Chapter 3:

Elenora's Academy of Magicka

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter 3: Elenora's Academy of Magicka!Bookmark here

Cardia Train Station.Bookmark here

"Wait someone please hold the door open!!!". A pink-haired girl carrying a wooden Katana on her waist shouted as she came running towards the trainBookmark here

Just before the doors could close I quickly forced the door back open in time letting the pink-haired girl through, after she had made it in. I let go of the doors and they quickly slammed close and the train took off straight away, into a tunnel.Bookmark here

The girl had fallen on the ground on the way in, I turned around and helped her up and as soon as I got a glance of her face, my heart skipped a beat. I could feel my body temperature rising, am I in love? Is this what you call love at first sight? Big Sis Lilly told me I'd feel something like this if I ever fell in love.Bookmark here

"Uh...thank you sir but you can...umm...let go of my hand now," the pink-haired girl said with a slight blush on her cheeksBookmark here

"Oh...ah right sorry" I nervously laughed as I quickly let go of her handsBookmark here

"Thank you again for holding the door for name is Hanako Sakura" Hanako introduced herself with a smileBookmark here

"Well my name is Ken Granfold and your welcome" I replied Bookmark here

"Granfold?....why does that sound familiar?...hmm maybe it's nothing, anyways bye," Hanako said before going to take a seatBookmark here

And with that the beautiful girl known as Hanako Sakura left, well she just went to take a seat and so did I, but I didn't want to seem like a creep invading her privacy so I took the seat in front of her. A few hours had passed and I'm still thinking about her. I'm trying to figure out how to approach her without seeming like a total creep, I'm normally not like this. I'm normally straight forward, well at least that's what I'm told but right now I'm being a total wuss.Bookmark here

"Excuse me, ma'am, may I see your ticket please," the ticket inspector asked Hanako Bookmark here

"Yes just give me a second" Hanako replied as she searched her pockets and purse for her tickets but couldn't find itBookmark here

"Well?...don't tell me you don't have it," the inspector said looking sharply at HanakoBookmark here

"No no I should have a ticket...unless I dropped it while running here" Hanako replied as she started to get worried Bookmark here

"Now is my chance," I thought to myself as I stood up "oh I found this ticket on the floor it must be yours Hanako," I said as I held out my ticket before giving it to HanakoBookmark here

"Saved by the young man where is your ticket," the inspector asked meBookmark here

"Give me a it is" I pull the extra ticket out of my sock and hand it to the ticket inspector who hesitated to take the ticket seeing as it came out of my socks, but once he did he left us aloneBookmark here

"That wasn't my ticket," Hanako said looking up at meBookmark here

"Well I had two and it seemed like you needed one" I replied as I took a seat, in the same cubicle seats as Hanako, facing herBookmark here

"Well...thank you Ken, your a nice person" Hanako replied with a grateful smileBookmark here

"you're where are you heading to anyways?" I asked with confidence trying not to make the situation awkwardBookmark here

"I'm heading towards Elenora's Academy of Magicka"Bookmark here

Hearing her answer, put a smile on my face, "sweet I'm also heading there and taking the entrance exam...and you're an Oni right?" I repliedBookmark here

"Y-yes I am" Hanako repliedBookmark here

Oni's are a humanoid race who are descendants of a lesser god known as Onijin, the Oni's are known to be an excellent swordsman and are normally born with an energy source known as Ki but in rare cases, some are born with a different energy source like how Hanako is born with magic. Oni's are the creators of the traditional sword known as a Katana which is a curved, single-edged blade with a range of different guards and a long grip to accommodate two hands. Bookmark here

Oni's skin colours can range from red, pink, grey, white, and human colours. Oni's also have either one or two horns growing out of their heads. They also can read the power level of weapons and increase the power level of their own weapons as well as others. Hanako has a faint pink skin tone with short white horns growing out of her forehead and long creamy pink hair. Her eyes are that of a Scarlet pink. Bookmark here

Hanako twiddled her fingers together, looking down at her lap, she seemed agitated and shy. I need to quickly think of something to say, leaving now will only make things more awkward. After a brief silence, I finally said something, "So are you also taking the entrance exams?" Bookmark here

Upon hearing me suddenly speak, Hanako tensed up a little. She looked up at me but struggled to keep eye contact "N-no...I'm already a student at the academy"Bookmark here

"But you still had to take the exam, at some point right?" Bookmark here

"No...I graduated from Elenora's School of Magicka, w-which gave me...a direct pass to the academy" Bookmark here

"Is that so? I wonder what the Exam is going to be like" Bookmark here

IBookmark here

"I hear that...the entrance exams for the academy are h-hard...not many people pass it. Only a small percentage ever makes it" Hanako said looking down at her lapBookmark here

"Well I know I'll definitely pass," I said carelessly Bookmark here

"H-how can you be so sure?..." Hanako askedBookmark here

"Well that's easy, I have full faith in my magic. I've gone through intense training to get to where I am, as long as I don't lose faith in myself, I believe I have no limits to what I can achieve" I replied looking out the window, gazing at all the colourful bright lights in the tunnel Bookmark here

