Chapter 7:

Forgrs Enchantment

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Forgers Enchantment

Academy Square

"So what exactly is a Duel?" I asked a little confused

"Wait, so you accepted the challenge without knowing what it is?" Hanako replied

"Well he was getting on my nerves so I just said yes for him to shut up, plus it seemed like he was challenging me to a fight, so I couldn't back out" I chuckled

"Well, to be more exact, a Magicka Duel. Is a way to settle arguments and tension between students. It can even be used to rank up or gain more status and points. A Duel can be initiated by anyone from the academy. It's a battle between 2-4 parties but the participants in one party do not have to be equal to the participants in the other party, as long as both parties agree then it's fine. For a Magicka Duel to be official there must be at least one referee and three judges to witness the duel. There is more to it but that's just the basics and all you should worry about for now" Hanako explained

"Hmm, that does sound interesting, oh well, I'll worry about it when the day comes" I replied

"You're being a little too careless," Hanako said with concern

"Don't worry about me and shouldn't we be getting to our class before we are late?" I replied as I started to walk off

My first class is with Hanako, which again is only a sign that we were made for each other. We made our way to our class, and as expected we were the last ones to arrive.

The classroom was huge and very open with a pitched floor so that all the student desks are placed higher than the front. Each desk was approximately 1.5meters apart, with no chair. The desks themselves all had a faint split running down from the middle of it vertically, indicating that it probably opened up to reveal a forger desk. The desks was all clean and waxed, they were shiny enough that you could vaguely see your own reflection.

In front, was a single desk, which i'm assuming is for our professor, behind said desk, was a giant blank board. Spread around on the ceiling of the classroom, many crystals were engraved into its walls.

Everyone else was already there in class, standing up, and conversing with each other. Hanako and I found an empty desk and stood next to each other.

"Wohhh, it's just like the lecture rooms I use to read about," I said amazed as I looked around

"Yeh, most classes are set up like this" Hanako replied

From the entrance of the classroom, an owl with maple orange feathers flew in and landed in front of the front desk. Everyone's attention quickly turned to the owl. The owl exploded into orange smoke, and from that very smoke, a dwarf woman walked out of it.

"Welcome students! I am Drardina Enra, the Forge Enchanter teacher for this year, but you just refer to me Enra" Enra introduced herself

Drardina stood at approximately 162 centre meters. She had short maple orange hair, with warm blue eyes, that showed her warm and overly joyful personality. Her skin a light tan, making her maple orange her, that much more orange. She wore a long mage robe that covered her whole body from shoulder down, with a long cloak. The cloak itself had the design of maple leaves scattered all over it.

Enra reached into her cloak and pulled out a wand. She pointed her wand at the big whiteboard behind her and started to write in the air. Whatever she wrote in the air appeared on the board. On the board, Enra wrote 'Forge Enchantment'

"Now before we start class, I'd like for all of you to scan the barcode displayed on the board for attendence," Enra said as a large barcode appeared on the screen

Everyone pulled out their student portal and proceeded to do as Enra instructed and scanned the barcode. Once we scanned it, our phone lit up green and a tick appeared.

"Cool," I said looking at my screen, then looking at Hanako's

"Alright! Now we can finally start our class" Enra said with a gleeful smile "Since this is our very first class of the year, we won't be doing anything too complicated. Now can anyone tell me what Forge Enchantment is?"

One of the students raised her hand, and as soon as the teacher gave her eye contact, she started to answer the question "Forge Enchantment is one of the three major enchantments. Forge Enchantment lets one give permanent stat boost and unique attributes to an item, which can help a mage or a none mage in battle or a day to day situation"

"Good! And how does one use Forge Enchantment?" Enra asked us

Another student raised their hands, and once Enra looked at them, they proceeded to answer the question "Unlike World Enchantment and Body Enchantment, Forge Enchantment can't be used during battle. One can only use Forge Enchantment, via a Forger's Enchantment Table and the practitioner must know the magical improvement formula they want to use"

"Excellent! Now since today is our first class, I want to see where you all are at, when it comes to your Forge Enchantment skill. So if you all reach under your desk, you should feel a button, which I want you to click"

Everyone did as Enra instructed, and everyone's table split open revealing a Forgers Enchantment Table. The table had a large magic circle neatly carved into it. Placed in the middle of the magic circle was a pair of white gloves, and from the looks of it, there wasn't anything special to them, they were just normal gloves. On the sides of the Enchantment table, multiple small shelves raised out of it, the shelves were filled with small crystals and other items that can be used as a synthesiser.

