Chapter 49:

048 – The Slight Minimalist Prepares

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‹Rin›Bookmark here

Yaaaaay, I'm narrating again.Bookmark here

Oh, hi. Welcome to this chapter, first of all. It's been four days since ManCon, and our lives are back to normal, as one would expect it to be.Bookmark here

But now that I have mentioned ManCon, I'm wondering if something happened afterwards regarding-Bookmark here

"H-Hey, Ringo. You're slowly distancing yourself…"Bookmark here

I'm with Shiro, by the way. I can't have her hear this otherwise we will be destroying someone's life…Bookmark here

"Still can hear you."Bookmark here

Ehhh?! I'm already whispering and all!Bookmark here

"H-Hey! Don't go farther away!"Bookmark here

Well, anyways… It has something to do with the episode that aired back in ManCon. If you recall Gin muttering something like conveying a message, it was something that we want all of the audience to understand and coincidentally-Bookmark here

Shiro~! I hope that you can't hear me!Bookmark here

"No, I don't hear anything apart from your call! I'll just cover my ears, alright?!"Bookmark here

Aka-san, can you do something so that she won't hear anything?Bookmark here

A/N: Alright, he can only hear Nagi wherever he is.Bookmark here

Thank you, but that sounds a little absurd, to be honest.Bookmark here

A/N: Thanks.Bookmark here

That wasn't a compliment!Bookmark here

Bookmark here

As I was saying! The message that we realized later on was for the audience that watched it, and perhaps Yuuga and Mina, in between a predicament might have been affected by it coincidentally. It is entirely what I guessed, but if ever it is the case, it was not on our hands whatever it may have caused.Bookmark here

However, no one says that I am forbidden to know if it is true.Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

‹Minase›Bookmark here

It has been my very sight for a few months now. My eyes open long after the sunrise with the bluish walls and ceiling without the sunshine seen by my blurry, dried sight. Even I am surprising myself that I still cling to my blanket in the middle of this dejecting heat of the summer. My back felt a little damp in sweat although the air coming from the electric fan is still fairly cold in this time of the morning. It was a delighting and disappointing at the same time that I live in a place where the cold mornings are extremely ephemeral in this season.Bookmark here

It was however a more satisfying feeling when the slightly cold air blows right on my face after getting up. But in spite of my eyes yet dead tired, I found a speck of light pulsing before the corner of my vision. I checked what it was that is making my phone illuminate that small light.Bookmark here

And I was immediately greeted by a good morning with a message coming from him.Bookmark here

"So he's making our food today…"Bookmark here

I realized late that I have already carved a big smile as I looked on my mirror, and my lips can't stop trembling in the middle of brushing my teeth.Bookmark here

The thought of perhaps being overjoyed was not absent to my mind, and it would be a lie if I tell myself that I am not overacting, but I would have to guess that I'm no different to the others. And so I wonder…Bookmark here

"Did Ringo also feel this way?"Bookmark here

I was for some reason very excited to hurry up and leave my room just to come to the apartment room next to mine. The several knocks on the door was immediately received by Yuu with the usual expression seen on him.Bookmark here

"Morning, Yuu!" I greeted with a still unconscious wide smile.Bookmark here

"Mhm. Good morning, Mina."Bookmark here

Perhaps from the smile that I can't put to a halt, he also gave me one, although subtle but somewhat sweet.Bookmark here

What were somewhat forced interactions between us have changed and became a sincere relationship that is scarce of any ounce of guilt.Bookmark here

"Don't just stand there, Mina. Go have a seat. I already made coffee so you can drink it while you wait."Bookmark here

"Geez… If only you're not a huge coffee drinker."Bookmark here

"A car won't work if it doesn't have fuel after all. Anyway, are you sleeping well? Don't tell me you're still overthinking about it."Bookmark here

"H-Hey… I've finally had a good sleep last night…"Bookmark here

"Says the one who lectured me about not getting any sleep- Ow!" a piece of crumpled paper hit directly on the back of his head.Bookmark here