Hearing this, Hanako finally looked up at me, her eyes glittered with inspiration. "Faith in my magic and myself?…" Hanako mumbled to herself with a slight smile, filled with envy, before looking back down at her lapBookmark here

"My uncle told me that the Academy is a very high stake academy, and normally people that go there have some sort of big goal they want to achieve. If you don't mind me asking, what are you trying to achieve?" I asked Hanako, as I returned my gaze to herBookmark here

"Ehh..uh...uhmm, w-well...I want to become a brave person. As you can probably already a very shy person, even as we speak...I'm finding it hard to keep e-eye contact with you" Hanako said as she gripped her lap "I want to be strong, so I can stand up for myself, I want to be strong so... I can believe in myself, and believe in my magic" Hanako replied, as she mumbled the part about her believing in herself and her magic "if I become brave...then I can become stronger and if I, b-become stronger, I can….protect those around me and those that need it"Bookmark here

"I think that's a great goal" I replied. I was truly interested in her goal. "I know we have just met, but I truly believe in you" as I said this, Hanako's tense body relaxed. "You truly have great will power, you know your weakness and instead of complaining you're trying your best to overcome it, I think that makes you brave already" Bookmark here

Hanko's soft pink cheeks immediately turned deep red, after I had given my little speech, she was flustered and didn't know how to react. "Ehhh...ummm...mmmmh...gaaa" she couldn't put together words, only whimpering noises escaped her lips. I think I broke her?....Bookmark here

Hanako finally collected herself and once again, gained the ability to speak " what do you wish to achieve?" Bookmark here

"That's a good question," I replied. I hadn't really thought about what I want to achieve, I've never thought of some grand goal for myself. "Well, if I had to say, id probably say I want to explore this world and experience as much as I possibly can, I grew up isolated from the world, so seeing everything it has to offer, would really be a great life goal and maybe help in whichever way I can, to make this world a better place, for everyone to enjoy" Bookmark here

"I-i...think that's an...amazing g-goal" Bookmark here

"Thanks. But first I need to make lots and lots of friends. My elder sister told me that if I truly want to enjoy life, then I need to make friends who will stick with me through thick and thin, never abanding me. Making friends and meeting people, is actually one of the main reasons I'm attending this Academy'' Bookmark here

I stood up out of my seat, standing in front of Hanako, with my right hand held out for a handshake. "What do ya say? Become my first ever friend and help me reach my goal. As your friend ill help, you achieve your goal as sell, no matter how long it might take" I said with a smile Bookmark here

Hanako looked at my hand, then slowly looked up at me, still a little confused, but upon seeing my cheerful smile, a soft smile played upon her lips. Hanako shook her head as if she was rejecting my friendship. Instead, she stood up, and grabbed two braided strings, from within her uniform. Bookmark here

"The Shinrinyoku have a culture...for binding two equals as everlasting...c-companions in arms, that not even...death can tear apart, this was normally used when Shinrinyoku was a….war zone country, but as time went on and peace arrived, it becomes a binding of friendship between two people as loyal friends, through a….p-promise" Hanako explained as she handed me one of the braided stringsBookmark here

Hearing Hanako explain the meaning behind the ritual put a smile on my face "Wow! That's an amazing tradition" Bookmark here

"Oh, ahhh...thank you! In doing creates a situation, where we are… thick and thin, making our friendship and promise...unbreakable" Bookmark here

"looks like I'm experiencing more of the world already. So how does the ritual work?"Bookmark here

"Well normally both Oni's tie the string in a knot around one of their horns, then they untie each other's strings and tie it around their wrist, then they finish it off by shaking hands, using the hands that have the string around it" Hanako explained. "But since you don't have a horn and your boy, you tie it on your left wrist, and since I'm a girl, I'll tie it to my right horn" Bookmark here

"Oh I see," I said before tying the string to my left wrist. As I did this, Hanako tied hers to her right horn Bookmark here

"Alright now I'll untie it from your left hand and tie it on your right hand," Hanako said as she slowly untied the strong from my left wrist and tied it to my right wrist. "Now you untie it from my right horn and tie it to my left wrist".Bookmark here

I slowly moved my hands up to Hansko's right horn and gently tugged on the string of the knot, untying it, before tying it onto her left wrist. Bookmark here

"N-now...we shake hands" Bookmark here

Hanako held out her left hand, I looked at her with a smile before grabbing her hand with my right and shaking it. As we shook hands, we looked at each other with a smile, I could tell it was the beginning of a great bond. Looks like two people who have respect for each other and truly admire each other can get oddly well with each other, even if they just met.Bookmark here

The train finally exited the tunnel, I looked away from Hanako taking a peek at the view.Bookmark here

The train was now in the sky, just below the clouds, beneath us was a clear blue ocean which glistened in the sunlight. Birds and other sky creatures occupied the sky, in the short distance, I could see the beautiful city of Belthon, the city was huge and had buildings of all sorts and sizes planted everywhere, I hadn't even stepped foot in the city yet, and I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed, I was already curious about everything, I wanted to try everything. Bookmark here

