Chapter 2:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

And then Maddie and I were left alone in the Congress room. Lily had gone to the kitchen, pulling Ruro away from me, ostensibly to give us some time for one another. Well, I’m thankful for their kind consideration…Bookmark here

“Haa…” I could hear Maddie sigh, “This is really tiring me out…”Bookmark here

I drew near to massage her head, “You did great back there, Maddie. There are some things you should be firm even if it looks bad to someone else.”Bookmark here

“I know. It’s just that, it’s pretty tiresome dealing with those people.” she admitted, “I wanted the best for the humans; however, it seems like they wanted to do what only serve themselves.”Bookmark here

“So, you’re aware of the attitude of the King of Calabria?”Bookmark here

Maddie just nodded. Of course, she’s reading their thoughts while talking with them, how can I forget?Bookmark here

“You should exclude him from your future discussions regarding the events in Amaranth, or the Empire will have a potential mole to peek in your plans.”Bookmark here

“Indeed. I couldn’t trust such a man.”Bookmark here

“Oh, well…”Bookmark here

“Kuro…”,Bookmark here

“Hmm?”Bookmark here

“Enough of that talk about the kings…” Maddie then took hold of my hand and brought it near her face, “Come with me.”Bookmark here

“Where?”Bookmark here

“Somewhere, outside,” she replied. The vagueness of her request gave me an idea that Maddie might’ve been affected once again by the matters of the Congress earlier. Maybe she wanted to go out just to vent some frustrations over the reluctance and stubbornness of these human rulers to abide by her goals for humankind.Bookmark here

Well, if it will do good for her, I’d always support her.Bookmark here

“So, could you lead the way, then?” I asked, patting her head.Bookmark here

Maddie smiled and uttered the teleportation spell. I quickly closed my eyes to avoid vertigo, and the next thing that I know, we’re outside the town of Arles.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

Arles remained the same as ever, even if a threat of conflict loomed at the horizon. Children could still be seen playing in and around the walls of the town proper. Merchant caravans from various parts of Chersea would still pass by, and the markets, taverns, inns, as well as restaurants, remained open.Bookmark here

It’s as if the citizens of Arles are unaware of the events at Amaranth, and the results of the Holy Congress.Bookmark here

“Of course, they aren’t.” Maddie told me, “Unlike, in your world, messages go around here slower than your standard. We have got none of that ‘electricity’ thing you call in your world just yet, after all.”Bookmark here

Well, it’s true. Maybe I’m still used to the conveniences of my modern life back in my old world, that’s why I expected something similar here.Bookmark here

“I’d like to check on that hourglass I ordered to be made.” Maddie smiled and stated the purpose of our visit. I was about to ask her about it, but she pre-empted me.Bookmark here

“Oh? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?” I was bewildered by the suddenness of her decision, “So that I could’ve arranged an escort for you!”Bookmark here

Haha! Calm down Kuro, we’ll be fine!”Bookmark here

“What makes you say that?”Bookmark here

“Because you’re with me, so I know I’m in good hands.” she locked her fingers with mine as she said that.Bookmark here

I tried not to let it get into my head, “You sure put a lot of confidence in me.”Bookmark here

“Why not? You saved me a lot of times.”Bookmark here

I fell silent when I heard her say that. Well, if Maddie thinks of me that way, she’s mistaken. I mean, I only succeeded because, you know, it worked out in the end? If I’m that great of a person as she says I am, then why was Luisa dead?Bookmark here

“You’re thinking about that sword again? I’m getting jealous,” she asked me, pouting jokingly. Well, I guess Maddie’s just trying to cheer me up, but…I don’t know. Even though my memories could still recall the Marquise’s face, for Maddie and the others, they could only remember ‘Luisa’ as a sword that was dear to me.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

I could not help the mixed feelings of guilt and sadness. Ever since the Marquise’s death, her sword—though broken—was always with me. I rarely parted with it, nor do I intend to have it fixed.Bookmark here

It will serve as a reminder of my stupidity…if I haven’t gotten ahead of myself back then, Luisa would still be alive…Bookmark here

“It’s fine Kuro, I understand you.” Maddie comforted me, patting my head, “There seems to be something that was clouding our minds about that sword you call ‘Luisa’. No matter how I look deeper into your memories, the only image that comes out was the sword, even if you try to explain to us that ‘Luisa’ is a ‘girl’ who originally owned that weapon.”Bookmark here