"I'm joking, I'm joking! Hahahaha! Sorry about that.Bookmark here

Here's your breakfast, milady."Bookmark here

Yuu has changed so much ever since he finally told me that he knew of my feelings. As though he was free from the shackles restraining him, his already pleasant attitude towards me that I have observed from him have become a gentler feeling that puts you at ease.Bookmark here

"Yuu… Make sure you don't force yourself with this, okay?"Bookmark here

"I am fine but still trying my best. If you ever feel that I'm forcing myself, please tell me immediately."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

You're really honest. Really…"Bookmark here

"Wha- You're the one who started it…"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

4pm.Bookmark here

This is a rare case of someone knocking on the door of my apartment room. I remember clearly that I have changed my address on my school registry, but no one in my first year class seemed to have pointed out that I moved.Bookmark here

It's highly unlikely that my classmates will be here. But here I am putting my thoughts on a far place when it could just be Yuu most likely.Bookmark here

"Coming! What do you… need… Yuu…"Bookmark here

My and Erika's plots backfired to me.Bookmark here

"Hi, Mina!"Bookmark here

I have been given a surprise visit by Ringo and another girl with a ponytail which seems oddly familiar to me.Bookmark here

"W-Well, come inside…"Bookmark here

"We aren't disturbing you right now, are we? You might be cooking right now."Bookmark here

‹Rin›Bookmark here

We then excused ourselves inside and took a seat on a couch on the living room. It may have been exactly the same dimensions and appearance with Yuuga's, or anybody's room in this building, but it was way simpler and spacious since there isn't much to see inside.Bookmark here

But my gut tells me that her bedroom is a treasure trove for maiden's romance manga and such. It's ironic since she's also a manga-loving idiot.Bookmark here

"It's fine. Yuu's on it today. Wait…" her face asked who the one I am with today is. Like I said, I'm together with Shiro.Bookmark here

"Shiro Kirishima here. I'm a friend of Ringo in Blue Ink."Bookmark here

"W-W-W-Wait…!" Mina blushed. "Y-You're @Howaito back in ManCon, right?!"Bookmark here

"Yes, that's me. Sorry that you have to see that."Bookmark here

"Huh? I know that Mina went to our booth but I was busy. Did you do something, Shiro?"Bookmark here

"Ahhh… I kinda got jealous and threw a paper ball on Nagi in front of the line. It's embarrassing that there's a photo given to us with it…"Bookmark here

"Wow… You even smiled when Nacchi asked you on the selfie but it still turned out like that?Bookmark here

Wait, am I also that easy to get jealous?"Bookmark here

"It was the stress, Ringo!"Bookmark here

"Ohhh… so she's the one that Potato-san was talking about. You're Nagi's girlfriend, then."Bookmark here

I slammed the small table by the couch upon hearing what she said, "Stop calling Potato Potato!"Bookmark here

"Just to answer your question earlier, Ringo. You're also jealous."Bookmark here

"Why did you two visit anyway?"Bookmark here

"To surprise you," I uttered. "But really, just hanging out since we have nothing to do after ManCon. It's boring…!"Bookmark here

"Way to hear that from you, Ringo. I really thought that you would be visiting me with Gin. Actually, it's hard to imagine you without Gin beside you. Did he go somewhere?"Bookmark here

"Ehhh. Normal people might not understand what he's doing right now. I mean, he just up and left earlier and said that he'll do complex work for a week so he won't be home in that duration."Bookmark here

And if you're wondering how Shiro actually separated to Nagi when it's still summer, the poor guy is on his paradise (air conditioned room) alone while contemplating on his hatred on the scorching heat.Bookmark here

"Really, Gin is a busy guy too, huh?"Bookmark here

"Never mind him. You look a bit brighter now. What? Don't tell me something finally happened with you two?" I teased on a smirk.Bookmark here

