Chapter 5:

RisingSun Dorm

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter 5: RisingSun Dorm

Rising Sun Dorm

Standing in front of me is a 10 feet stone golem. Golems are normally built with stones and different types of minerals as their base and can have elemental runes added to them to give them elemental advantages. Golems are normally built with a humanoid body although they can have bizarre body types.

The one in front of me had a humanoid body with his left arm being much bigger than his right, and he didn't seem to have any elemental runes added to it.

"I'm guessing you're not gonna let me through without a fight?" I asked knowing full well it wasn't gonna answer

The golem came running towards me before trying to crush me with its giant arm, but luckily for me, I was quick enough to dodge it but that didn't stop the golem as it came at me with a barrage of attacks, and it was actually moving pretty fast for its size. If I was an amateur I'd probably have a hard time with this golem, too bad for it, since I've trained far too hard to lose to a piece of rock.

I jumped out of the golem's barrage of attacks and made some distance between me and the golem. I visualized my spell which created a red magic circle underneath the golem, I then thrust my right hand into the air which caused fire to erupt from the ground, and engulf the golem entirely letting it burn for a whole 15 seconds before the fire disappeared.

Once it did a medium crater that was as deep as 40meters down was left and the golem was no were to be found.

Well, that's that, now time to go inside and see who I'll be living with. I walked into the dorm and the room I entered was a medium-sized one with its furniture neatly layered out and not too cramped. Sitting in a rocking chair facing the door was a short old male cat kin'ma rocking in his rocking chair.

Kin'ma are beasfolks with a more human feature than beast meaning they have a completely human appearance but will contain their respective beastly traits. Their ears and tails sometimes even their legs and hands. The old man had grey cat ears and a grey cat tail.

"You must be Ken Granfold? meow" the old beastling asked

"Yeh I am and who are you old man?" I asked

"My name is Silva, not old man and I'm your Dorm Master! Meow" Silva replied as he hoped of his rocking chair

"Dorm Master?" I replied confused

"Yes it means exactly as it is, I'm the master of this dorm meaning I own it meow...from today you are a part of my dorm so here is your room key and your room is number 407 meow" Silva explained before handing me my key

"Do you greet all your new members with a golem?" I asked

"Yes, it's somewhat of a tradition here. I saw your performance at today's welcoming assembly, with that kind of guts and recklessness, you will fit right in at this dorm"

"Well I'll be looking forward to meeting my new dorm members, I'm looking to make more friends than enemies….altho with my speech that's not going to be easy"

"I'm sure the other RisingSun members will be eager to meet you, your speech had all of them railed up. Getting along with them shouldn't be a problem, but don't take them lightly either"

"I hope that's the case" I replied with a soft smile

"Now, do you have any questions about the academy that you would like to know about?" Silva asked as he sat back down in his rocking chair

"Exactly how big is this academy? And why is it so big?"

"The very land we are standing on was once ground zero for an old war that happened here. The land goes on for about more than 200 acres and is vastly an open forest, altho it does have areas that are condensed in trees, it even has its own river stream. The main area of this academy is called 'Academy Square' which is as big as 50 acres, and it's where all the main facilities are built, like educations centres, cafeterias and multiple in school shops, as well as other entertainment buildings''

"And...what about the rest of the land?"

"Well the rest of the land, is made up of a vast forest with multiple buildings located everywhere, most of the buildings are abandoned buildings from the war but there are buildings inhabited by students, some are even built by students, which are considered private buildings"

"Hmmm, why is the academy set up like that? Why not just run it like any normal magic academy?"

"This way students have a sense of freedom and adventure, as well as comfort to study how they want, which is something the school values. Altho the academy still does have the traditional day to day classes, none of the students is forced to attend the classes but not attending your classes can lead you to fail, as if one doesn't have enough academic points they will fail and the only way to earn academic points, is to attend classes and do the work and assignment given out by the teachers"

"That's definitely an interesting way to run an Academy. Well thanks, old man" I smiled before heading upstairs.

"Granfold ay...he should be interesting" Silva chuckled to himself

I reached the top floor of the dorm and walked straight until I reached my room, I opened it with my key and walked inside. My room was a good-sized space with one bed, one desk, two draws as well as a basic alchemy table and a closet. On my bed was my academy uniform set, placed neatly on my bed.

I walked over and sat on my bed, it was surprisingly very comfortable. It was so comfortable that I rolled around in it like I was a five year old. After enjoying the comfort of my new bed, I sat up and grabbed my student portal out of my pocket and opened it. On my screen was eight different symbols









This device looks like one of those cell phones sister Lilly and the others had back on Zen Island, except these don't seem to have games and other fun apps like theirs did, but thanks to the similar design I know how to use these portals. I clicked the contacts symbol and once it opened, as expected it was empty with only two numbers, which were portal service and main office. I clicked the search bar and typed in <Hanako Sakura>, Hanako's name popped up, but instead of it having a call button it had an add button.