“Could it be that your memories were altered?”Bookmark here

“It’s possible.” Maddie answered, wondering, “It’s Seirna we’re talking about. It’s not that she’s overwhelmingly powerful, but her closeness to our former god, Gaius, made her ahead of us. She’s the Overseer Saint, after all.”Bookmark here

Well, indeed. If Maddie put it that way, the title Overseer wasn’t just for a show. Seirna possessed it because Gaius gave it to her personally, so she could watch over her fellow saints’ actions.Bookmark here

But why? Maddie’s advocacy is a beneficial thing for humans. Why would that saint attempt to destroy it?Bookmark here

“Honestly, Kuro, I couldn’t think of any other reason. I’m also at a loss about her thoughts.” Maddie admitted, “Though I wanted to come before the High King of the Gods for help, heaven’s policy is to keep their hands off over the worlds governed by individual gods—unless it’s an absolute necessity.”Bookmark here

“But why did I live and Luisa’s dead?”Bookmark here

“Well, you’re someone from another world. Technically, you’re under the jurisdiction of another god.” she explained, “And this Luisa, though she may be dear to you—and to us as well, it might have been the end of her life’s span here in Chersea, so we couldn’t do so much. Remember, we’re only saints, and not gods ourselves.”Bookmark here

Of course. Though they may have the powers of the gods, Maddie and her peers would remain as they were: Saints. Mortal beings with certain limitations. People who had flaws ingrained in their system. I guess I had to keep reminding myself of that fact.Bookmark here

“Kuro…though I wanted to see you smile, I guess I shouldn’t rush you from your mourning.”Bookmark here

Nah, it’s okay Maddie.” I reassured her, “I’ll deal with this myself. I’d come to you when I needed help, so don’t worry about me, alright?”Bookmark here

Maddie smiled and hugged me, “Yes, I’ll wait for that time to come. You know I’ll always be your support, as you are with me.”Bookmark here

“Thank you.” Though my heart was heavy, somehow her gentle touch was comforting. I don’t know if Maddie cast a spell on me, but it was something I needed in these times.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Well, come on!” When everything settled down, Maddie pulled my hand, “Let’s get going and see that hourglass for ourselves!”Bookmark here

“Alright! Why don’t you lead the way?”Bookmark here

Eh? We should come together, Kuro!”Bookmark here

“W-Why?”Bookmark here

“Well, don’t you think we’re on a date? Our very first, official date? I even asked Lily to let me have it ahead of her.”Bookmark here

“Oh…”Bookmark here

“She’s kind of stubborn at first, but when I reminded her she took your first kiss from me, Lily relented, eventually.”Bookmark here

‘Reminded’? Or you coerced her using that?Bookmark here

Hmm…let’s say, it’s both.” Maddie chuckled, “I’m telling you, I have much to learn from peeking into your memories. And honestly, I like this ‘date’ thing. It’s so romantic.”Bookmark here

Haha! I guess you have to keep up with me, Your Holiness.” I admitted, “You know, you’re my very first girlfriend, and I’m pretty much an amateur to that.”Bookmark here

“It’s an honor, Sir.” the Saint curtsied, “I wanted to incinerate those girls who rejected and said harsh words on you before. But on second thought, I guess I should thank them for giving you to me.”Bookmark here

You sure know how to make my heart flutter, Maddie.Bookmark here

“Of course! You’re mine, after all!” she proudly declared, “In fact, I know your preferences in girls…even in that weird show you call ‘por—’”Bookmark here

Ooooiiii!!! That’s enough!” I panicked when I heard what she was about to say. I guess I really shouldn’t get comfortable with her ability to read minds, especially mine.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Maddie was blushing terribly. Yep, I guess she had a field day digging through my memories…Bookmark here

“Ahem…” I brought her back to reality, “Well my beautiful lady, shall we proceed to our date?” I kneeled and offered her my hand.Bookmark here

“I’m ready when you are, my good Sir.”Bookmark here

Err…wait!”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Don’t you think you should wear something less ‘holy’?”Bookmark here