"…! Th-That's…"Bookmark here

The change of Mina's expression in a blink flashed a memory inside my mind. She was making the same flustered face that I had when I began to realize that I love Gin, and until we've started our relationship. Her cheeks were flushed red, her somewhat forlorn eyes started to tear up, and a bitter, gloomy and bashful, but delighted smile carved on her lips.Bookmark here

We were left in shock upon gazing on her unexpected look and left our mouths open in awe, waiting for a bug to enter.Bookmark here

"Waahhhh… You look so youthful, Mina."Bookmark here

"Eh?!"Bookmark here

"Well? Care telling us what happened?"Bookmark here

She responded with several blinks on her worried face and looked at Shiro momentarily.Bookmark here

"Just omit!" Mina lip-read and understood, thankfully.Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

I… finally settled things with Yuu…"Bookmark here

"Wooohhhh?! Really, Mina?!"Bookmark here

"N-No…! It's not like that… yet!Bookmark here

And we're being too loud! What if he hears us?!"Bookmark here

Shiro vigorously looked up on Mina and asked, "Wait… does Yuuga live here?"Bookmark here

"H-He lives next door…"Bookmark here

And she vigorously turned her head again, this time she looked at me with an annoyed face. If I have to guess, she's probably annoyed that it was a similar circumstance where I lived beside Gin, for instance.Bookmark here

"How did it happen?" asked Shiro on a very confused tone.Bookmark here

"It's very sudden… that he didn't even give me an opportunity to properly confess. Yuu suddenly got serious and mentioned that he was already aware of me liking him for a long time, but he said that he was discouraged to speak about it.Bookmark here

I thought he was going to reject me, but he emphasized that he does have special feelings for me… but not just in a way same to liking me.Bookmark here

And… Do you know what he told me?"Bookmark here

"As if I know, Mina. I'm not some person that eavesdrops."Bookmark here

"Don't laugh about him, but… He asked me if I can help him learn to sort out his feelings, and perhaps fall (for me) eventually…"Bookmark here

After a second of silence, Shiro beside me was about to laugh but was ignored.Bookmark here

I then asked, "Did he say something about being hypocrite or a liar?"Bookmark here

"H-He did…"Bookmark here

"Hmh. Much respect for that guy!"Bookmark here

The two tilted their heads with my sudden commendation. I assumed that Mina at least gets what it meant, and I don't blame Shiro for being very confused ever since I brought this up.Bookmark here

Nonetheless, ignorance is bliss.Bookmark here

"So that means that you two aren't there yet, I guess."Bookmark here

She nodded, "But you could say that we're more than friends, but one, two… four steps before a couple."Bookmark here

"Hehe… You're so cute right now, Minamina-chan."Bookmark here

"Hey…! You're starting to become like Ane Yuna! Oh, by the way, how is she these days?"Bookmark here

"Well, still a housewife and…"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Early in the morning before Rin and Shiro's surprise visit…Bookmark here

"Mom~ Can someone look after my house and Haku for a bit?" with a bag of clothes with him, Gin abruptly went to their family house perhaps just shortly.Bookmark here

"What's with that bag, and why?"Bookmark here

"I'll be staying at the base starting today. I'll be there for a week."Bookmark here

"Well, I can look after it from time to time just like how I did when you were in Japan."Bookmark here

"Okay, then. Please tell Dad about-"Bookmark here

"Yawn~ Morning…" all of a sudden, Anna came out from what was Gin's room that she now uses. She woke up with her mother and brother looking at her.Bookmark here

"W-Why are you looking at me like that…?"Bookmark here

"Our thoughts are mutual, son."Bookmark here

Making the long story short, Senna and her son thought of the same thing—in which they will make Anna live alone in Gin's house for the duration that he is away. And so, Gin immediately left and the agreement took effect after thirty minutes.Bookmark here

