Chapter 2:

Ken's New Beginning!

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter 2: Ken's New Beginning!

"Volterra that's grandma Edna, Uncle Mark, Big Sis Lilly, Big Bro Alister and Big sis Valerie and you already know grandpa August, everyone this is Volterra his a Lightning Emperor Dragon who I've made a pact with," I said introducing everyone to each other

"Th-that' Emperor...Dragon" Mark Stuttered

"Well this is definitely a surprise," Alister said looking up at Volterra

"Woh he looks so cool," Lilly said admiring Volterra

"no way....when did this all happen?" Valerie asked with a surprised expression

"Well I rescued him back when I was 6 and grandpa said I could keep him but I'd have to look after him myself and that...." before I could finish my sentence grandma quickly interrupted me in anger

"August Aelrindel Granfold why the hell didn't you tell me this earlier! was already bad enough that you were raising a child on such a dangerous island but you let him keep an Emperor Dragon?!! don't know how much I want to kill you right now!" Edna shouted going off at August

"Yeah well it was away on teaching him about responsibility plus there was another upside apart from teaching him responsibility" August nervously said as he slowly backed up

"Yeh and what can that possibly be?!" Edna replied

"Quickly do your thing before your grandma rips my head off" August quickly says as he backed up even more

I closed my eyes and take a deep breath before re-opening them, right now I'm getting ready to cast a red lightning spell that I created myself called 'Volterra's Crimson Edge' which is a combination of both Enchantment and Destruction to create a sword made completely out of magical Red Lightning.

I take a steady stance and put my hands out in front of me as if I was holding a two-handed sword I then created a Mana Cloak around myself to give me protection from the Red Lightning then by visualizing my spell and focusing I'm able to create a red magic circle underneath my feet which led to huge amounts of red destructive lightning generating from my hands then it slowly started to form into a big sword and the destructive red lightning became calmer.

After the red lightning had stabilized, I swung my sword towards the sky which released a huge discharge of red lightning in the shape of a crescent which travelled at lightning speed cutting the sky in half for a few minutes.

An attack like that can be tiring on me so I tend to only use it when I really need to, which is rare. I released my stance and cancelled my spell then looked at everyone else and they were more shocked than before and I can't say I blame them. That was a pretty intense spell.

"That was better than last time you tried it, young master," Volterra said with a smile

"Holy shit...that was incredible!" Mark said impressed

"Well, Edna what do you think?" August asked

"I think you're an idiot that's at least a high tire expert spell!..." Edna said chewing out Grandpa "Ken dear when taking the entrance exam for your new academy please hold back okay?" Edna asked as she realized that she didn't have the energy to waste on telling August off

After that, it was finally time for me to head to Belthon which was the capital city of all the united countries in Elenora that are under the Vaevalon Kingdom and Belthon was where Elenora's Academy of Magicka stood.

You would think my grandpa would be with me for my first time out of Zen Island but he only travelled with me to as far as Cardia Port by boat which took several hours once we got to Cardia Port my grandpa gave me two train tickets and told me to put a pair in my socks so in case I lose one I would have a spare, my grandpa then left me alone and took the boat back to Zen Island.

Now I'm by myself but I'm not bothered as there are so many people walking around doing their things and many different races and species like Elves and beastfolks including dwarfs, everything was so different out here and for once I wasn't being attacked by any type of monster, but I didn't have time for sightseeing unfortunately since I shouldn't be late for the Academy entrance exam, or I'd have to wait another year to take the entrance exams.

I walked around politely asking people for directions to the Train Station since my grandpa didn't even bother to give me a freaking map. So it took me some time but after getting lost about 100 times I finally made it to the Train Station. It was a huge station with many platforms and it was swarming with pedestrians going on and off of trains.

I looked up at a flat-screen t.v that showed all the timetables and it seemed like my train would be arriving in 25minutes, so I might as well go grab something to eat. I was currently carrying $120 although I've never actually bought anything, Big Sis Lilly has told me how to do it she even acted it out so it should be a breeze.

I walked out of the station and walked to a nearby Burger Shack called 'Sloppy Burgers' i looked at the menu and ordered a 'Sloppy Double' which only cost $8 and within a few seconds the shack owner handed me the Sloppy Burger but before I could even take a bite, a group of bandit mages each with huge sacks that seemed to be filled with gold came riding on flying brooms zipping past me at high speed.

"Hey, someone stops them bandits!!" An old man shouted as he came running towards me

It seems like those bandits just came from robbing a nearby bank. I should probably do something about it, but Uncle Mark told me to stay out of trouble. Before I could make up my mind, I spotted a midnight black haired lady standing on a rooftop holding a well-crafted bow. She had no arrows so I'm guessing it uses magic or some other type of energy system.

The black-haired lady pulled back on her bow which created an arrow made out of pure mana she aimed at the bandits and released the string on her bow shooting the arrow straight at the bandits who were already 200meters away from her, as the arrow flew it split into 4 more arrows and took out four of the flying bandits at once leaving only three remainings.

The three that remained turned around and started casting basic spells like Firebolt, lightning bolt and ice bolt at the black-haired girl, but she was easily able to avoid all their spells. She moved around like a leaf being blown in the wind. She was so swift but the bandit's spell started going stray endangering civilians.

I couldn't let that happen, so I quickly used Accelerator Boots and a spell called Mirror Reflect which lets me reflect incoming spells and with them two spells, I was able to reflect every stray spell before anyone could get hurt. After everyone was safe I made my way up to the roofs and released a bit of my mana towards the three remaining bandits. I released enough to make them fall off their brooms unconsciously onto the ground.

Once the people saw that the danger was gone everyone started to cheer knowing that they were safe. While everyone was cheering I made my way to the black-haired lady to ask her about her now, once I got close to her and was able to see her up close I realized that she was around my age and for some reason she gave me a vibe that she is an important person like she was part of a royal or noble family.

"That's a pretty neat bow you have there," I said looking at her bow

"well, of course, it is, someone like me only deserves the best" she replied in a smug tone

"right and you're also very swift and accurate" I added on

"Yeh thanks but you're telling me stuff that I already if you will excuse me, stranger, my rides here I gotta go," she said before jumping down from the rooftop

A very expensive carriage and Horse came by and the dark-haired lady got in the carriage then it rode off. I knew she was someone important but she sure was up herself I thought to myself as I jumped down from the rooftop.

The old man that was shouting for someone to stop the bandits then started to approach me. He was probably going to thank me or reward me but I didn't have time since my train was coming in like a minute.

So I quickly ran off to the station as quickly as I could and was just able to make it in time. A long-distance bullet train stood waiting at the station. As soon as I entered the train, an announcement was made saying "The train will now be departing can everyone please stand clear".

The doors then slowly started to close but as they did a girl with pink hair came running towards the door screaming "Wait someone please hold the door open!!!".

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