"For Today's class, I want you all to enchant the white glove, with any enchantment in your arsenal. You won't be graded on this, so don't stress yourself out too much, but please do try '' Said Enra. "This is an individual task, so everyone will be working on their own and no research is to be done. You have 2 hours, with that you may begin"

With that, everyone immediately got started. I looked at all the crystals and items stocked on the small shelves, these were some pretty rare and unique items, items I've only read about in books. There were dragon scales, magic crystals, different types of minerals and plants. Now the way Forge Enchantment actually works is complicated but once you get the hang of it, it'll slowly start to get easier, as long as you continue to study it.

To forge a magical improvement to an item, one must know the formula of said improvements, each improvement has a different formula. Now a formula is sort of like a math equation, except instead of using numbers, you use rune letters or the specific letters of the language needed for said improvements. So if you were making dragon based improvements on your item, you would need to write the formula in dragon tongue and cast the forging spell in dragon tongue.

When casting the forging spell, you are basically answering the formula equation, just like how you would answer a math question. Now it gets a little more complicated when you're using synthesising items, because some formulas require certain items to be synthesised along with the main item, and when using a synthesising item, you have to also add it into the formula, which makes finding the answer even harder.

I looked over to my side at Hanako and it looked like she had already started. I don't know what enchantment she was going to use, but I believed it would be something amazing. I looked around at everyone else working hard.

"Right, I better get started!" I said to myself

Alright, I'll be enchanting these gloves with Mana Absorption. It's something I've studied ever since I was fifteen, but I've never had the right resources to synthesise but looking at the items on these small shelves, I'm sure I can pull it off.

I grabbed two magic crystals and placed them horizontally on separate ends of the magic circle carved into the table. I then grabbed two smooth oval-shaped small stones and placed them vertically on separate ends of the magic circle. Using my right index finger, which was now glowing white at the tip. I carved the Dwarven runic sign for 'Drain' on the top stone and on the bottom stone I carved 'Restore'.

"Now for the formula" I mumbled to myself

I hovered my right hand over the pair of gloves, before releasing some of my mana into the magic circle. Once I performed this, the magic circle started to glow purple and slightly above my hand, a mana circle appeared. This mana circle is where you write down the formula for the magical improvement. I removed my hand and once again, my index finger glowed white. I started to write the formula on the mana circle, which was a bit difficult seeing as I had to write the formula in both Delketh, which is the language of dwarves, and the other being Argatha, which is the common tongue


It took some time, but I finally finished writing the formula and now I just had to bind it to the gloves. I placed both my hands over the formula that I just got done writing. As I chant the forging spell, the formula starts to descend into the pair of gloves, making it levitate off of the forging table by a couple of inches. The two magic crystal started to glow blue before they evaporated into dust-like particles and flew into the gloves. The two stones with the dwarven runes also started to glow blue before evaporating into the gloves. By now I was done with the incantation, I placed both of my hands together as if I was praying, doing this sealed the magic improvement into the glove.

"Done!" I said with a smile of satisfaction

I looked around and everyone else was just about finishing up. Some times passed and everyone was finally done with their forging.

"Well done everyone!" Enra said in a gleeful tone as she clapped "Okay one at a time I will call you up, and you will come down and explain as well as display the capabilities of your glove"

One at a time Professor Enra, called out student names to come to display their creation. Some students gave their glove certain elemental resistance, some gave theirs gloves different type of defence mechanism, there were even gloves that fired off fireworks other entertainment properties.

"Hanako Sakura" Called out Enra

"Y-yes.." Hanako answered

Hanako stood up and walked downstairs to the front and stood in front of a floating microphone.

