I'll frame that."Bookmark here

"Ehh?!"Bookmark here

An hour after, Jean and Rin took over the front desk. And in front of Rin now is a girl on the same age holding what looks to be…Bookmark here

"Hello, there! Can I know your name?" Rin enthusiastically greeted.Bookmark here

"I am Shuri. I can request a commissioned work, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Then, a [redacted for the author's sanity], if possible."Bookmark here

Shuri Kagaki is a fujoshi.Bookmark here

"Umm… Shuri, we do not make doujins… let alone, that."Bookmark here

Jean caught the attention and instinctively turned his head back for a moment with a shriek.Bookmark here

"Ringo, just a sec… Why are G and Gin sitting so far?!"Bookmark here

"H-Hi there, Sh-Shuri…" G greeted.Bookmark here

Shuri thankfully made do with an ikemen OC drawn by Rin.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Kida-san! Here they come!" Minase warned after seeing two recognizable people.Bookmark here

"Oh, we need to hurry…Bookmark here

**Sensei! Please take a break and get away as fast as you can!"Bookmark here

"Are they here now?! Agh, sorry about this!" and Yuuga immediately went to other booths after signing two paperbacks of his manga while Minase hid under the table.Bookmark here

A few seconds after, Nagi and Shiro arrived.Bookmark here

Kuni has lost count on how many times he said his lines, but he still greeted the same way.Bookmark here

"Hello, I am Yuki Amagami-sensei's editor."Bookmark here

"Oh, so she's not here right now."Bookmark here

"We're sorry but he is currently taking his break right now."Bookmark here

"What?! So Yuki is actually male?! Amazing! Way to go in understanding a maiden's heart!" Shiro cheered.Bookmark here

"Sorry to say, but that idiot is a super dense guy…" a thought came from under the table.Bookmark here

"Fortunately, Sensei left two English-translated books of the latest volume signed."Bookmark here

Yuuga's editor becomes fluent when he's nervous.Bookmark here

"Yes…! We'll take it!"Bookmark here

Even without seeing the mangaka himself, they were left satisfied with what they got.Bookmark here

"I'm back… Phew, that was tiring," Yuuga came back on his booth with bags on his arms.Bookmark here

"You surely made a haul for yourself, Yuu!"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

The current time is 3:08, which is fifty-two minutes before the event ends. I have heard that there is one final event happening before all of the conclusions.Bookmark here

With the crowd dying down, we noticed a big screen being set up in the middle of the venue along with seats being lined up. Eventually, someone came to the booth.Bookmark here

"Excuse me! Are Gin Sakato and Ringo Akanami here?"Bookmark here

"Ah, yes. Gin, Ringo! Someone is looking for you two," G who is on the front desk called out to us.Bookmark here

The person asked to lend us our ears and he whispered, "We are inviting you on the front seats by the big screen. I will lead you the way."Bookmark here

"Wait… I think I've seen you somewhere."Bookmark here

"Yes, I am someone from Kyoko Animation."Bookmark here

I was right that this convention is not just intended for manga and so on. Apparently, the latest episode of the Silver Apple is going to be aired right here, right now prior to the original schedule.Bookmark here

In the production of this week's episode, Rin and I were given a privilege to do a part of the script and surprisingly, we also wrote two minutes of the rough storyboards. We weren't expecting to be involved and very hands-on in the pre-production. For a two-minute part of this episode, it took us a month to produce a satisfactory storyboard after studying the direction of Kyoko Animation's works, and to meet the standards of what is being shown on our screens.Bookmark here

As we have sat on the very front row, we turned our heads and found that Yuuga and Minase were behind us while the other club members sat on the back seats. Before the episode began, the preview of the episode was shown first.Bookmark here

After watching, the two of us finally realized how integral our efforts are. It was not that we made a part of the episode, but we finally discovered that we were the ones that wrote the entire episode. The sixth episode of Silver Apple was expected to reach a certain climax to conclude half of the cour. And so, the opening song was finished, and the episode began with the subtitles translated to English.Bookmark here

"Satokawa-san… What did you just say?"Bookmark here

"Your father… I was the reason why he can't walk anymore…"Bookmark here

The scene was nearly in time for the sunset as the restaurant is finally closed.Bookmark here

"Ameno-san… it was my fault that he was hit by a car. I've wanted to tell you ever since we met, but I can't find myself to bring it up until now."Bookmark here