"How strange," I thought to myself out loud

Once I clicked the add button it turned into 'Pending Request'. I guess it's set up like this to keep people's privacy and give people the option of who they want in their contacts. I gently threw my phone onto my bed, before laying down and looking at the ceiling. Man today was only the first day and I'm already eager for tomorrow, I don't think I've ever been this excited in a long time. I don't think I'll be able to sleep.

As I daydream, my room door slams wide open to the point where it looked like it was going to fly off its hinges. I quickly sit up and look at the door, all I see is 7 students walking into my room.

I'm guessing they are my dorm mates, there are 4 boys and 4 girls, and to my surprise, Hanako was one of those girls. I didn't show any emotions but deep down I was overjoyed to be in the same dorm as her. They came into my room with a bunch of food and games. They carefully placed the foods on the floor including the games.

"You guys could have knocked you know!" I said in frustration

"What kind of welcoming party would it be if we knocked?" One of the boys said who seemed to be someone that loves working out due to his muscly body

"My name is Louis and we welcome you to the Rising Sun Dormitory Ken!" Louis said with pride before taking a seat around the food with everyone else. Louis has yellow hair and blue eyes. Standing around six feet.

"Well at least you guys a lively" I replied with a smile as I took a seat next to Hanako

"My name is Leo, and judging from the speech you gave this afternoon, I feel like me and you will get along just well" Leo introduced himself. Leo has messy red hair with orange eyes that are filled with recklessness. He stands around 5'6ft

"my name is Drew, your speech and display of your mana release had me all fired up! so I can't wait to see what you are capable of!" drew introduced himself. Drew has short spiky black hair and is very muscly built. He stands around 6'6ft tall

"I'm Krow" Krow introduced himself. Krow has black hair as well as dark brown eyes, he stands at 5'8ft tall

"I'm Koko, ooouuu it looks like we have another cute boy in our dorm!" Koko introduced herself

Koko has long orange hair and bunny ears. She stands at 5'7ft tall

"Oh great another noisy guy, why couldn't you be a girl...anyways my name is Catherine" Cathrine introduced herself. Catherine has short black hair, with purple eyes and stands at 5'4ft tall

"And I'm Mira, it's always a pleasure to have a powerful mage such as yourself join us, welcome to our family" Miras introduced herself. Mira has long dark purple hair with orange eyes. She stands at 5'10fr tall

"My name is Hanako...we have met before...but it's good that we are in the same dorm" Hanako introduced herself as she fiddled with her bracelet

"Alright! Now that we all know each other, let's get this party started!" Koko shouted before playing music from a speaker that she brought in

"What a coincidence that we ended up in the same dorm," I said with a smile

"y-yeh" Hanako replied with a smile

My room got louder and louder as the welcoming party went on and I won't lie it was fun everyone here was so interesting in their own way, and I could tell that they were also strong mages. We played board games, card games and ate delicious food that had been prepared by Silva the dorm master. A few hours passed and almost everyone had fallen asleep mostly because they drank themselves to sleep except Louis and Krow.

"So, what do you think of the RisingSun members," Louis asked as he took a seat in front of me

I looked around at everyone with a smile "I think you're all amazing! I'm really grateful for being put in such a lively dorm"

"You first year's sure love to cause a ruckus" Louis chuckled

"Aren't you a first-year?"

"Oh no, I'm a third-year but everyone else is a first-year, just like you. So you all should encourage each other to keep moving forward"

"Right! I plan on graduating with everyone here, I'll make sure this dorm becomes the strongest on campus"

With a chuckle Louis continued to say "If I didn't know any better, I'd say your a worshiper of Xondor, you have so much fight in you"

-Xondor Mighty Divine of Power, Strength, Courage, Victory and Will

"Oh no no, I don't worship any of the gods/goddesses or the Mighty Divines. Do you worship any of the gods?"

"I worship Remes God of Magicka, this Academy has quite a lot of people that worship him, there is even an entire club dedicated to his worship, and of course I'm part of it"

"Hmm I've read about Remes, if I remember correctly he is one of the few mortals that was born a mortal but made it to Godhood"

"Right but over the past years, people have forgotten if Remes was originally a human or a High Elf, which created two separate factions of worship," Krow said as he pitched into our conversation

"So Louis what group are you part of?" I asked

"Well my group believes he was originally human but he was trained by the Arcane Sages on Pandorious"

"And who are the Arcane Sages?" I asked as I've never heard of them. I've read lots of books, I've seen the name Arcane Sage in a few books but I know little about them

"The Arcane Sage are considered the strongest magic users in the known universe, they are a group of super old High Elves that live on top of a tall mountain on Pandorious" Krow explained

"Right but even their powers pale in comparison of Remes and his disciples" Louis added on

"Ohhh that's amazing! I'm definitely going to do more research about Remes and the Arcane sages"

"Ken how about a friendly duel?... I want to see what you're made of" Louis asked

As soon as Louis asked me for a duel, Leo woke up from his sleep "a duel!" Leo said with excitement "Hey everyone wakes up! Ken and Louis are gonna fight!!" Leo shouted with excitement. Slowly everyone started to wake up, and none of them seemed bothered; they all looked pumped to see us fight.