I looked back at Hanako, who also gazed out the window admiring the view. I don't know what was more overwhelming at the time, the view of the ocean and city, or the girl standing before me, known as Hanako Sakura, I couldn't help but smile at the mere sight of her. Bookmark here

"Ummm….you...can let go of my...h-hand now," Hanako said looking at me awkwardlyBookmark here

"Oh sorry, I got distracted" I replied with an awkward chuckle, before letting go of her handBookmark here

" the first time...I've ever...tried this with a b-boy" Said Hanako with a faint blushBookmark here

"Oh, well I feel privileged and honoured. Your the very first friend I have apart from my family, I'm glad you were my first friend, I sense something great in you, so from this day on, I'm putting all my faith in you Hanako Sakura" I replied, directly looking at her Bookmark here

Hanako immediately covered her face, looking down as her face turned from light pink to a deep red "y-y-your too...s-s-straight forward...mmm...ehhhh...uhhh" Hanako stuttered with a flustered expression, as she once again forgot how to put words together Bookmark here

"We will now be approaching Belthon Station!" The train announced as it started to slow down.Bookmark here

After it stopped its doors opened and we got out, stepping onto a giant platform that was floating in the air, along with lots of other passengers that were onboard the train. Once everyone was in the giant platform, the train took off and the platform slowly descended downwards, until it reached the ground. Where everyone walked off of it, and continued on with their day. Bookmark here

Belthon was much more grand then Cardia Port, there was so much more going on, It was so busy, how do people function in such crowds. Bookmark here

Hanako and I made our way out of the train station and travelled together towards the Academy. During our travel, Hanako and I got to know each other a little more. Bookmark here

After almost an hour of walking, we finally reached the gates of Elenora's Academy of Magicka, which was a towering gate that St of at least 10 foot tall. Bookmark here

"Well since your taking the entrance...exams...this is where we, go our separate ways…th-thank you...for accompanying me...we will...definetly see each other again" Hanako said as she gave a little head bowl "oh and umm...once you pass the exams, you will be given a...Student Portal I don't have time to explain but I'm sure you will figure it out, you can use to contact me"Bookmark here

"Yeh, it was great! And yeh, I'll figure it out, some way or another" I smiled as I waved goodbyeBookmark here

And with that, Hanako left Bookmark here

I could tell that this was a very expensive school, there were lots of other kids in the yard with me and by the looks of it, most of these kids that were attending this school must be filthy rich, since most of them all had butlers and security guards with them. I wander around and start to see a few kids crying their eyes out like someone just died.Bookmark here

It seemed like they took the exam and failed, is it really that serious? As I walked around checking out the yard I accidentally bumped into someone. "Oh I'm sorry man" I apologized Bookmark here

"That's okay...I'm guessing you're here for the entrance exam? name is Josh Retin '' Josh replied as he turned around and faced me.Bookmark here

Josh was around my age but he was way more formal than me he wore a suit and had two butlers with himBookmark here

"Yeh I am actually...hey can you tell me when the exams start?" I askedBookmark here

"The exam has already started this is just the waiting yard, about every half an hour multiple examiners will come and select 100 people for them to start the exam, those that pass the exam will move on, those that don't will be automatically kicked out, there were about 1000 people that came to take the exam and now there is 600 and for the 400 that took the exam only 30 has actually made it so far" Josh explainedBookmark here

"Only 30?...that's pretty intense," I replied. Wow, only 30 out of 400 made it? Either the exam is tough or these people are just...really weakBookmark here

"Yes it is, but I'm sure we will pass....say what type of magic school did you come from, you must of went to a really wealthy and proper school to be able to make it here," Josh askedBookmark here

"Oh no no, I never went to any sort of magic school. I'm not even from this country or continent. I was born on a small island...." Before I could finish my sentence, Josh grabbed me by my collar and insulted me by saying "ohhh so you're just a lowly commoner no worse, your poor that makes you trash what makes you think you have a chance? Look around you, almost everyone here is rich kids that came from a proper magic school, I wonder how did you afford to take the entrance exam? Did you steal money from a wealthy family huh? You trash".Bookmark here

He was right up in my face looking down on me just because I didn't go to some expensive magic school. People like him get on my nerves so I forcefully removed his hands from my collar before punching him square in the face making him fall on the ground. His body guard tried to get in my way, but one serious look from me and he flinched, frozen in fear Bookmark here

"Scum like you really piss me off, I should beat you up right now, but that'll just be a waste of my time seeing as you're not worth it!" I shouted before walking off. Bookmark here

I took a seat near a water fountain looking up at the sky waiting for when the examiners will come for me. Sometimes passing by me just looking at the sky with a blank mind, then out of nowhere a man appeared out of thin air in front of me I couldn't even sense him coming.Bookmark here

"Are you Ken Granfold?" The man askedBookmark here

"Yes I am and who are you?" I replied with a question Bookmark here

"My name is Ian and I'm an examiner that's all you need to know. Now it's time for you to take the exam so come with me" Ian repliedBookmark here

Next Time: Entrance ExamBookmark here

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