Chapter 0:

Character list(Updated 2-11-22)

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Canonically dead means they are dead in their respective timelines as of the time of this update.

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid:

Miss Kobayashi-Jealous because she's flat.

Tohru- Kobayashi pulled a sword out of her, so she feels indebted. Tries to feed Kobayashi her tail. The effect of the "special ingredient" in ch 8 is non-canon.

Kanna Kamui- Smol. Cinnamon roll. Eats everything. Search "Kanna eating gif." You'll see what I mean. The story I wrote in Ch 9 is non-canon for MKDM.

Lucoa-She's cool.


Don't know much




Subaru-Solves problems by dying over and over. I guess he's KIND OF canonically dead, but not really.

Emilia-*almost* nobody likes her.

Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san:

Sora-sama (sky lady/Lady Sky)-Kind of a bitch. Senko and Shiro's boss. Thousands of years old. Looks like a woman in her prime. Horny for Nakano. Has four tails instead of one. By Japanese lore, this makes her four times as powerful. Can teleport, use fox fire, and use torii gates. The extent of her abilities is unknown. Her domain inspired Tsuchakia. Her "fur" is purple. Smokes a pipe. 

Shiro-sama(white lady)-Dunno how she and Senko are related. Spoiled brattish personality. Comes with her own ears and tail. Her powers involve foresight. Still has foxfire and torii gate ability. Can read minds. Around Senko's age. Still looks like a little girl. Her "fur" is white. 

Senko-san (Flash of light. Flash, literally; Incense.)-wholesome cinnamon roll kitsune. Comes with agricultural fox deity powers, weather-controlling ability, foxfire, and (erogenous) floofable ears and tail. Can travel long distances quickly using torii gates. Over 800 years old. Not good with electronics. Looks like a little girl. Her "fur" is an orange-ey color, the tail is white at the end, ears white on the inside. Makes this face a lot: (^w^) And (OwO) and (-w-) and (UwU)"I'm built more like a plateau than a mountain"- Senko, ep. 3, 4 or 5.

Nakano-unknowingly lewds Senko by fluffing her tail on a daily basis. She smites him when he sticks his fingers in her ears.

Boku No Hero Academia:

Ochaco Uraraka/Uravity-Summary: Ochaco Uraraka. Quirk: Zero Gravity. Her quirk lets her float anything she touches, or reduce the weight. She can use it to fly, to a degree. If she uses it too much she gets nauseous. Fun fact: pukes rainbows. Loves pink. Cute. Flustered and embarrassed easily. Motivation for heroism: supporting her family. Friends with Tsu and Deku. They have crushes on each other. (semi-canon) 

Tsuyu Asui/Froppy-Has a long, strong, flexible tongue, and can jump pretty high. At home in the water.

Izuku Midoriya/Deku- Soon to be the #1 hero...

Himiko Toga- can take the appearance of others by ingesting their blood. Crushes on Deku. Villain.

Mina Ashido/Alien Queen-Secretes acid from the soles of her feet.

Momo Yaoyorozu/Creati- if she knows the chemical formula, she can create it from her (practically nonexistent) body fat.

Kyoka Jiro/Earphone Jack

Denki Kaminari/Chargebolt-fries himself if he channels to much electricity. (He's adorable in this state...)

Katsuki Bakugo-Anger management issues. Likes to blow things up.

Shoto Todoroki/Shoto

Tenya Iida/Ingenium(II)

Toshinori Yagi/All Might- Used to be the number one hero. Canonically, he's dead(manga).

Mr. Shota Aizawa/Eraser Head

Minoru Mineta/Grape juice-Short. Huge pervert. Has sticky balls on the top of his head. Can detach and throw them, but if he uses too many he'll start to bleed.

Shinsou-is not going to be featured unless at least 10 people want him in. Then he'll get a cameo.

Gabriel Dropout:

I know absolutely nothing about their personalities.




Shea Haulia-bunnygirl. Has a big-ass hammer(think Amy from Sonic Boom.)

Yue-vampire that was trapped for...close to 3000 years.

Hajime- has a harem. Dotes on Yue.


Kashou-Shigures older brother. Owns a patisserie, which is staffed by his sister and the seven cats.

Chocola-The older sister. Heartmeltingly adorable in every way.

Vanilla-The younger but more responsible sister. Kind of kuudere.

Shigure Minaduki- Wishes she was a catgirl. Owner of the seven Minaduki catgirls.

Maple-I...don't know very much about her.

Cinnamon-Tends to...wet herself. A lot. Obviously, a cinnamon roll. Claims that her only redeeming quality is her big breasts.

Cacao- The youngest of the seven. Was adopted by Chocola.

Coconut- Heterochromatic eyes. Nickname is "Nuts." She's kind of crazy, but that's part of what makes her cute.

Azuki-Has a banded tail. Older than Coconut, but looks younger. Only cat not named after food.

This anime actually has a lot of canon relationships. Everyone loves Kashou. Cinnamon and Maple. Chocola and Vanilla. Azuki and Coconut.


Rikka Takanashi/Eye of the Wicked Lord-Has a MASSIVE crush on Yuuta. Gets smacked a lot...usually with whatever Yuuta has on hand. Cinnamon roll.

