Chapter 6:


Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Filth

RisingSun Dorm

It's the next day after the welcoming party and my duel with Louis. Everyone is now downstairs in the dining room, sitting around the table eating breakfast together like a family and getting ready to start their day.

"Hey Leo pass me the milk," Louis asked

"Hey Drew, can you pass Louis the Milk?" Leo asked

"No, he asked you first" Drew replied

"Stop complaining and just do it you meathead!" Leo yawned

"Look midget I'm older than you so you should listen to your eldest!" Drew replied annoyed

Leo is 16 and is a real hothead. He loves fighting and is quick to get angry if you call him short or a midget. Drew is 17 and is a real man and his built body only proves that. Although he doesn't go picking fights, like Leo, he won't back down from any fight. Both Drew and Leo are always arguing and fighting each other most of the time over stupid stuff but deep down I can tell they care for each other.

"Do you two always have to fight?" Catherine asked, before handing Louis the milk

Catherine is 16, she is smart and sensible although sometimes she can be immature as she is not against making smart remarks towards the males of RisingSun Dormitory.

"I think I drank too much last night, my head still hurts" Koko moaned in a tired tone

Koko is a type 2 beastfolk, who has long orange bunny ears and tail. She is 17 and very flirtatious and she loves nothing more than drinking.

"Well maybe you shouldn't have drunk so much last night" Mira added on

Mira is sensible, mature, and tough. She normally keeps the group in check; she is 18 and like the big sister of the RisingSun Dorm.

I sat next to Hanako, trying out the other apps on my Student Portal. During the Welcoming party last night, I added everyone to my contact list and everyone added me back, including Hanako. I clicked on the I.D symbol and my entire screen turned into a little I.D card, with a small picture of me in the corner and a bunch of information about me. It was similar to the holographic screen Jess had up, back when I first received my Student Portal.

"So apart from a sign of identification, what other use does my ID have?" I asked

"It can be used as a license, for in case you want to ride any vehicle on the school campus" Drew replied

"It can be used as a student transport card, letting you travel to almost anywhere in Belthon, without having to pay transport fees," Said Mira

"It can also be used as a license for magical weapons to be carried and used on school campus. It has many other smaller uses but those are the main ones for first year's" Catherine added on

"So, high year levels have access to other things?" I asked

"Yes they do, Second Year's can use their ID to help law enforcement with crime in Belthon, and third years can use their ID to join missions with the Magic Knights of the Vaevalon Kingdom" Louis explained

"Ohhhh okay, so we first years can't get involved with anything outside campus?"

"Exactly, so when off campus don't do anything reckless," Silva said chipping into the conversation

"Alright, so what's the Bank App for? Because I'm not signed up with any banks, I don't even know how to handle money properly" I said before clicking the bank symbol

<Balance: P0.00>

"Looks like I'm broke," I thought to myself "am I suppose to deposit money into it through a bank?" I continued to ask

"This Academy uses points as currency, you gain them through your academic grades, selling items, or from winning battles and there are other means of gaining points but those are the common ones. First years will be deposit a limited amount of points after a month in the academy, mainly after the survival camp" Silva explained

"Okay, that makes sense. Are these the only apps on our portals?" I asked

"No, you're able to download other apps, created by students but they cost points, so as of now those are your only apps" Koko explained

"Then I guess as of now I don't have much use for this portal, other than using it for the map, and contacting people," I said before turning off my portal and placing it in my pocket

"Alright, you brats hurry up and scram I need to clean up the dorm!" Silva shouted

Everyone finished eating and headed off to their classes. Hanako offered to show me around the Academy square, which is where academy clubs, classrooms, and study areas are mostly built, as well as where most students hang around. Once we arrived at Academy Square it was busy with students everywhere, socializing and going in and out of classes.

There were clubs everywhere and every club was different, there were clubs that focused on only Alchemy, Enchantment clubs, visual magic clubs, there was even a club for magic fireworks, it was all so lively.

"Wow! It's so lively here, there is so much going on" I said with a dumbfound look

"You really are...amazed by everything," Hanako said looking at me with a soft smile

"Why wouldn't I be! Being around so many people my age excites me, it gets me pumped!"

"So, where do you want to go first, Ken?"

"I want to go everywhere! But right now, I think I want to check out the classes, I want to see what subjects there are, so I can sign up for some"

"That's a good idea, follow me, I'll show you where all the class timetables are," Hanako said as she walked in the direction of the timetables

"Say, Hanako you carry that wooden katana with you, do you not have a real katana?" I asked as I followed Hanako

"W-Well,...Ummm...this wooden katana is known as a Bokken. But it's only a seal for my actual katana" Hanako explained

"A seal? What do you mean by that?"

