Chapter 9:


Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Companion

Academy Square

It has been a few weeks now since Josh had joined us for dinner, Hanako and I haven't had any problems with him ever since, which is a good relief.

I'm currently sitting at my desk in my room, reading countless books on Forge Enchantment, and writing down new formulas. I woke up super early to start this, I'm working on creating a brand new spell, a spell that no one has ever created before. Although I'm not really making any headway.

As I continued to study, three knocks suddenly came from outside my door followed by "Ken may I come in?" Hanako called out. At least Hanako knows what privacy is. "Yes you may" I replied

"Ummm, can you please open the door for me, my hands are kinda full"

"Sure, I'm coming right now"

I stood up out of my seat and walked over to open the door for Hanako. Once I did, Hanako greeted me with a warm smile and in her hand, she held a tray, with a plate of food and water. Hanako was all dressed, ready to start her day. I grabbed the tray of food off of her hand as she walked into my room.

"Good Morning Ken," Hanako said as she sat on my bed

"Good Morning Hanako" I returned the greeting before placing the tray of food on my desk. "And thanks for the food"

"No no, you should thank Silva, he's the one who made this meal. He said you have been working since early in the morning and knew you would be hungry"

"Sure, I'll thank him when I see him. Anyways, don't you have class?"

"I just came back from my two hours lecture class, which is the only class I have today. How about you, don't you have any classes to attend?"

"No, today I have absolutely zero classes, so I've just been in my room reading books! Which is now getting boring" I sighed, before I started eating

"Well, today I was planning on joining a club, maybe you would….like to j-join one with…M-Me?" Hanako made the offer, as she fidgeted with her bracelet

Recently, Hanako has been able to talk to me without getting shy, she can even keep eye contact with me for a whole twenty seconds before looking away. I can tell she is definitely getting more comfortable, which makes me happy. But She still does get shy and embarrassed from time to time, especially when she asks me to do something with her, or asks me for favours and other little stuff like that.

With a smile and a mouth full of drake meat, I replied "Yeh that sounds like a great idea" After swallowing the food, I continued to say "I've always wanted to join a club! What kinda club did you have in mind?"

"I haven't really thought of one yet"

"Well let me finish eating, and we can walking around Academy Square until we find one"

Once I was done eating, we headed to Academy Square, after I thanked Silva for the food of course. We arrived at Academy Square and as usual, it was bustling with students, it was like the busy mall's, sister Lily used to always talk about.

"Even though I've been here like a hundred times already, this place is still amazing," I said, as I looked around, completely amazed that I was here. "Alright enough of that, we should join a club, that specialises in something we are not good at"

"Hmmm, well I'm not really good at Summoning Magic," Said Hanako

"Great! Neither am I, I've rarely tried summoning magic, if I remember correctly as a kid, all my summoning Magic would end up in disaster. So it's settled, let's look for a summoning club!"

We looked around for a bit and soon we found a Summoning Club called 'Companions'. It was a small Club and didn't look like it had many members or any to be honest, but we decided it would be good to join a quiet club. Hanako and I walked up to the Companions door, but before I could open it, we heard shouting inside.

"I'm sorry Finn, but I can no longer be in this club!" A female voice shouted

"But why" A male voice replied

"B-Because, I can't stay in a club that no longer has any members!" The female voice replied before running out the door past us

Hanako and I were confused but we walked in anyway. Once we got in, we saw a man sitting on a chair, with his head down looking gloomy and bummed out.

"Umm...sir?" Hanako said slowly walking up to the man

"Hey I'm Finn, sorry but the Companions are no longer a club" Finn replied in a gloomy tone

"Really? Cause we were thinking of joining" I replied with a smile

"R-really?" Finn said in a surprised tone as he looked up "You want to join?"

"Yeah, we both need to improve on our Summoning Spells" I replied

"Oh no, your that first year that started an outrage at the welcoming Assembly," Finn said even more gloomy than he was before

"Hey! What's with that tone!? were here to learn from you" I said a little ticked off

"Yeah and we will help you bring back your members" Hanako added on

"Hmmm alright, I guess it can't get any worse than it already is. My name is Finn Crust, I'm a second year and owner of this club called companions" Finn introduced himself

Finn was a male human with long black hair, tied up in a messy man bun. He had an olive skin complexity with hazel brown eyes, which right now was filled with gloom. He stood around 6feet tall and had a slender build.

"I'm Hanako Sakura," Hanako said with a slight head bowl

"My name is Ken Granfold" As I introduced myself Finn let out a sigh of gloom

"Okay, show me what you can summon?" Finn asked before standing up, out of his chair

"well that's the thing, I've never really summoned anything in my life" I replied

"Oh that's great" Finn replied sarcastically

"I can summon, summoning comes out...Ummm tiny due to my lack of Mana" Hanako nervously said

"Well I've got a solution for that, give me a second" Finn said as he walked off

I wonder what Hanako is going to summon? probably something like a Dragon Turtle, since that's a pretty common but powerful beast in her home country Shinrinyoku. Finn came back with two blue crystals, which if I had to guess are Mana Crystals, which temporarily boost one's mana to a certain extent. Maybe if I use one or two of those I'll be able to summon Volterra.