"So basically… I've been kicked out of the house…"Bookmark here

She mumbled with her arms dropping while the duplicate keys of Gin dangled on her trembling hand. She looked up as though looking at the sky with blank eyes, staring at the entirety of the outside of the two-floor house. For some reason she walked forward in nervousness and endless rapid beating of her heart. The shaking of her hands did not stop even after finding the resolve to lift her hands with the key facing the doorknob.Bookmark here

Thus, she entered and expected the sight she was seeing. It was of course not a new sight to her, as she had of course come to this place for many times in nearly two years. But she reproached nonetheless for the thought that this exceedingly plain house almost made her spit her heart out.Bookmark here

Anna was about to stomp on the floor, but he was then greeted by Haku with a wave from his paw.Bookmark here

"Waaahhhh~! You're just so cute!" contrary to what looks to be his listless and antisocial demeanor, Haku actually likes being hugged. There truly is a gap between his natural glare as a cat and his behavior.Bookmark here

Putting down the satisfied guardian of the house, Anna finally realized that she has not yet taken breakfast. Her eyebrows furrowed in the middle of pouring coffee—that Gin left in the kettle—on a mug that she knows that his older brother does not use a lot, out of respect and that she will hurt him if she used Gin's everyday mug. She did not know of what she should make and went with scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes. Out of respect anew, she seasoned the sliced tomatoes with freshly ground pepper instead of pepper corn.Bookmark here

The Sakato household, starting from Kinrou has been crazy about eating peppercorn in itself in dishes, and it has been passed on through genetics.Bookmark here

As she however had sat down on the couch with her plate and turned on the television, she noticed a few changes after the last time she came here, which she inferred that probably was a week ago. The only couch found on the living room was the one she is sitting on, and that she expected as much from her brother to clean the house before going somewhere. But she felt uneasy with the unusually large space inside.Bookmark here

Late as it is, she finally thought that this house is simply too big for one person to live in. She also does not know why she suddenly went upstairs and looked out on the rooms on the second floor. She however realized that she didn't bring any clothes which made her dejected.Bookmark here

The thought of being kicked out of their family house was only under Anna's impression. Thus, nothing of that notion is true.Bookmark here

She is an idiot, as she finally thought of herself. Without a bag, she came to their family house and brought back clothes of her choosing at hand.Bookmark here

With the slow hours of barely doing anything, it made her feel anxious, and so she checked out the whole house to lessen her worries. She check the small things like where the shampoo and soap are placed, or if the guest room is ready for use, or how she eventually found where the laundry is… and she finally found herself back on the kitchen, dumbfounded.Bookmark here

With a quick lift of her phone, she made a call.Bookmark here

"Nee-chan… Help me~!"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

It was indeed Rin that she called.Bookmark here

They then met at the opposite windows, as the girlfriend of the owner of the house actually gave the younger sister of the owner of the house permission to enter the master's bedroom.Bookmark here

"Uhhh, no. Potato forbade me to help you in the kitchen. You have to make do with yourself, Anna."Bookmark here

"Ehhhh…! Nii is so cruel! I know that he was already living by himself prior to my age, but isn't it unfair?!"Bookmark here

"Well, he was literally in solitude for two years and lived independently up until now. So that's the more reason to let you be by your own and figure out things."Bookmark here

"Ugh, you really sound like Nii now… It hasn't even been that long when I saw you all flustered when we first met."Bookmark here

"Hmm… You get used to it."Bookmark here

"Stop with the memes! Looking at this house carefully, Nii's lifestyle is extremely different from his age!Bookmark here

It sure is nice to have a house husband, isn't it, Nee-chan?!"Bookmark here

"Yeah~ It's always nice to imagine that… Coming home tired from work, and then you will be greeted by Potato on an apron in front of the door… saying 'Welcome home!'Bookmark here

Kyaaahhhhh…!" and the ecstatic maiden disappeared from the window and rolled on her bed.Bookmark here

"Agh! I shouldn't have asked!"Bookmark here

While deliberately shaking her head vigorously, Anna momentarily glanced on a small black bookshelf near the desk. She crouched down and looked through the books placed in there.Bookmark here

