Chapter 1:


When You Enter The World Of BL!

Your POV

There was a sharp pain in my head. My eyes imediately opened. At first everything was blurry. But soon it all came together and I realized I was in a forest. There were trees all around and I seemed to be in the center. "Guys look! Someone is there!" I heard a voice shout.

I tried standing, but my legs were really weak. I could feel myself about to fall down, but then... someone caught me just in time. I was being held and my face was pushed into a strong chest.

"Are you okay? You shouldn't be standing if you're this weak." His voice. It was attractive. He sounded so young. I managed to look up and see his face. He had messy black hair. His eyes were a nice hue of grey. He was tall, no doubt, a lot taller than me. Maybe about Six feet, Eleven.

I felt his hand being placed on my small waist and I blushed deeply. His friends came rushing towards us. There was two of them and they seemed to be just as tall! Once again I was an outsider. "Luman, Shinra. What should we do? Should we take him to our home? He's clearly hurt." They looked at him and seemed to be thinking.

The one he called Luman glared at me. I was starting to feel uneasy. Then I noticed my thigh had a wound in it. I was losing blood, but luckily not fast. I still felt a little headache start to appear though. I groaned and They all looked at once.

"Please Luman!" The one they called Shinra asked. Luman turned and started walking off. "I don't care. Just keep him away from me." He spoke coldly.