"Alright, I'm sure you already know but, these are Mana Crystals that temporarily boost your mana. you can use two of them to properly summon your companion" Finn explained before giving Hanako the Mana Crystal

"umm well, m-my companion can...Ummm..get really rough and wild, if I try to tell him what to do. I've yet to tame him p-properly with this personality" Hanako nervously warned us

"This personality?" I thought to myself

"Well if he gets out of control, I have a level 2 banish tag, that should send him back to where he came from," Finn said as he pulled out a small paper tag from his back pocket

"Right! and I'm here, so your safe," I said with confidence

Hanako stood in front of us facing forward, she absorbed the Mana from the crystal into herself, raising her mana really high. She then focused and created a giant green magic circle in front of her. Hanako chanted the incantation "Summoning Magic: Tempest the Alpha Dire Wolf! Hear my call a d come forth!".

The magic circle in front of her started to glow bright before a huge tornado burst out of it, the tornado destroyed the entire ceiling of the clubhouse and caused a huge gust of wind to rip the club apart.

The wind slowly disappeared and a giant wolf standing at 14 feet tall appeared as the tornado vanished. Tempest had white fur with a stripe of grey that started from the top of his nose, down to the end of his back, and covered his whole tail. Tempest also had multiple blue strips of fur on top of its head and from within his ears, Tempest had blue feathers growing out from its shoulders as well as from behind all four ankles.

Most of the students around were confused, seeing as how a tornado just erupted out of nowhere all of a sudden and seeing the vicious dire wolf, only caused more panic.

"I was wrong! This is worse!!" Finn shouted with regret, as he looked around at his torn up clubhouse

"So this is Hanako's summoning?" I said with a smile

"H-hey Tempest" Hanako nervously said trying her best not to make direct eye contact with him

"Oh, it's cry baby Hanako, what do you want!" Tempest asked Hanako with an intense look

"I want you to s-stop calling m-me cry baby H-Hanako" Hanako demanded with a shaky voice

"Are you telling me what to do? Cry baby" Tempest replied even more intense

Tempest let out a loud howl, which caused a wild tornado to burst out around him. I saw that this was getting out of hand so I quickly grabbed both Hanako and Finn, before dashing outside of the club using my 'Accelerator Boots', putting a few meters between us and Tempest. The tornado engulfed the whole clubhouse and completely destroyed it, to the point where the club was unrecognizable even though the ground was destroyed.

Most of the students started to panic and run away but some stood ready to fight. Tempest walked out from what used to be the Companions clubhouse, and walked towards the students that stood to fight him. Tempest had a vicious look but I could sense no killing intent from him, which is strange. Maybe he's just tryna scare everyone? But why?.

"You two stay here. Finn give me the banishing tag" I said

"This level 2 banishing tag, won't do anything to that beast!" Finn said nervously

"doesn't matter I'll figure something out" I replied before taking the tag off of Finn

Before I could take off to banish Tempest, giant yellow chains made from magic, shot out from the ground underneath Tempest, and quickly wrapped themselves around Tempest, slowly restricting his movements tightly. After Tempest could not move anymore, a yellow prism formed around him. "I banish you!" Claire chanted. The prism glows a bright yellow before it started to dim down, as the light was gone, Tempest had completely disappeared alongside the yellow chains and prism. Everyone slowly stopped panicking and started to cheer for Claire.

"Oh, good job Claire!" I shouted

"You!Are you the cause of all this!?" Claire asked in a frustrated tone

"umm sort of, I guess?" I replied

"n-no, actually I s-summoned the wolf but lost control of i-it," Hanako said backing me up

"you summoned that beast?" Claire asked

"Y-yes I'm sorry, he doesn't listen to me... it's my fault, I'll t-take responsibility" Hanako nervously replied

"Where is the Disciplinary squad when you need them" Claire mumbled to herself

"Claire, no one was injured at all not even a scratch, everyone is fine" Emilia reported

"Hmm yes, although that wolf was out of control, there was no killing intent coming from it, that's strange, but it's great no one was injured, but you did destroy a whole club," Claire said looking at what used to be the Companions Club

"No need to worry, it was my club," Finn said walking up to us

"Your Finn, your club is already at risk of being shut down, am I correct?" Emelia asked

"Yes it is, I was planning to shut down early anyway, so I won't be pressing any charges on them" Finn replied

"We won't let you give up that easily," I said as I put my right hand on Finn's right shoulder

"Yes. I agree we will h-help you rebuild" Hanako add on as she put her left hand on Finns left shoulder

"you better have the points...." Before Claire could finish off her sentence, she was interrupted by three beasts that came flying and running out of a big door that was behind where the Companions clubhouse once stood. The beast scattered around all over the Academy going their own way. The door they came out of was just a door, it wasn't attached to any buildings, so if I had to guess, I'd say it's connected to a pocket dimension.

"Shit, the door is opened!" Finn shouted with a worried look, without wasting time, Finn ran as fast as he could and slammed the door close before any more beast could escape.

"That's also your mess to clean up," Claire said before walking off with Emilia

"Don't worry Finn, Hanako and I will get every single one of them back, it'll be our first step in rebuilding your clubhouse!" I said with a determined look

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