Yuuta Togashi/Dark flame master-Patient Zero for Rikka's Chuunibyou. Trying to leave behind his chuunibyou past, but Rikka has made it so difficult that he gave up.

Shinka Nibutani/Morisummer-Tends to roll on the floor and say embarrassing whenever her chuunibyou past is mentioned.

Sanae Dekomori/Wielder of the Mjolnir hammer-"servant" of Rikka. Idolizes Morisummer, but refuses to believe Nibutani is her because of the aforementioned reason, claiming that "Imposters can't handle the words of the true Morisummer."


Hinata- Shy, has a crush on Naruto. Marries him and gives birth to his many children, most of which become Hokage. Cinnamon roll. Canonically dead.

Naruto Uzumaki-"Believe it!" 'Nuff said. Canonically dead.

Neji-Hinata's cousin. Nearly kills her. Canonically dead.

Sasuke-kinda emo.

Jiraiya-This is a smut novel! Of COURSE the legendary "Pervy Sage" gets a mention. Toad sage. Trains Naruto. Canonically dead.

Boruto-Naruto's son.

Sakura-only getting an entry so I can state that 99% of the fandom hates her and thinks she's useless.

Elfen Lied:

Kaede-Has three personalities

    Kaede-The side that wants to co-exist with humans but doesn't know if she can. Loves Kota so much she followed through on a promise to come back from the dead!

    Nyu-The human loving side. Cinnamon roll of the highest order. Used to only say Nyu...then learned actual words. Was created by amnesia. Was reincarnated along with Kaede.

    Lucy-The diclonius side of her that wants to exterminate humanity.

    Nyu and Kaede retain separate memories, and Lucy only fully manifests for like, less than 20 pages of the manga.

    They occupy one body, and die, but Nyu and Kaede reincarnate as twin sisters.

Mayu-A runaway adopted by Yuka and Kota.

Kota-Loved by both Kaede and Yuka.

Yuka-Kota's cousin. Has a crush on him.

Nyuu- Not to be confused with Nyu, she is Kota's daughter by Yuka.

Nana-a friendly Diclonius who(as far as I'm aware,) has never harmed humanity.


Barbara-clone 2 of Mariko

Cynthia-Clone 3

Diana-Clone 4

There's an A(clone 1) but I don't remember her name.


Light Yagami-Canonically dead. Tries to create an ideal world by eliminating criminals with the Death Note.

Misa Amane-Supposedly commits suicide sometime after the end of Deathnote due to Light being dead. 

Shimoneta: A boring world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn't exist:

Anna-Horny. Tries to rape Okuma or make him drink her "love nectar" on a daily basis, even baking it into cookies. *Update* Actually did rape him.

Mr. Okuma-Harrassed by Anna. Constantly.

Love Live:

I know nothing but these girl's wholesome cuteness.



Assassination Classroom:

Nagisa Shiota-Everyone calls him Nagisa. Trap. Comes with a cross-dressing scene! Depending on how you interpret the anime, he canonically crushes on Karma or Kayano.


Karma-Kinda Psychotic. Has memes about how he's good at math but bad at Japanese.

Monsters Musume: Everday Life With Monster Girls:

Kimihito- Gracious host to these lovely girls.

Miia-A lamia. Straightforward, but shy(?)

Papi- A harpy. Young and innocent. Cinnamon roll

[Cen]Taurea- A centaur. Serves Kimihito in exchange for him saving her life.

Suu- A slime. Has perverted tendencies. Illegal immigrant, unregistered species. Cinnamon roll.

Maria- A mermaid, and the only one without romantic interest in Kimihito. Uses a wheelchair to get around.


I've played none of the games. All I have to go off of are a few scattered hentais and fanfics. 

Suwako Moriya-Only put her in here for context.

Sanae Kochiya-Green haired. Celestial. Descendant of Suwako. Patient 0 for my love of Touhou.

Reimu Hakurei-Eternal shrine maiden. 

Reisen Undongein Inaba-A rabbitgirl from the Moon!

Tewi Inaba-Pretty sure she's Reisen's younger sister. Still a rabbitgirl, but much younger.

Remilia Scarlet- Has control over space(the concept, not the place.)

Flandre Scarlet-Remilia's younger sister. Has wings with crystals made of her solidified magic energy. (They are beautiful! Google them!)

Sakuya Izayoi-Remilia's maid. Has control over time.

Tenshi Hinanawi- Cute! 


Below the City

I chose Smith as their last name because if I'd been born female, I probably would've taken my mother's maiden name.

(A)Lexa Rosalie Smith-Was lost to the ether but came back. I, personally, identify with her. If I could be a girl from birth, Lexa is who I'd be.

Alex(andra) Rose Smith- exists in her current form and in a time-locked younger self, Lexa's legitimate daughter.

Noah Thomas Williams- Yours Truly! ADHD! (High-functioning) Autistic! Socially awkward! Single! Not the main character of this manga. Surprising, right? Shy(?) Nerd! Can talk to girls without any issues...somehow...Obsessed with yuri, foxes, cats, rabbits, and their demi-human counterparts! Tanukis are cute, raccoons not so much.

Xander-were this the rough draft, he would've made an appearance like, 180+ U.S letter pages ago. My digital draft is so long that I have the pages set to A3!