"Hm? Anna? Where are you?" she heard from outside the window.Bookmark here

Anna jolted as Rin saw her head poke out her head by the window after pulling out a book, or rather, a notebook.Bookmark here

"Look at this, Nee-chan…!" she showed a notebook with a cover that is obviously made up of synthetic leather with how it was dyed. Nonetheless, it rang a bell on Rin's mind.Bookmark here

"I feel like I've seen that at some point…Bookmark here

Mind telling me what's written there?"Bookmark here

She opened the notes and extended out her arms. What was written on a middle page was several recipes of various dishes that perhaps Gin had already cooked.Bookmark here

"Can you flip it on the first page?"Bookmark here

As what Anna was told, she showed the first contents, and it said "Mala Ramen".Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Wow… this is from October 2017."Bookmark here

"Really?!"Bookmark here

"Lemme borrow it for a sec."Bookmark here

After a few quick flips on every page of the notebook, she returned it back with a smile and said, "We learn from others."Bookmark here

Rin had omitted the entirety of the book, but what was written were recipes of his experiments and staple dishes that Gin had placed emphasis on. She had assumed that Gin had studied the most common dishes and cooking practices to its most basic form, and flawlessly applied them to his everyday cooking as being a chef.Bookmark here

"Well then, I have to make a surprise visit this afternoon to a friend so I'll be leaving Potato's house to you. Bye~"Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

"Hmm… So it should be preheated…Bookmark here

Wah?! Don't underestimate me, Nii! I at least know how to use a knife!Bookmark here

Ah-! I should turn off the stove now!"Bookmark here

One way or another, she managed to make lunch for herself with the help of Gin's recipe book.Bookmark here

"Ohhh… So even I can make pork this tender? I didn't know this is actually fun…Bookmark here

If only it isn't hot today!"Bookmark here

All of a sudden, Anna's phone rang.Bookmark here

"Hello, Nii?"Bookmark here

"Oh, hey. You answered pretty quickly."Bookmark here

"Hah. Just so you know, Nii, I made my lunch all by myself without Nee-chan's help!"Bookmark here

"Hahaha. Nice.Bookmark here

Ok, then. I have an emergency card on my room, so if you ran out of ingredients, you can use it to withdraw."Bookmark here

"What? That's actually a thing?"Bookmark here

"And here you are planning to take Accountancy…Bookmark here

Anyway! I can always see my balance so you'll definitely get a word from me if you withdraw more than 4000 Laxes.Bookmark here

Needs over wants, remember that!"Bookmark here

"Yes, grandma."Bookmark here

"Alright, talk to you again, sweetie pie."Bookmark here

"Eh! Lame!"Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Two days later.Bookmark here

For the 52920473rd time, someone was heard knocking on the household's door.Bookmark here

"Ehh?! Naru? Ai-chan?!"Bookmark here

"Heheh… Miss us?"Bookmark here

"Why visit so suddenly?"Bookmark here

"Because you don't stop whining in chat!"Bookmark here

"So you're really living by yourself, Anna-chan?"Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah… Just for a week. Nii is currently away.Bookmark here

Anyway, come in."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

"Uhhh… Anna?"Bookmark here

"What is it, Naru?" Anna asked back while still on the kitchen counter.Bookmark here

"Aren't Yuka Gin's house… somehow barer than the last time we're here…?"Bookmark here

"I noticed that too, but I didn't bother asking Nii… I don't really know what's going on with his mind."Bookmark here

"Anna-chan… You suck at HE Class, so how come you're still alive?"Bookmark here

"That's rude, Ai-chan!Bookmark here

But still…! I'm finally getting the hang of the basics. I never thought that having a brother as a chef is quite convenient."Bookmark here

"The same goes for Ai-chan, right? Having a chef as a suitor… you're quite the girl!"Bookmark here

