Chapter 0:


When You Enter The World Of BL!

You awoke to the sound of your alarm going off. It was around seven and you needed to get ready for school. You let out a groan and slowly got out of bed. Just as you had thought, your uniform was already waiting for you as soon as you stepped into the bathroom. A quick shower, a small breakfast, and a fake smile was all you needed to start your school day.Bookmark here

That's exactly what you did.Bookmark here

When your shower was over you put on your uniform with much more happiness than before. The shower seemed to have put a bit of life into your small frail body. You ate the same thing you have everyday, for breakfast. Your mother would put a slice of cold bread and milk onto your plate and you would eat with no complaints.Bookmark here

You knew the milk was two days past its to-drink date and you also knew that bread had not been heated or toasted. But you finished all of it with a smile. You gave a small thanks to the food and wasted no time in consuming it.Bookmark here

When you arrived at the school you attended you headed straight to your class. You would sit in the very back where no one would notice you. No one would sit next to you because they didn't want to ruin their perfect image. You never really stood out like the others. You were shy and small. The teachers wouldn't ask you to answer a question even though you were the smartest in the class.Bookmark here

But that was all okay. You were used to this. You were used to being an...Bookmark here

Outsider.Bookmark here

You thought this day would be like every other day. It turns out that you were wrong. When your class was over, you decided to make your way over to the roof. You sit there during lunch everyday. All by yourself.Bookmark here

You walked to the railing and leaned against it. Some laughing could be heard as a group of students arrived on the rooftop after you. There was whispering. There was more laughing. And lots of muttering. Foot steps. Someone was coming towards you.Bookmark here

Then you felt a push. Someone had pushed you and you were now falling. Getting closer and closer to the ground. It felt like everything was moving slowly. Soon you would hit the ground.Bookmark here

And meet your death.Bookmark here

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