Chapter 1:

Ken Granfold!

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Ken Granfold!

February 10 x737 E6

Zen Island 10:30am

Southwest of the continent Elenora, there is a small island called Zen. It's mostly populated with dangerous creatures, so it's an island normally left alone by explorers. Except for one man named August Granfold, who has made Zen his home.

He is also my Grandfather he even raised me on Zen island. Oh, and August is a mage and an extremely powerful mage at that and nowadays he spends most of his time training me in the arts of magic when he is not eating or sleeping.

My name is Ken Granfold, and I'm currently 17 years old. My grandpa has been teaching me how to use magic for as long as I could remember, making me stronger and more advanced in the arts of magic. I'm currently running through Zen Forest at the speed of sound thanks to my Accelerator Boots enchantment.

High above me, a Lightning Emperor Dragon, flew above the trees, keeping up with my paste. This dragon is called Volterra. Back when I was only 7, I found Volterra badly injured with deep claw wounds all over his body and his left wing was torn into ribbons. I quickly healed him to the best I could but it wasn't enough to let him fly again but it was enough for him to walk.

A few weeks after that day I told my grandpa about it and asked if he could fully heal Volterra, but he replied: "This is a great time to teach you about responsibility, Ken since you saved the dragon you take care of it".

Since that day I've been taking care of Volterra myself, but it's fun since he's been teaching me how to manipulate the element lightning better and teaching me about all sorts of things.

Volterra is a mastodonic dragon with his entire top body covered in big thick dark blue scales that are more durable than the toughest steel but flexible like fish scales, his underbelly and tail are a light blue colour. Volterra has a dark blue triangular-shaped head with two big, golden horns growing out each side of his head just above his ears. He also has a white messy main growing out from under his chin, and from the top of his head. On his jaw he has two feelers as long as 12 inches growing out of both sides of them, the feelers move around like they have a mind of their own.

Volterras wings are dark blue and like a bat, the webs of his wings are translucent light blue and seem to glow in both sunlight and moonlight. Volterra is now fully healed with little to no scares on his body, and his left wing is also now fine.

Today is the day I'm going to be allowed off the island and going to be enrolled In a magic academy called "Elenora's Academy of Magicka", I'm really excited since I'm finally going to be able to be around people my age for the first time.

"Hey Volterra I'm heading back home now I'll come to get you later!!" I shouted up towards Volterra

"Alright, young master!" Volterra replied before flying towards his cave

Volterra, calls me young Master cause I have formed a pact with him, which lets me summon him whenever I want. I made a pact with Volterra at the age of 14 since he didn't want to return to his home in Dragonhiem after he was all healed, and he didn't have anything better to do so he suggested that I form a pact with him and so I did.

Before I formed a pact with Volterra he told me why he fell out of the sky, the reason was he got attacked by a Flame Emperor Dragon and another Lightning Emperor Dragon since they wanted to overtake his territory and after a long fight, they succeeded.

After I formed a pack he taught me how to cast red lightning spells, after I had become durable enough to withstand 1 billion volts of lightning which I accomplished at the age of 15.

I quickly make my way back home in a swift flash, and when I arrive I am welcomed by my grandpa August, grandma Edna, and 5 other people.

"I hope you have been keeping up with your physical, swordsmanship, and combat training Ken," Alister said with a sharp look

Alister Evertale is a Grand Knight belonging to the Vaevalon Kingdom and uses the Red Royal Aura. He is a righteous man with a solid heart, he isn't a mage but he is a skilful knight. I see him as an older brother since he is 26 years old. Alister trains me in improving my physical strength as well as multiple swordplay styles and different types of martial arts.

"Yes I have been Alister and it has really paid off" I replied

"Ken!! Today is a big day for you I wish you the best of luck" Lilly said with excitement

Lilly Petal is also a Grand Knight belonging to the Vaevalon Kingdom and also a user of Red Royal Aura. She's born a princess from the continent Edocress but decided to become a Grand Knight in the Vaevalon Kingdom since her favourite cousin, Valerie Rose is the Queen of Vaevalon Kingdom.

Lily can manipulate nature using a type of energy called Stem. It's different from magic, so she doesn't really teach me anything, she just comes around to keep me company, she is also one of the youngest Grand Knights currently living as she's only 19 years old, but acts like she is a child. I also see Lily as an older sister.

"Lilly you seem to be more excited than me" I giggled. Although I was excited I don't think I was as excited as Lilly

"Ken today is going to be your first day off this island how are you feeling?" Valerie asked

Valerie Rose is the Queen of the Vaevalon Kingdom meaning she is currently the strongest Red Royal Aura user as well as the source to the Red Royal Aura. She was born in the kingdom of Vaevalon but she is half Edocress on her mother's side and her other half is Suldian which is another race of humans, and she gets that from her dad's side.

Valerie sees August and Edna as her grandparents since the two were the ones that aided Valerie's father when he was a King of Vaevalon. My grandpa was even Vaevalons Court Wizard at that time and Edna was the Royal advisor and when Valerie's father died both August and Edna raised Valerie to be the great and caring Queen she is today before they both retired from their jobs.

Since then both of them have been like a parent to her and since I'm August's grandson, Valerie sees me as her little brother, I also see her as my older sister. Valerie insists that I call her Big Sis or she won't answer me. Like Lilly, Valarie also uses Stem and not Magic.

"I feel excited! Big Sis" I replied

"Okay now listen up Ken this is your first time leaving this island so please do be careful," Edna said as she whipped a smudge of dirt off of my forehead

Edna is my grandma. Well, I think of her that way at least, and she is also a powerful mage like grandpa. She teaches me Ward and Healing spells and every time she comes around she always brings a feast with her.

"and don't be a trouble maker" Mark added on

Mark is a close friend of both grandpa and grandma and I see him as my uncle. He also teaches me enchantments since he is also a powerful mage.

"also get yourself a girlfriend so you don't live alone like grandpa August" Valarie giggled

"I'll be careful grandma, I'll try not to be uncle Mark and I don't really know how to form a relationship with a girl....since I've never actually talked to any apart from you guys" I replied nervously as I was a little embarrassed about not knowing much about love

"Well I don't blame you, your grandpa is a hopeless lover" Edna chuckled

"Alright if you guys are done, Ken has something to show you all" August groaned

Apart from Grandpa, no one else knows about Volterra and grandpa kept it that way since he didn't want grandma lecturing him about the responsibilities of looking after a child since she lectures him every time grandpa would let me do something dangerous when I was younger, so you can imagine how much she would have gone off at grandpa for letting me keep a Thunder Emperor Dragon.

Before heading off to Eleanora's Academy of Magicka, my grandpa told me to show grandma Edna and the others Volterra, he said I should leave Zen Island with no surprises. So I led everyone through the forest to the cave holding Volterra.

Now I don't know how they are going to react when they see Volterra, but I know it should be fun but I can't really say the same for grandpa, as I can already see Grandma losing her mind at grandpa. I told everyone to step back and keep at least 10 meters away from the cave and that they should stay calm. After everyone was clear of the cave.

I shouted "Volterra come out now!!''. a few seconds after I had called for Volterra, he flew straight out of the cave and high into the sky before letting out a loud thunderous raw that echoed throughout all of Zen Island, shaking the sky and the earth. Volterra then flew low above Zen Island, everyone was speechless all they could do was stand there with their mind blown watching Volterra fly around. Volterra flew back and landed behind me.

"You called for me, young Master?" Volterra said as he flexed his massive wings before folding them onto his back

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