"I-im...sorry, b-but...I don't answer" Hanako replied in a sad tone, looking down at the ground

I can tell this is a touchy subject for Hanako, so I won't ask any further "That's okay, but can I at least get the name of your real blade?"

With a slight nod, Hanako continued to say "Sure, it's, Odayakana-kazarashi, meaning Gentle Wind Storm"

"Woh, that sounds amazing!" I said with an amazed look

"Thank you, and we have finally arrived"

In front of me, was a giant building, built almost like a fortress. In front of the building was three giant mana screens. On the screen were multiple timetables that showed when different classes will start and finish, it also showed what subjects were being taught. It was all neatly laid out, making it easy to read. Just like us, multiple students were standing around looking at the mana screen.

" cool! So many classes to choose from!" I said with a big grin on my face! "I'm going to sign up for all of these classes and learn a much as I can, so I can reach number one"

"Why don't we start with just one first," Hanako said as she admired my eager face

"Yeah your right, okay, let's start with...Ummm...I want to study Enchantments, Forging Enchantment" I said pointing at it, on the screen

"Well now take your portal out and focus its camera at the bar code next to it"

I took my portal out of my pocket and aimed did as Hanako instructed. A small notification popped up on my portal screen, as soon as it scanned the bar code. The notification read "Click Here to download classroom app for free!". I clicked the link below it, and a new icon appeared on my screen, the icon was that of a book and underneath it, said "Classroom". Sweet!

"There, now you have been automatically signed up. Whenever there is a class for that subject, you will get a notification ahead of time, allowing you to prepare for said class" Hanako explained

"Ohhhh how very cool". I opened the classroom app and it was empty with only one subject being -World Enchantment class 1A-. "Class 1A?"

"It..s-seems like we are in the same class," Hanako said with a smile

As I heard Hanako say that, a big smile appeared on my face "wow! Looks like the gods of fate are smiling upon me"


Both my and Hanako's portals rung at the same time, as a notification popped up on our screens. The notification read "F.E class starts in 20 minutes, please be on time"

"Sweet our first class together!" I said looking at Hanako

"Yeah" Hanako replied with a gentle nod

"Ummm, Hanako I really need to use the restroom, can you point me to the nearest restroom!"

"Oh umm, it's in that building in front of us, it's on the third floor, I'll wait here for you," Hanako said pointing at the building

"Thank you!"

I quickly rushed off into the building and made my way into the toilet. After I was done, I made my way to the second floor where I could sense a strong magical barrier from a nearby room. I decided to check it out, and when I entered the room there was a girl stuck inside an orange barrier.

"Hey," I said before I quickly recognized the girl's face "I know you," I continued to say, walking up to the barrier. This isn't he stuck up fancy women that I saw at Cardia Station, using her now to take out the bandits. Who knew we would end up in the same academy

The girl looked at me "Hmmm you look familiar...oh your that boy from Cardia Station"

"Right, and your that bow girl..anyways what are you doing in the barrier," I asked

"It's not bow girl! My name is Claire. Now since it's taking Emilia long to get back, I need you to go get me a dragon codex from the library!" Claire demanded

"Maybe ask nicely, and I might consider it" I replied

"Someone like you doesn't deserve my kindness, now go fetch me the codex" Claire demanded once more

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, curiously

"Someone as arrogant and as weak, as yourself doesn't deserve my kindness"

"Hey I'm not the one trapped in a barrier" I chuckled

"Sh-shut up!... I put myself in here idiot" Claire replied annoyed

"That's even worse, you trapped yourself and can't get out...that's pretty embarrassing" I mischievously giggled

"N-No it's not as it soun...wait I don't have to explain myself to the likes of you" Claire replied with frustration

Just then a girl with short blue hair, rushed into the room, "I'm sorry Claire, but somehow all the dragon codex have been borrowed!"

"Ryka you bastard!" Claire mumbled to herself even more frustrated. "It's okay Emilia it should wear off within a few hours" Claire replied

" no it'll take 48hours to disappear," I said reading the strange writing at the bottom of the barrier, which was actually written in Dragon Tongue

"You're that boy that made a scene at the welcoming Assembly...and how do you know it'll take 48hours!?" Emilia asked walking up to me

"Yes, that's me the one and only. I know this because that's what it says" I replied

"And how do we know you're not lying?" Emilia asked

"Hmm I don't want to admit it, but it does sound like something Ryka would do, Emilia please go get Ryka for me," Claire asked

"I'm sorry, but Ryka is not at the Academy, he has returned to his home in Dragonhiem and won't be back for a few days" Emilia replied in a sad tone

"Dragonhiem? That's where Volterra is from, home to all dragons? This Ryka dude must be a Dragonian, which are the native people of Dragonhiem….how interesting" I thought to myself, keeping in my excitement. "I'll tell you what, say please and I'll decipher the barrier right here right now" I offered, as I turned my focus back to the matter at hand

"How do we know you're not bluffing?" Emilia asked, once again doubting me

The barrier Claire is in right now is a ward spell cast in Dragon Tongue, meaning to decipher it you'll need to know how to speak, read, and write in dragon tongue, and luckily I do. I learned it while training with Volterra. He taught me a few spells that can only be cast in Dragon Tongue, so for me to learn them I needed to know at least the basics of dragon tongue, but I never knew it would come in handy in a situation like this.