"yeh sure that sounds like fun" I replied

"I want to see this" Krow added on

Everyone walked out back of the dorm where a 60meter by 60meter wide fighting stage was built. It looked like many duels had been fought on it but it somehow seemed to be in almost perfect condition. Louis and got onto the stage and stood at opposite ends of each other while the others stood a few feet away from the stage watching.

"Whoever hits the other with a direct magical attack first wins alright" Louis explained

"Sure that sounds fair" I replied

"Alright Fight!" Mira shouted

Louis jumped a few feet into the air, then launched a barrage of arrows made from condensed wind, but I was too quick for it to reach me, so I avoided it and cast the spell 'Exploding Flare' straight at him. Louis saw this coming, he simply raised his right hand towards the spell and created a shield spell that was able to withstand all 4 explosions that happened.

Once the flames cleared out Louis was on the ground and charging up a spell, as soon as I noticed him, he quickly launched his spell which was a lance made out of rocks, the spell came in fast but I was still able to dodge it quite easily.

The earth lance flew out of the ring and towards the dorm but before it could hit the dorm Krows shadow came up from the ground and morphed into a shield that blocked the earth lance before crushing it into rubble.

I was impressed by Krows shadow ability, but I couldn't let that distract me as Louis started casting multiple earth lances at me. This time they were combined with wind and came at me much faster, I was able to dodge a few but soon they were becoming a little harder to dodge so I used 'Accelerator Boots' to give me a better speed advantage, Accelerator Boots, boost my speed making me faster than the speed of sound. It helped as I was able to dodge all his attacks with ease and all the stray attacks were stopped by Krow.

As I avoided all of Louis incoming spells I charged my body up with electricity and wasted no time in firing a huge bolt of lightning towards him that destroyed a few of his lances, before reaching him. Louis used 'mirror reflect' to reflect my spell at me, but before it hit me I swatted the bolt of lightning far into the sky, with my bare hands.

"You sure are skilled," Louis said with a smile

"you haven't seen anything yet. It's time to finish this" I replied with a smirk as a magic circle appeared underneath Louis and another two appeared above him

"Yes I agree it's time to end this" Louis replied as a magic circle appeared underneath me and another two above me

The magic circles under and above Louis are binding circles that trap him in that spot. Giving me time to cast a spell. I set the binding trap when he was blocking my 'Exploding Flare' but it looks like he did the same to me, and if I had to guess he probably set it up while I was avoiding his lances. That's impressive seeing as I had my eyes on him the whole time and didn't realize.

Now it all comes down on who has a quicker attack so I'll go with a red lightning spell that should come in really quick, and be able to knock him out cold. I raise my right hand in the air then shout "Red lightning Strike!". Before thrusting my hand back down, the bolt of lightning I had hit into the sky earlier, came back down as a bolt of red lightning.

At the same time, a beam of purple magic light from the sky was coming down towards me. Within a split-second, both of us were struck with each other's spell, at the same time. Louis's attack struck me with a heavy magic pressure that gave me frostbites, it felt like ice magic but it wasn't, it was as if he was manipulating magic from the moon somehow.

After about ten seconds both attacks slowly vanished and Louis was still standing and on top of that, he wasn't damaged after a direct strike from a red lightning spell.

"That was awesome!" Leo shouted

"Impressive indeed" Mira added on

"You both did amazing!" Said Drew

Everyone else cheered and gave a round of applause.

"Wow that red lightning, how did you learn how to use such an advanced form of lightning? Louis asked surprised

"Well a friend of mine taught it to me...what was that spell you cast on me? My body still got deep chills" I asked as I tried to warm up my body with heat magic

"Well at night the lunar surface gets very cold as cold as minus 173 or 172 degrees Celsius, so all I did was create two magic circles in front of the moon the first circle was to convert the moons freezing lights into magic and the second circle was to focus its rays down onto you" Louis explained

"Never seen magic like that" I replied very surprised that he was able to create a magic circle out in space during our short spar

"Well I'm off to bed, it's already 2 in the morning," Krow said before walking back inside

Louis and I made our way inside with everyone else. Everyone said their goodbyes before going into their own rooms. I laid in my bed and went to sleep thinking about how Louis did that moon spell, it didn't take long, but I figured out how it worked, but I ain't think my current state has enough magic to use such a spell relatively or as casual as Louis. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wasn't the only one holding back in our duel, I can tell Louis was holding back a lot of his powers, I'm excited just thinking how strong he really is.

"So what do you think of Ken?" Louis asked as he leaned on a wall while facing Silva

"His just as gutsy as you lot...he will fit right in" Silva chuckled

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