Immediately, 'Ringo' ran away from the restaurant.Bookmark here

"Are you really satisfied with his, Gin…? Do you think you can fix things with Ameno-san just by letting her run away just like this?!" Jean's counterpart scolded 'me', which flicked a switched on 'Gin' and chased after 'Ringo'.Bookmark here

In tears, while 'Gin's' voice echoed in 'Ringo's' mind, she ran farther away… until it was too late to realize that a truck is about to hit her.Bookmark here

In the very nick of time, 'Gin' caught her without any injuries found, but she fainted. The twilight came and 'Ringo' found herself waking up on a park bench under a light of the lamp post.Bookmark here

"Satokawa-san…? What happened?"Bookmark here

"Thank goodness you are awake…Bookmark here

I want you to listen, Ameno-san…Bookmark here

Ever since being a child, I was always an empty person without anything. I lost everything… my emotions, my humanity, and even my will to live… My purpose, my reason… I never found it.Bookmark here

I lost control of myself and decided that I will commit suicide by running over a vehicle. But your father saved me, but he was caught on the crash, and his legs got paralyzed."Bookmark here

"Why…"Bookmark here

"Even so… I still want to meet him to apologize and thank him-"Bookmark here

"Why are you telling this now?! Why are you telling all of this… after I've fallen for you?! It's painful… It's painful to see my father unable to walk, and it's painful that the one I began to love is blaming himself for it…! Why do you have to hurt me this much?!"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

No… I've had enough of seeing everyone get hurt because of me… I thought that that memory of when I see your father… it was flashing right before my eyes when I see you earlier.Bookmark here

No matter how much you hate me now, there is no way that I will abandon you. I don't want the same mistake to repeat…"Bookmark here

"All this time, you were aware… In the time that I have work in Giotto's, I have grown fond of you that even just by seeing you makes me happy… But why… I don't want this to end just like this… It's hard to accept it…Bookmark here

When everything becomes well… it just falls apart. Why… Why does this always happen to me?!"Bookmark here

"I don't want anything to end… That's why I told you this. I'm just deceiving myself if I continue to be happy only to satisfy myself… I don't want that anymore.Bookmark here

You're the reason why I am still living. I want to fix everything that I broke because my only wish is to be with you, Ameno-san. I have lived of wishing nothing, but then I found myself with a dream being together with you. I don't want to lose that 'everything' I finally found…"Bookmark here

It was our feelings that were reflected on those words. The time we professed both our love… the moment we separated… and the times that no matter how much pain came that we endured… It was all in this moment that what we can't express in our actions and words was expressed through this.Bookmark here

And to have seen our own feelings with our own eyes, we realize that we have fulfilled our wish.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

With that, ManCon finally ended.Bookmark here

"Man, that was one crazy episode…" G uttered.Bookmark here

As someone who does not have particular interest with that type of media, Mori still shared his agreement.Bookmark here

"But still… we didn't get to see Yuki Amagami when he finally showed himself to the public and all…"Bookmark here

"What about Gin and Ringo? Did you at least see the face of Yuki?"Bookmark here

It was as though we didn't hear Shiro's question and we continued the silence as I am also behind the wheel. There was a hint of embarrassment to what we saw on the episode as it reflected our life on it. But if there is something on our mind, another wish grew a leaf on us.Bookmark here

"I hope that we have conveyed a message."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

The afternoon sun in the Capital has lost its heat, and the temperature dropped ever so slightly.Bookmark here

"**When are you going to fly back, Kuni-san?"Bookmark here

"**I'm scheduled to leave after two days, but I don't think we'll see each other in the remainder of our stay. I think I will take a little rest in a province here."Bookmark here

"**Taking a small vacation, I see."Bookmark here

"**You and Okuni-san should be going now. You are still minors so it's not good to stay late and I will be excusing myself now. Please be careful on your way home."Bookmark here

After a handshake from both Yuuga and Minase, he waved his goodbyes and left.Bookmark here

"Are you hungry, Mina?"Bookmark here

"Not really. Your readers gave us a ton of dumplings."Bookmark here

"Then, if it's okay with you, should we take a little detour?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm…? Is there somewhere you want to go to?"Bookmark here