I kneeled in front of the barrier, then the tip of my right index finger glowed blue. I started rewriting the code on the barrier, it wasn't hard to decipher, but it was tricky since it was all written backwards and upside down. Within 20 seconds I was done ciphering the barrier. Now all Claire has to do, is walk out of the barrier, but I wanted to play a trick on her.

"There done deciphering it, well almost there is still 7 words left," I said before standing up

"Huh? What are you waiting for? finish it off" Claire demanded

"Just say please and I'll finish it off" I smirked

"What! never!" Claire replied frustrated

"Well suit yourself but, a word of warning. If you try to step out, you will seriously injure yourself" I said with a shrug of my shoulders

"How do we know you're still not bluffing!?" Emilia asked, on a again doubting me

"look at the bottom of the barrier most of the words have disappeared meaning I've deciphered those, all I need to do know is decipher the last 7 words but say please first" I replied

"I know a little Dragon Tongue I'll finish it," Emilia said as she kneeled in front of the barrier

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, if you make one mistake it'll blow up with Claire in there" I added on

Claire greeted her teeth together and mustered up all her power abanding her pride just for a second. "Fine...p-please" Claire softly said

"What was that I can't hear you?" I asked with a big grin

"I said Please!!" Claire shouted

"Heard you the first time, just wanted to milk it," I said with a grin of victory. At this point, I can feel, Claires intent to kill me

"I heard you the first time, just wanted to milk it" I chuckled

"Okay now finish it," Emilia asked

"Oh it was already deciphered, all she had to do was walk out of it. I just wanted to hear her say please" I laughed as I quickly ran out of the room

"Who does that idiot think he is tricking me like that!?" Claire said in anger and frustration as she walked out of the barrier, hit fist balled up tightly

I made my way out of the building and back towards Hanako. I hope I didn't keep her waiting too long, as I got out of the building I saw Hanako with three guys. It seemed like they were harassing her. I quickly make my way to Hanako and stood right beside her. As soon as I do all three of them give me dirty looks, taking a step back.

"Hanako I'm back sorry I took long" I apologized

"Oh, it's you! Ken was your name right?" the middle man asked. He had a bruise on his left eye

"Huh?...and who are you?" I asked confused

"Don't act stupid it's me, Josh! The guy you punched in the face!" Josh shouted

"oh right okay," I said before turning my back to them "Hanako let's head towards our class," I said looking at Hanako

"Wait you filth! Where do you think you're going" Josh called out to me

"Watch it or I'll give you another black eye" I snickered

"That's right, I have to pay you back for laying your filthy hands on me," Josh said with an angry tone

"well come do something about it, I'm right here" I replied with a smirk

"I challenge you to a Duel, in 2 days!" Josh said

"Sure, you best practice within those two days" I replied even though I had no idea what he was talking about, all I knew was he was picking a fight. "Now, Hanako let's get going," I said with a smile

"Hanako stay with me, don't go with filth like him, I have lots and lots of money to support you, someone as beautiful as you shouldn't associate with filth like him!" Josh said as he grabbed Hanako's arm

"Umm...but Ken is a dear friend of mine" Hanako replied nervously

"no, his filth, you shouldn't hang out with someone like him" Josh added on

"Please let go of my arm," Hanako asked with a shaky voice

"If you'll come with me" Josh replied

"She said to let go," I said before forcefully removing Josh's hand from Hanako

"you sure talk big for someone that struggled to stay conscious under my manna pressure" I smirked as I glared at Joss. My glare sent chills down the backs of Josh and friends.

"You simply caught me off guard...I'll show you the differences in our power during the duel" Josh replied greeting his teeth

I simply scoffed at what he said before walking off with Hanako. As we walked off I could hear them calling Hanako filth for associating with me. It ticked me off, but Hanako held onto my arm, I could tell she didn't want me to react, so I held it in for this so-called Duel. Hanako and I, appear in a different part of Academy square.

"Hanako are you alright?" I asked

"Yeah I'm fine, I just really hate people like that" Hanako replied

"Yeah same here" I replied with an irritated look. "umm by the way, How does this Duel work exactly?" I asked Hanako

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