"Ehhhh…" Ai fidgeted and fawned.Bookmark here

"Ugh…! That look is irritating!"Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

"Hello, Anna? What's with the call?"Bookmark here

"Why's it so noisy in the base…Bookmark here

Can I borrow your PC for a bit? I need to backup some things in my cloud."Bookmark here

"Mhm, sure. How are you doing, by the way?"Bookmark here

"Hahh… You shouldn't have mentioned that!"Bookmark here

"She's mad."Bookmark here

"Why did you agree with Mom to make me live by myself?! How am I supposed to live in this huge place with so much things I have to take care of?!"Bookmark here

"Yep. She's mad."Bookmark here

"I want to listen to your problems there, but I still have a lot to do; I'm really sorry. But feel free to use the PC any time."Bookmark here

*beep*Bookmark here

"Hahh… what a crappy brother I am…"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

In spite of her overflowing disappointment with his brother, he still came upstairs and immediately opened the machine to do what she needs to. Her only plan was to get the task done originally, but upon logging in her cloud account, she immediately saw a shared folder on the very first page.Bookmark here

After getting her backups accomplished, she opened the folder containing several ebook files with numbers as its name. What she did not immediately realize is that she has not yet read the entirety of his brother's journals back in the Void—in which was indeed the contents of the ebooks.Bookmark here

With nothing to do further, she opened the first file.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~Bookmark here

Having lost track of time, it was already sundown.Bookmark here

Still sat in front of the desk, Anna wept while repeating the very words: "I'm sorry" or "Nii".Bookmark here

Anna has not noticed that Rin has been watching her by her window for more than an hour with a rather sorrowful smile.Bookmark here

"Anna… that is indeed your brother."Bookmark here

▪ ▪ ▪Bookmark here

Time, as it truly is like the wind that comes and goes swept fast, and the week has gone by.Bookmark here

To Anna's surprise, Gin came back from the base riding in a truck. She looked at the window, and saw him with perhaps a resurfaced Exile, opening the back doors of the truck.Bookmark here

"Sure you don't need any help, Gin?"Bookmark here

"It's fine. You know how I roll, right? This much is nothing compared to a crane falling down towards me."Bookmark here

"Man, I never get used to your jokes!"Bookmark here

"Nii! Welcome back."Bookmark here

"Oh, imouto is alive. That's good to see. I'm home," Gin greeted back with a shuffle on Anna's hair.Bookmark here

"I'll go back in and prepare something." But just before opening the door, she turned back.Bookmark here

"Sorry for lashing out on you the other day," Anna apologized with a sweet smile.Bookmark here

Gin was left standing in his lot with his mouth gaping and eyes twitching.Bookmark here

"W-What was that…?"Bookmark here

He is not used to see what seems to be a new side of her younger sister. She was normally a very agitated girl whenever and whatever, and so he was left with a great surprise that Anna finally found her calm and collected demeanor.Bookmark here

The next thing the younger sister saw, Gin was already carrying three-inch thick panes of three and a half feet square glass as though it was paper.Bookmark here

"That looks really heavy, Nii…"Bookmark here

"I guess so? I don't know how heavy, though."Bookmark here

One by one, he placed down nine, thick square panes of glass on his yard while the other Exile was already building a foundation with what looks to be made from-Bookmark here

‹Umm, Narrator-san, may I say something for a sec? Hi, I'm Gin.›Bookmark here

What is it?Bookmark here

‹I did mention that the Exile's exclusive material is called AMF, which F was derived from 'fabric'.Bookmark here

Press F in chat.Bookmark here

But generally, it is now called as AMM or Anti-material Matter; as dumb as it could get. I just want to say that for further clarifications.›Bookmark here

That's good to hear.Bookmark here

Moving on, as Gin has confirmed, the foundations themselves are made from the AMM. With its still theoretically stupendous durability, resistance and versatility, that as the foundation in itself can hold by its own.Bookmark here