"H-hello everyone," Hanako said looking at the ground, as she couldn't look at the crowd. " glove has h-h-healing properties…im able to heal a-anything in...a fifteen-meter r-r-radius" Hanako fidgeted with the gloves before putting it on

Enra reached into her cloak and pulled out an orb, the orb floated in front of Hanako. "Go ahead and display the capabilities of your glove onto this orb"

With a slight nod of her head, Hanako pointed both her hands at the orb. Her gloves lit up bright orange, and the orb started to glow brightly. Enra put on glasses and looked at the orb, as she looked at it, her mouth slightly dropped in amazement

"Amazing, this healing property is outstanding, if I was grading this would definitely get a high mark," Enra said with an impressed smile "Good job miss Sakura, you can now return to your seat. Enra grabbed the orb and returned it to her cloak

"Th-thank you very much," Hanako said with a smile, as she gave a slight head bowl, before returning to her desk

"That was amazing," I said with a smile looking at Hanako

"Next, Ken Granfold!" Enra called out

I grabbed my gloves and walked down to the front. "The magic improvements I've forged to my gloves is a mana drain enchantment. Once wearing these gloves I can drain a good amount of mana from anyone I make physical contact with, then use it to restore my own mana or someone else's" I explained as I wore the gloves

"Oh, very interesting" Enra once again reached into her cloak and pulled out a fairly large crystal. "This is a great magic crystal, it's filled with a large amount of mana, let's test exactly how much mana it can drain"

With a smirk, I reached for the great mana crystal and grabbed it. As soon as I grabbed it, my gloves immediately started to drain all the mana out of it, until the crystal turned translucent. As I did this Enra and the other students were completely dumbfounded. As a great mana crystal has a high amount of mana stored within it, enough mana to power magic equipment for days on without it being drained. I then returned the mana my glove had stolen, and the crystal once again turned blue.

"That was amazing, no that was spectacular! This is defiantly an expert tier enchantment" Enra said with stars in her eyes "Well done young man, this is outstanding crafting" Said Enra, as she continued to praise me

"Thank you, professor! It's my best formula yet" I replied with a smile

"Well, it's an amazing formula! You keep it up. Now return to your seat please"

Soon the class ended, everyone had displayed what their enchantments were, and there were some really amazing ones. After the class had ended, Hanako and I roamed around the Academy Square. Hanako was in a good mood since she had been praised by the processor. After a while, we headed back towards the dorm as it was getting dark.

"Say, Ken how are you so good at, Forge Enchantment," Hanako asked me, as she walked beside me

"Well as a kid, my grandma drilled it into my skull. I was raised on a pretty dangerous island, so she taught me a lot of defence formulas, and before I knew it she was teaching me all sorts of formulas" I explained with a warry smile, as I remembered all the intense training and strick theory studies my grandma made me do

"She sounds like a very carrying women," Hanako said with a smile

"She is, but sometimes she could be a little too carrying. Your enchantment was also amazing, you must have had a great teacher"

With a nod, Hanako continued to speak "Yea, I was trained by my idol and thank you"

"Your idol?"

With an overjoyed look, Hanako continued to speak "Yeah, she is the greatest person I know, she so amazing! She is strong, beautiful and super brave" As Hanako went on and on about this idol of hers, I couldn't help but be surprised. I've never seen Hanako talk this much with so much confidence, by the look in her eyes I could tell she really loves this person

Hanako soon realised that she was talking a lot, and immediately got embarrassed "oh, i-im sorry…" Hanako said in a cracked voice of shyness

With a chuckle I said "No no, no need to apologize, I've never seen you so energetic, it's cute" As I said this, Hanako got only more embarrassed "This idol of yours sure does sound like a great person" I said with a smile

"Y-y-yeh...I wish to be like...h-her someday"

I held out my right hand towards Hanako "Of course you will be as great as her. No, I have complete faith you will be greater than her, and this bracelet is proof of that" I said looking directly at Hanako

Hanako looked up at me, and with a grateful smile she shook my hand with her left hand "Y-yes of course!"

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