Chapter 17:

Ch 17 - Unexpected Reunion

St Chaos Healer

“Alright now you finally look handsome.” my mom said with a satisfied look.Bookmark here

It took about a few minutes of struggle combing my unruly hair. I even thought for a second that my mother would just pull apart my whole head from my body. My father tried to rescue me but my mother threatened he would be the next to get his hair combed. In the end, he ignored me and looked the other way.Bookmark here

I cursed my father in my heart for not helping me. This unruly hair was inherited by him after all, he should take some responsibility.Bookmark here

My mom pulled my cheeks,
“Stop sulking already. You are a man, after all, you can endure a little pain, a small price to pay for looking good.” she turned her head and glanced at dad “Right, dear?”Bookmark here

My father nodded his head like chicken pecking grains. If so why not come around and have his hair combed.Bookmark here

Just when I was glaring at dad-
“Oh, what we have here. If it isn’t Benjamin.” suddenly a familiar voice echoed behind my ears.
I suddenly had a bad feeling when I heard this voice.Bookmark here

My mom and dad looked in the direction of the voice and even they were surprised.Bookmark here

I turned my head and hoped that my guess would be wrong.
My headache got even more severe when I saw the people standing behind me.Bookmark here

Standing behind me were 5 kids, 4 boys, and a girl.
Each and every kid was all dressed quite elegantly, not better than me. They looked like a mere happy group of friends.Bookmark here

In the center of the group was a boy a bit plump standing out the most in the group. His clothes were all white standing out like a sore thumb. Anyone who isn’t blind can clearly see that he is the leader of this group.

All the 5 kids were staring at me with an innocent friendly smile.Bookmark here

“Young master, you are here as well” my mother slightly bowed her head, “Almond family sends their greetings.”Bookmark here

My father also slightly bowed his head in a similar manner to greet that fat kid.
Soon the plump fat kid looked at me exceptionally for me to greet him in the same manner.Bookmark here

My brows twitched as I looked at his smug little smile.Bookmark here

My mom patted my back,
“Now, now. Be polite and greet him already.”Bookmark here

I gritted my teeth and lowered my head,
“I’ve seen the young master.”Bookmark here

As soon I said this he had a very satisfied expression. The rest of the kids standing by his sides had their heads raised as they glanced at me with a snicker. Bookmark here

This plump fat meatball in front of me was Moses Beyol, the son of the town chief. He acts very kindly and nicely in front of every adult in the village but all the kids in the village know what a two-faced bitch he is.Bookmark here

Moses just because he is the son of the town chief, he thinks he owns the town. Every kid in the town sucks up to him and those who don’t bend under his feet are bullied by him and his lackeys.Bookmark here

And now he popped out of nowhere in front of me.Bookmark here

Moses smiled back,
“Yes. We also happen to board on the same wagon as you guys. All of us come from the same town so I hope we get along.” replied Moses with a friendly smile as he glanced at me.Bookmark here

My father stepped up,
“If the young master’s here, then surely the town chief would be here too. I should go ahead and greet him in person.”Bookmark here

My mother also nodded agreeing with him.Bookmark here

Moses pointed to a certain group of people in the same area,
“Yes, mother and father are there too.”Bookmark here

There we saw the town chief along with many other people gathered around discussing something. I spotted people around the chief were people who also live in Merrian town. I wasn’t familiar but I have spotted them in the town on various occasions.Bookmark here

They must be the parents of the four sidekick lackeys flocking around Moses.Bookmark here

I also tried to tag along with my parents to greet Moses’ parents.Bookmark here

But I was stopped by Moses,
“Hey, Ben! Let the adults do their greetings. You and I’ve met after a long time, let’s catch up.”Bookmark here

I glared angrily at Moses but he acted like he didn’t see it. The other kids around him were also giggling while looking at me as if there was something funny going here.Bookmark here

“It’s fine. You stay here.” my dad instructed, “We’ll give greetings in your stead but behave while we are gone.”Bookmark here

“Please get along with our little Benji. He is a bit shy and doesn’t know how to get along with kids his age.” my mom said to Moses.Bookmark here

My face twisted with anger and embarrassment.
The hell are you talking about?!Bookmark here

I am not shy! I just find kids to be annoying, especially kids like Moses. I tend to avoid kids so that I won’t lose my temper and beat them up to a bloody pulp. I am not scared or anything but doing so will also bring problems to my parents. Hence, I just tried to avoid kids as much as I could. Bookmark here

Thankfully, kids themselves avoided me in the village because of how creepy our house used to look. There were also rumors spread among the children that the creepy masks and dolls were cursed. So I carried around some creepy masks and dolls just to ward off those snot-nosed brats whenever they tried to talk with me. Moses was one of those kids that I had threatened when he was a mere child, he is still a child. He was so scared out of his mind back then that he never bothered me ever again.Bookmark here

Now we met again and he definitely has a grudge against me.Bookmark here

Moses came beside me and put his hand on my shoulder,
“Don’t worry, Aunty. We are more than happy to be his friend” he looked at me, “We’ll get along pretty well, right Ben?”Bookmark here