Anna observed, and figured out that the AMM foundations are supporting a 3x3 grid made from the same material in which the confusing panes of glass will be placed as what she thinks as some kind of a shade to the garage and the yard.Bookmark here

"Nii… I don't get the purpose of placing glasses as a roof."Bookmark here

"Oh, come on. I worked my butt with this project for a week, so give me some credit with the pending result once everything is done."Bookmark here

"Ehhh…?"Bookmark here

"By the way, he is a resurfaced that works as an electrician."Bookmark here

"I really don't get what you're saying."Bookmark here

"Gin…! It's time to install the cells!"Bookmark here

"Cells…?" it added to the already great confusion of Anna.Bookmark here

With an ease to lift one heavy pane of glass, also comes an ease on leaping a height on top of the grid.Bookmark here

"Be careful, Nii!"Bookmark here

"I will!"Bookmark here

It was a simple installment in which the panes fit snug inside the grid.Bookmark here

What ought to be a few days of work was done in just four hours with the over-simplicity of the process.Bookmark here

"What's with the installation of electrical wires, anyway? I don't get its 'connection' to the shade you just built. No pun intended."Bookmark here

As Gin was about to explain to Anna, he heard "Potato" being sang over fifteen times as it gradually got louder. Enter Rin, who immediately stood still with the new sight.Bookmark here

"What are thooooooose?!"Bookmark here

"I'm home, Rin.Bookmark here

Anyway, this confusing structure is actually nine photovoltaic cells."Bookmark here

"Ohhh…" the two looked in amazement while their minds are being pulled to outer space.Bookmark here

In short, they didn't get it.Bookmark here

"Solar panels."Bookmark here

"Ohhh…?!" they nodded.Bookmark here

"That's pretty much why I needed wires. As to how a glass-like material to absorb solar radiation, I suck at science so I can't explain it."Bookmark here

"Potato, you really hate your electric bill, huh?"Bookmark here

"With this, I can reduce my usage. And this system is legally approved!"Bookmark here

"I get what you mean, but the sun does not stay in one place."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, Rin. I plan on adding another layer of roof with this in the near future.Bookmark here

But look, we're under the sun, so can we go to a shade?"Bookmark here

But instead of coming inside his house, he went under the solar grid with the two.Bookmark here

"Potato…?! What is this? We're still under the sun, but I don't feel the heat…"Bookmark here

Gin turned around with a proud smile and said, "It's rocket science."Bookmark here

※ This is a work of fiction.Bookmark here

Rin then hit him on the head.Bookmark here

"Why did you do this out of all times, though?" asked Anna.Bookmark here

"Huh? Of course, because it's nearly rainy season next month."Bookmark here

Anna and Rin tilted their head, as they don't know what Gin was trying to say.Bookmark here

"I forgot that these two haven't experienced White Street's flood…"Bookmark here

It was for the reason that: although Rin and Anna have been living in the neighborhood for more than a year, the drastic change in season was suspect to preventing the usual excessive precipitation around the time of June and onwards.Bookmark here

The Exile then left together with the truck.Bookmark here

"Riding a truck didn't lessen my trauma about them…"Bookmark here

"So this is why your furniture is really few, Nii?"Bookmark here

"I just want to be sure so that it won't be a pain if it floods really high again. You were already with our relatives when the family house got renovated, right?"Bookmark here

"As far as I can remember."Bookmark here

"Well, good for you. I've already experienced flooding even before I became a Child."Bookmark here

"…Bookmark here

Nii. Seriously, thank you for letting me live here alone for a week."Bookmark here

"Uhh…? What?"Bookmark here

"My little sister is sparkling…!"Bookmark here

"W-What's with that look?! I'm seriously not used in seeing you this honest! Is it your big brother's fault that you became like this?!"Bookmark here

"Even though you're joking it doesn't sound good at all!"Bookmark here

‹Rin›Bookmark here

Still, I'm thankful that my boyfriend doesn't have sister complex.

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