Chapter 13:

Youko Miyake is happy.


As Okumori looked away from me, I couldn't feel anything but regret and slight melancholy. Bookmark here

I was going to buy it for you, you blockhead! Stop trying to act like a hero! I'm trying to make you happy! Bookmark here

I sighed, then hugging the teddy bear more tightly. Bookmark here

... What am I going to do if he doesn't even smile once today? That was my plan for today, anyways. Trying to make Okumori smile. He never seems happy in the slightest, and is always having this gloomy mood that surrounds him every time I approach him. Bookmark here

Just for once, I'd like to see that atmosphere of his turn into a delighted one. Even if it was for a few seconds. Bookmark here

I shoved the teddy bear towards him, who stumbled back in shock as he now held the bear under its armpits. Bookmark here

 "You hold it now!" I pointed at him. Bookmark here

 He nodded, not seeming to take any chances to argue. Bookmark here

 "Jeez..." I mumbled. Bookmark here

There was still Kojima's option. The good luck coin keychain. Hopefully, Okumori won't do this 'valiant' stunt of his once more. Seriously, why did he have to buy the teddy bear? Does he feel bad for me? If so... Then that's generous, but still! I brought a lot of money for today, and he won't even let me spend some of it?! Bookmark here

"That was kind of selfish of you to do..." I said, leaning close to Okumori. Bookmark here

He pulled his head back with apprehensive eyes. Bookmark here

But, even as I say this, it's just mere hypocrisy. Truthfully, buying this for him was just an individualistic thing to do. An artificial act, as much as I hate to say it. It was just because I wanted to benefit from it. Bookmark here

It's selfish of me to do this compassionate act if I'm only thinking of myself. Bookmark here

Seriously, I just want to close our distance.Bookmark here

Okumori didn't say anything, and only stepped back while holding the teddy bear with his right arm wrapped around it.Bookmark here

After seeing him in such a childlike pose, I couldn't help but let out a weary sigh.Bookmark here

I cleared my throat. "I can't get mad at you if you look that adorable."Bookmark here

Okumori cheeks turned to a crimson hue, before he shook his head rapidly. He then looked at me with peeved eyes.Bookmark here

I'm such a teaser, aren't I?Bookmark here

Once I realized his timid reaction, I approached him.Bookmark here

"Relax, I'm not flirting with you! It's just a joke!" I grinned. "Don't worry, you'll find a better girl eventually!"Bookmark here

Okumori breathed out. "I'm not looking for a significant other. Especially you." He said in his usual affronted voice.Bookmark here

I leaned forwards, to which he awkwardly moved back. Bookmark here

"Huuuh? What? Am I not good enough for you?" I sarcastically spoke. "I have pretty big boobs too, you know. Are your standards high? Do you like bigger girls? Like, busty ones?" I said, holding my breasts with my hands. Bookmark here

"I—Wh—?" Okumori stuttered, with his confident look earlier now returning to a mess of redness.Bookmark here

I could read out his expressions clearly, and they were screaming the words "No! Shut up! You're embarrassing!"Bookmark here

His cheeks were also the most flustered I've seen in anyone, and it looked like his head was going to pop any second.Bookmark here

"I'm just kidding, jeez!" I laughed, removing my hands away from my chest and poking him on the shoulder. Bookmark here

A cute and meek sound came out of him as I poked him, and it only made me more vivacious.Bookmark here

"Hmm? Was I right? Do you like taller girls? Bigger bust? Is that your type of girl?" I messed with him even more.Bookmark here

Okumori shook his head rapidly, downright rejecting my statements.Bookmark here

"... Sh-Shut up." He innocently grumbled, then looking down at the floor. I could see his bright red ears that hid behind his silky smooth black hair.Bookmark here

I froze and looked at him in shock.Bookmark here

"Woah. That was cute." I bluntly said.Bookmark here

He didn't move, with the only sounds coming out of him being small and shy sinless grunts.Bookmark here

I couldn't hold in my excitement after seeing Okumori extremely embarrassed.Bookmark here

"You had a side like this too?! Is this even legal to look at?! You're like a small little child! It's so cute!"Bookmark here

I stepped forwards and started to inspect his face closely. "But, wow, you can get pretty flustered, huh? Did I just activate some kind of dere mode in you?"Bookmark here

He recoiled back and didn't speak, only frantically waving his arms with the teddy bear still in his grasp.Bookmark here

I then started to remember of the advice Kojima had told me.
Bookmark here

"You're so helpless... But it's so funny to watch." I exhaled. "Fine, fine! I won't tease you anymore! Let's go! I still have other places I want to go to!"Bookmark here

He didn't seem to respond, only staring at me with anxiousness as well as confusion in his eyes.Bookmark here

I then started to remember of the advice Kojima had told me once more. The keychain.Bookmark here

I pulled myself away from him and raised my hands.Bookmark here

"We should go to—!"Bookmark here

Okumori waited and looked at me in even more perplexity as he noticed my pause.Bookmark here

"To..." I said again, lowering my hands in unison. "To..."Bookmark here

It was then, that I was now embarrassed.Bookmark here

Where do I even get the good luck coin keychain? Kojima never told me! He just said to get it! What does that even mean?! Get it where, Kojima?! I don't even know where it's at!Bookmark here