I glared back at Moses coldly and didn’t bother to say anything.Bookmark here

My mom was happy and smiling,
“Thanks, he finally will have more friends.”Bookmark here

Hearing her, the kids were giggling more and more.Bookmark here

Mother, could you stop embarrassing me as if I was some lonely poor child desperate for friends. I am this way because I chose to be. Back one time when I thought I had friends, I was stabbed in the back.Bookmark here

I don’t wanna repeat the same thing overall again.Bookmark here

Of course, I was just arguing within my head. I don’t wanna argue with mom in front of this group of children and give them more reason to laugh. I stayed quiet until my parents left to meet with the town chief and the others from our village.Bookmark here

Just when my parents left Moses finally removed his hands from my shoulder,
“Ew, I just touched something gross. Give me a second to just clean it up.”Bookmark here

Moses took out a handkerchief and wiped his hand as if a bird pooped in his hand or something.Bookmark here

The other sidekicks around him were laughing as if he cracked a hilarious joke. They were touching my nerve.Bookmark here

I hate Moses but the most I hate were these lackeys sucking up to him. Just because Moses has a little high background, they gave up their own pride and sense of self-respect to do his bidding. Even if Moses takes a fart, these guys will treat it as divine blessings.Bookmark here

I don’t know any of the kids or their names. But I already etched their faces in my memory so that I could get a chance to beat them up in the near future.Bookmark here

Moses after cleaning his hand, threw his handkerchief on the floor.Bookmark here

“I have to get a new handkerchief now,” replied Moses.Bookmark here

Just when I said, “You know if the train guards spot that you litter the platform then-”Bookmark here

Before I knew it Moses quickly ducked and picked his handkerchief and looked around and put back his handkerchief in his pocket.Bookmark here

I was a little taken back by his reaction and even his four lackeys were surprised with his behavior. After taking a sigh of relief, Moses came back to his senses,
“Hah? What’s with the look, it’s better not to anger the train guards. Each and every one of them is a genuine mage.”Bookmark here

He then turned and looked at me,
“And Benjamin, I am willing to allow to join my group-”Bookmark here

I showed my palm,
“I am good. No thanks.”Bookmark here

Is he still trying to recruit me with his little kid gang?Bookmark here

Moses was a little agitated,
“Think Ben, there will be more kids from other towns and cities. What can you do alone? Isn’t better to join me then-”Bookmark here

I looked him straight in the eye,
“Moses, I did rather jump under the train than join your little gang. I can whoop each of your asses even if you come all together. I need no protection, it’s actually you who are feeling insecure.” a mocking smile appeared on my face, “Isn’t that why you want me to join your little group?”Bookmark here

Moses had a little blush on his face. He looked around and saw a lot of people were glancing at our little conversation. I deliberately talked a little too loud.Bookmark here

Many children around us were looking at us and mumbling in secret. Some were even chuckling while looking at this scene.Bookmark here

Even Moses lackey was a bit surprised when I told them the reason why Moses wanted to let him join his group. They were hoping Moses would deny this.Bookmark here

After few seconds of silence, he gritted his teeth,
“Fine! If you don’t want to join us then suit yourself. I just took a pity that you were a fellow resident of our town and hence why I asked you to join, but you~ You have to act so arrogantly then so be it. Later when you get cornered don’t come running-”Bookmark here

I waved my hands and yawned lazily,
“Yeah, yeah I get it. Go away, stop occupying all the space.”Bookmark here

Moses was furious and glared at me angrily,
“Let’s go” he commanded his lackeys.Bookmark here

The four other sidekicks were also furious and glaring at me. But they obeyed Moses and followed behind like obedient little dogs.Bookmark here

I sat back on my luggage and let out a sigh of relief. Climbing hills with a heavy log tied on my back was much easier compared to dealing with people like Moses without relying on violence. I wanted to punch him so badly but I pushed back my urge somehow.Bookmark here

Back in the demon realm when I was just a mere soldier, I wouldn’t hold back punching other higher officers if they pissed me off. Noblemen or god himself, I didn’t hold back my punches picking up a fight. I had nothing to lose when I was just a mere soldier. But the military needed me because of my abilities so they would turn a blind eye or give me a little slap on the wrist.Bookmark here

I have grown since and I can’t behave the same way as I did back then. Now I have a family that I have to care about. So I have been behaving myself so that I won’t create trouble for my parents. It’s the least I could do for thanking them for taking care of me for so long.Bookmark here

Just when I was idling around sitting on the luggage, I heard a loud honk that attracted my attention. When I looked around it wasn’t just me, but everyone else also heard that noise.Bookmark here

It’s just when I saw on a distant horizon there was big black smoke rising up to the clouds. I squinted my eyes to get a proper view and noticed something approaching at a high speed following on the very tracks we were waiting for.Bookmark here

The crowd suddenly got active and everyone started picking up their luggage.
Even my parents returned back in a hurry and quickly picked our luggage each.Bookmark here

The Ceremony train is finally here.Bookmark here

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