"Ah, no… I just want to take a walk."Bookmark here

They however eventually thought that it was still a bad idea to walk outside with the heat even in the afternoon. Yuuga then found a bench away from the crowd.Bookmark here

It was a surprising scene to find in a very urbanized place. The bench was in the middle of trees and foliage without the urban noise heard under the greens. As they sat, it gave plenty of shade and an unusually cold wind.Bookmark here

"Yuu, doesn't this look like the park in Silver Apple earlier?"Bookmark here

"Oh, it does…"Bookmark here

"But this place sure is peaceful…"Bookmark here

"Yeah…Bookmark here

…"Bookmark here

He then leaned back on the bench after a long pause and let out a huge sigh.Bookmark here

"Yuu? Is something wrong?"Bookmark here

"With me, yeah.Bookmark here

Gin and Ringo really did convey a message earlier…"Bookmark here

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Mina, I'm so sorry, but there's no point in keeping myself shut."Bookmark here

"Uhm… I don't get what you're saying… Why are you apologizing?"Bookmark here

"Because I have taken your feelings for granted. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you… but I have known of your feelings for a long time now. But even being aware of it, I became stuck and insensitive.Bookmark here

Mina, please answer me honestly… Am I hurting you?"Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Yes… We've been together for a very long time. I developed my feelings towards you, but it made me really sad that I thought that my feelings are not noticed. But still, it was because I won't speak up… and I lost my confidence.Bookmark here

Even when I found out that we are now neighbors, I started to dislike how stagnant our relationship has become… but I still found myself liking you more."Bookmark here

"That is why I am very sorry… I should have also spoken up after being aware of it. I was in the middle of losing my confidence and thinking that I might hurt you if I tell you. But little did I know that I'm already hurting you with my ignorance.Bookmark here

And now… I want to make up for it."Bookmark here

She slowly turned her head with a look of hope in her eyes as he stared on the forlorn face of Yuuga.Bookmark here

"Lately, I felt that I am lying to myself whenever I read my own work. As much as people see my work as something that is great, I was just being halfhearted. I have never experienced loving someone, and yet I still write those solely from my whims.Bookmark here

I started to think, 'Do I really deserve to continue doing this?' I realized that I wasn't really serious with what I am doing. Now, it was hard to even face you…"Bookmark here

"Don't say that…" Minase shifted herself and sat closer to Yuuga with those words unconsciously voicing out.Bookmark here

"Even so, it made me happy. I noticed that you've changed over the weeks after Gin and Ringo helped out. All those times when we eat together or do shopping together… it was enough to make me forget my sadness. I don't know what's gotten into you… and now you said that you are aware of my feelings.Bookmark here

I'm not entirely hurt, but it made me happier that you actually know how I feel about you."Bookmark here

"No… I can't say that I really know of it."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

Again, he let out another loud sigh and stood up in front of Minase.Bookmark here

"I need your help, Mina."Bookmark here

"For… what?"Bookmark here

"Please help me understand you more.Bookmark here

I honestly… don't feel like there's something that is already developing inside me. But I don't want your feelings going to waste. At least, even if it's something complicated, I don't think that I still think of you as just a mere friend anymore."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I'm amazed that you are actually being honest."Bookmark here

"Is that a joke?"Bookmark here

"N-Not at all! Liking you is also not a joke! Don't underestimate me! Hmph!Bookmark here

Still… I'm happy to know how you actually feel about me. So if you really need my help, don't even think that I'm going to refuse if you're making such a request!"Bookmark here

"It could also become a win-win situation, you know!"Bookmark here

"So I accept your challenge, Yuu!"Bookmark here

"Wh-What? Challenge…?"Bookmark here

"At this point, you're just challenging me to make you fall in love with me! Of course I'll get on with it!"Bookmark here

"H-Huh?! I-Is that how you really see it?!"Bookmark here

"Yeah!"Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

"Then so be it…"Bookmark here

Minase's expression brightened up from Yuuga's response and to his embarrassed look.Bookmark here

"And just so I won't say this too late… I'm blaming you for making me write a shoujo manga…"Bookmark here

"Waaahhhh~!! Really?! Ahhh, I'm so happy!" she cheered while pulling Yuuga's arms.Bookmark here

"Agh! Let's just grab something to eat and go home!"Bookmark here

"I said I'm still full from the dumplings!"Bookmark here

"I don't care! It's my treat anyways!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Another ship dodged the iceberg.

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