"Erm... Somewhere..." I awkwardly smiled towards him.Bookmark here

Okumori didn't respond, and it only made me even more awkward.Bookmark here

"W-We should leave! On to the next store!" I tried to happily speak.Bookmark here

I walked outside the toy store with Okumori following. He didn't say anything, and only continued to zone out as we walked. Bookmark here

I glanced over at him and noticed his usual dour appearance, along with the remains of red on his cheeks from earlier. It made me giggle. Bookmark here

Well, at least he isn't completely emotionless.Bookmark here

"Hey, Ki-kun, what kind of music do you listen to, anyways?" I asked.Bookmark here

Okumori said nothing, per usual, and looked away from my gaze.Bookmark here

"... We're not at that level yet, huh?" I joked, forcing a smirk. Bookmark here

I wonder how long it'll be when Okumori will start talking to me as if I was a real person. Bookmark here

Then, as he looked to the side, I could spot his dry but rather spotless cheek, as well as his long eyelashes.Bookmark here

I disregarded his skin and directed my eyes towards his eyelashes.Bookmark here

"You have some pretty eyelashes, Ki-kun. It's kinda cool." I remarked.Bookmark here

He reddened once more, moving his head even more to the left to avoid my stare.Bookmark here

"Will you stop flirting with me? It makes me cringe." He harshly responded.Bookmark here

There was a sudden warmth that wrapped around my head as I heard his words.Bookmark here

I instantly shrieked at him. "I-It's not flirting, you damn pervert! I'm just teasing you! Is it so wrong to make playful jokes?! Plus, you're not even cringing! You're just blushing!"Bookmark here

"I'm not blushing." He said in monotony.Bookmark here

"You are! It just makes me want to tease you even more!"Bookmark here

Okumori groaned and finally faced me. He swallowed, then changing his discomfited appearance into a revolted one.Bookmark here

I stared at him in shock now.Bookmark here

I then aggressively pointed at him. "I-It's too late to do that! It's just weird! It just doesn't make sense! You can't just change your expression to a desperate attempt to look at me disgustingly!"Bookmark here

He had the face of "That's exactly what I just did."Bookmark here

I lowered my finger. "Fine! But, even so, I now know you like tall girls!" I then leaned forwards and cupped my hands around my mouth, whispering. "You probably like being dominated too, don't you?!"Bookmark here

Okumori's eyes widened, with his composed look vanishing once more. He immediately planted his palms on his face to cover his uneasy expressions while shaking his head vigorously.Bookmark here

I crossed my arms and huffed, the feeling of victory overcoming me.Bookmark here

"Anyways!" I hollered. "I'm thirsty. I want to go buy something."Bookmark here

Okumori let out a shy nod.Bookmark here

He's really embarrassed, isn't he? Bookmark here

Well, If  I am right with this claim of Okumori having an eye for bigger girls, then that steers me away from his attention.Bookmark here

Though, I didn't know whether to feel relieved or demoralized about it.Bookmark here

If I indeed was some tall, ambitious, and assertive girl, would he open up to me? Or would he continue his forlorn and isolated life? Bookmark here

Ah, I don't know anymore.Bookmark here

"Hey, speaking of girls, do you actually think there's someone perfect for you out there? You know, someone who'll comfort you, love you, blah blah..." I questioned, walking backwards as I watched Okumori.Bookmark here

He lowered his hands, now looking at me in a stumped way. He then slowly shook his head.Bookmark here

I tilted my head to the right. "Really? Do you not believe in love, Ki-kun?"Bookmark here

He shook his head once more. "Trying to find someone perfect is like deliberately stepping on landmines..." He said in a low-toned voice.Bookmark here

"That's pretty edgy to say, you know." I shrugged. Bookmark here

His uncomfortable mood seemed to disappear rather quickly, now looking at me with his usual cold eyes as he walked, seeming to take offense to my comment.Bookmark here

I grinned in response. Bookmark here

"Though, I think you're right in a way. Everyone is flawed. So, saying that a person is perfect is just a downright lie. But, mistakes are inevitable, and you'll never find a way to stop making them. That's why you should just accept them."Bookmark here

I then moved my head back up and smiled at him.Bookmark here

"The more you adore someone, the more they become your own definition of perfect. That's what I think, anyways."Bookmark here

"... Did you get that quote online?"Bookmark here

I frowned at him. "You just ruined the mood, Ki-kun."Bookmark here

But, he didn't seem to argue against my claim either, and that made me pleased.Bookmark here

He rolled his eyes and walked ahead of me. As he passed by, I could see the teddy bear we had bought earlier now mounted on his shoulders. I had to hold in my laughter after spotting it.Bookmark here

I can't take him seriously if he's treating the teddy bear like a kid.Bookmark here

After walking around in the mall for a few minutes, we'd find the food court, which was filled with people, along with the sounds of conversations entering both my ears every few seconds.Bookmark here

There was the smell of a variety of foods, with the main aroma being fried garlic that made me famished and drooling.Bookmark here

There was the white, spotless floor that we stood on, and the mass amounts of tables and chairs all colored in hazel in front of us, with people crowding around them and sitting down while eating their food joyfully.Bookmark here

"Woah..." I murmured. Bookmark here

I glanced at Okumori and saw him staring at the food with enviousness.Bookmark here

Once I saw his coveted eyes, an idea popped into my head. Bookmark here

Will this make him happy?Bookmark here

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