“Oh…” I guess this would be the first time that Maddie noticed she was still in her official work clothes: the gown of the saint. Personally, I don’t think she could go around Arles wearing that, lest she wanted to call everyone’s attention.Bookmark here

Her beautiful silver hair and silvery-blue eyes are enough for the crowd to turn their heads on her already.Bookmark here

“Alright, just a moment!” Maddie then uttered a spell. Then a few seconds later, her whole gown glowed and, in a flash of bright light that temporarily blinded me, her clothing changed. She asked, “How do you like it, Kuro?”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

“Is it…good?”Bookmark here

“I…I…I…d-don’t know what to say.”Bookmark here

Indeed, I don’t. Why? Well, if I could describe Maddie’s appearance right now, she was wearing a pair of black-rimmed eyeglasses, all the while her hair was tied into braids. She also wore a checkered long-sleeved blouse and a pleated skirt that ends just above her knees. With a pair of white socks that extended halfway to her legs, Maddie looked like a fashionable, nerdy girl of my dreams.Bookmark here

W-Well, mind-reading has its merits after all.Bookmark here

And of course, she’s in disguise too, so I guess there were no further problems.Bookmark here

“Kuro…when a girl dresses up for you, at least you could say that she’s beautiful,” Maddie said that while half-pouting.Bookmark here

“S-Sorry…I was just…awestruck by the sheer loveliness of this lady before me I was left speechless.” I countered.Bookmark here

Now it was her turn to be taken aback. Maddie blushed terribly once more, as she tried to find words to say, “A-Alright…I-I guess, w-we should g-go?”Bookmark here

“Y-Yes…”Bookmark here

Good lord, we looked like idiots! But it’s not that I dislike it.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Even though Maddie had her ‘disguise’ on, the people in Arles could still recognize her. I guess she couldn’t help it; aside from her striking silver hair and silvery-blue eyes, the way she walked around already gave her identity away.Bookmark here

“Hey! That’s Her Holiness, isn’t it?”Bookmark here

“So, it’s true! She’s really a looker!”Bookmark here

“I think she is! What is she doing here?”Bookmark here

“It doesn’t matter! Come on, let’s ask for her blessing!”Bookmark here

I guess she really didn’t intend to hide from her adoring crowd. Well, it would’ve been nice for the townsfolk to see their beloved Saint strolling around, had it not for…Bookmark here

“Hey, who’s the chump beside Her Holiness?”Bookmark here

“Can’t you recognize him? He’s Kuro, the Hero of Arles, now the Fist of the North Lands.”Bookmark here

“He is? Are they lovers? Why is Her Holiness holding hands with him?”Bookmark here

Of course, I’m the ugly beast beside the beauty that was walking around town.Bookmark here

Uh…Maddie, don’t you think we should let go of our hands?” I asked her. Never mind the crowd, I could feel the sharp stares being thrown at me by the Arles militiamen. I guess, like their boss, Sir Osmond, they were also fans of Her Holiness…Bookmark here

“Why? Do you hate it?” Maddie teased. She laughed, “Don’t mind them. I wanted to tell everyone that I got the best man there is in Chersea.”Bookmark here

“You’re really cute, you know that, Maddie?”Bookmark here

“Thanks!” she stuck a tongue for me.Bookmark here

As we go along, Maddie welcomed anyone who would come near her. First, it was the children who didn’t mind the ‘protocols’ in dealing with VIPs. And then the adults walked towards her. She blessed them all, even the town militia who came to restrain the swelling crowd. Soon, the people were coming, bringing in various items for her: vegetables, grains, clothes, even live chickens…Bookmark here

…which of course, fell unto me to carry. It is a security nightmare, and I don’t even know how to do a proper security routine!Bookmark here

“You sure are popular, Maddie.”Bookmark here

Haha! Come Kuro, let’s run away!”Bookmark here

Maddie began pulling my arm. I quickly asked a nearby militiaman to take care of the things that were given to her, and that we’ll be going back for them later. Fortunately, he agreed as Her Holiness ran. Naturally, I went after her.Bookmark here

Like a playful child, Maddie led me to various points of Arles. The colorful flower market, the deliciously smelling alley of food stalls and restaurants, and the busy armor and weapon shops, where she tried wearing a few of the merchandise, much to everyone’s amusement. Honestly, I think the last thing that we needed to complete the picture was a whimsical song, and we could become a scene from a Disn*y movie.Bookmark here

I wonder if there’s a bird or a deer somewhere that can join us in singing…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Though, it’s not bad at all. In fact, I’m being relaxed by her antics, as if looking at Maddie’s beautiful smile was healing my heart.Bookmark here

Oh, and by the way, later I heard that the equipment from the armor and weapon shops she tried putting on fetched for a high price…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But then, everything must end. It was almost the time for the ‘long sleep’, and we eventually had to borrow a cart from the Arles’ town militia so that we could bring everything that was given to us, including the hourglass. The hourglass was a pretty big one, almost the same size as an adult human, and was encased in an elaborately carved and gilded wooden frame with turn handles.Bookmark here

“It’s created like that so we could easily turn it around,” Maddie explained as she drove the cart.Bookmark here

Hmm…it’s a good time that you decided to get it now.” I told her, “The populace was about to take their rest, so we could set the start of the time-reckoning once everyone was asleep.”Bookmark here

“That’s a good idea, Kuro!” Maddie tapped my shoulder.Bookmark here

“Yep! This will be January 1st, in the First Year of Chersea.” I raised my hands in triumph, “Finally, a proper time-reckoning here in Chersea!”Bookmark here

“Right! Banzaaaaiiii!!!Bookmark here

“Whoa!”Bookmark here

“W-What?”Bookmark here

“Well, I was just surprised you shouted that.”Bookmark here

Haha! I tried imitating that movie you watched long ago…”Bookmark here

We couldn’t help but laugh when we talked about my memories. And then, Maddie put up another question for me…Bookmark here

“So, did you enjoy our after-dinner date?”Bookmark here

“Absolutely. I hope it would always be like this.”Bookmark here

Maddie then put her head on my shoulder as we drove quietly for a while. The silence of our surroundings nearly made me asleep. However, my fiancé then broke the ice.Bookmark here

“Kuro?”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“I’m really glad that you liked this peaceful world.”Bookmark here

“Of course. Not only because of your efforts to maintain it but also, I came from a place where ‘peace’ was based on mutual fear.”Bookmark here

“Yes…I saw it from your memories as well.”Bookmark here

Heh…so you have already seen what the humans might achieve, and could do to destroy each other.”Bookmark here

“Yes, and it was a scary thing.”Bookmark here

“Well, it’s not like we got any other choice. My world had to live with the reality that our lives could be decided on a push of a button.” I explained to her, “That’s why, you know, Maddie…I won’t let that happen to this world you love.”Bookmark here

Maddie suddenly sat up straight and looked at me with anxious eyes, “What do you mean by that Kuro?”Bookmark here

“You could peek into my heart, you know.” I answered, “I would protect your world from those people who seek to destroy it. If we wanted peace, then we must prepare to fight, even if we have to wage another war to achieve it.”Bookmark here

“Kuro, that isn’t what I intended…”Bookmark here

“Maddie, please trust me in this.” I told her with a straight stare, “I’ll make sure that your peace would reign, even if it cost me my life.”Bookmark here

“Please don’t do it! Please don’t change yourself only for this matter!”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, Maddie, but I have made my decision. War is about to erupt, and we have to be decisive for the coming conflict, or there will be lots of unnecessary sacrifices.” The memories of the Marquise of Monfort, Luisa, flashed back once again in my mind.Bookmark here

“I’d rather have you in your reluctant, easy-going self, than with what you are right now!” Maddie cried out, “Kuro, you don’t have to do this for me.”Bookmark here

“You won’t understand Maddie. I’m human, and like every human being, I would adapt to the situation based on the circumstances.” I tried to explain, “And I’m telling you, it’s time for me to take the decisive step to make your goals a reality…even if I had to kill for it.”Bookmark here

Tears fell from Maddie’s eyes, “Kuro…so you really changed. It’s like you’re someone else already!”Bookmark here

I’m sorry, Your Holiness, but for me to protect your dreams, I must change myself…Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

…even if I have to be a demon.Bookmark here

The journey back to the Holy Palatial Gardens was awkwardly silent, as Maddie said nothing else to me after that. At that moment, we both didn’t know, but because of the shaking of the cart, the hourglass accidentally turned. And with that ‘little argument’ of ours, the first ‘day’ of Chersea began…Bookmark here

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