Chapter 8:


Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Overpowered

2 days later.

Arcane Arena

Today is the day of the Magicka Duel that I agreed to have with Josh. Yesterday Josh came to me with terms, which were if I lose I'll leave the Academy and never come back, I agreed, but in return, if he loses, he will go down on his knees and apologize to Hanako for calling her filth.

Right now I'm in the waiting room with Hanako, Mira, and Drew, while the rest of the RisingSun members are sitting in their seats with the crowd. There were about 400 students that came to watch, and most of them were rooting for Josh to win.

"Ken, y-you don't have to do this" Hanako said feeling like this is her fault

"It's a little too late for that I'm already here" I replied

"Ken go in strong and come out strong like a real man!" Drew said with a manly look and pose

"You better not lose Ken! You're part of the RisingSun room now" Mira added on

"I'd be damned if I lost to him," I replied

"Alright, ladies and gentleman, today is a match between two students that passed the entrance exam, and are here to settle their differences. The challenger is Josh Retin! Who is an exceptional mage that graduated from a wealthy private school of magic, and comes from a noble family, he is here today to display his strength!" The Announcer shouted introducing Josh

Josh walked out of his waiting room, which was the opposite to mine and as he walked out into the arena everyone cheered his name out loud, and started yelling comments like "Kick his ass!", " Make him eat his own word", "destroy that cocky bastard!"

"Now for the one accepting the challenge is Ken Granfold! Ken was homeschooled his whole life, but if he was able to pass the entrance exam, then he is no joke. He is certainly someone not to be taken lightly as he has displayed a huge mana level during the entrance assembly. Now let's see who's magic is stronger between these two mages!" The Announcer shouted introducing me

When I walked out of my waiting room it was the opposite, everyone just booed me and shouted mean comments as usual, except for the RisingSun members, who cheered my name at the top of their lungs, and honestly, I think they were louder.

The fighting stage itself was huge; it was about 200m to 200m in length and width making it much bigger than the one behind our dorm. The ground was made out of white tiles and the walls of the arena were that of marble stones. There was no ceiling, it was like those great coliseums I've seen in books. It was shaped like an amphitheatre, with thousands of seats. The crowd was protected by a strong barrier that wasn't visible to the naked eye.

"Now both contestants have agreed on an agreement between each other which is if Ken Granfold loses he will drop out of the academy straight away, but if Josh Retin loses, he will go down on his knees and apologize to Hanako!!" The referee announced

"I don't know how you made it through the exam but today is your end filth" Josh snickered

"Oh is that so? Well show me your magic" I smirked

"Everyone watch, I'll finish this in one go!" Josh shouted. As Josh made this announcement everyone cheered for him

"You may begin!" The Referee shouted. The Ref stood outside of the arena.

Josh charged his body up with high amounts of lightning, then created a yellow magic circle in front of him, I stood directly in front of him completely unphased. Suddenly I realised my shoelace is untied so I called out for Josh to "wait" before going down on my right knee to tie my shoelace.

But I don't think he heard me, since he chanted a full incantation before releasing the spell, which was a huge beam of lightning that destroyed the land underneath its track. Just as I looked up towards Josh, his lightning spell struck me and engulfed my whole body. Everyone started cheering, as they thought it was over for me.

But they were wrong, this beam of lightning was nothing, if I had to guess, I'd say there are about five million volts of lighting being conducted from this beam. After a whole minute, Josh finally stopped firing his beam, and I was surrounded by a huge smoke of dust.

"Wowww is that it? has Josh ended the fight with one attack!!" One of the judges shouted

"One hit like I said!" Josh shouted as he threw his hands in the air

"Alright, now let's get started for real," I said as I walked out of the dust. Everyone was completely surprised and lost for words, Josh could not believe it, that I was unscratched.

"Oh my, it looks like Josh's attack did not affect Ken at all!!" The judges announced surprised

"Gooooo Kennnnn!" Koko shouted out of the crowd

"Yeh show everyone what RisingSun is made out of!!" Mira shouted from the crowd

"You got lucky that's all!" Josh rebuked

"Lucky?" I replied confused. "Okay how about this, I'll stand right here and give you three chances to take me out, I will do absolutely nothing to protect myself, I'll just stand here" I continued to say as I held up three of my fingers. "If you can take me out within those three free attacks or even manage to hurt me in the slightest, I'll forfeit this match and give you the win by default" I explained

"What is Ken thinking!! An offer like that is sure to give Josh the win!!" One of the judges shouted. The whole crowd started to chat among themselves about the offer I just made to Josh.

"Who do you think you are!? I'll make you regret this, you filthy shit!" Josh shouted with frustration "Lightning Orb!!" Josh cast as his right hand sparked with lightning

Josh pointed his right hand up towards me, and as he did, a blue magic circle appeared underneath my feet. I looked down at the magic circle before looking back up at Josh with a blank expression. An electrical orb formed around my whole body enclosing me in a sphere made completely out of lightning. I could feel huge volts of lightning racing through my entire body. If I had to guess how many volts it was, I'd have to say one hundred million.

My expression didn't change, but the fact that I wasn't phased only infuriated Josh even more. Josh increased the voltage from one hundred million to two hundred million altho it made no difference in the slightest.

"You have two attacks remaining" I yawned

"Wow! Ken Granfold is completely unphased!! This isn't looking good for Josh!" One of the judges shouted. The whole crowd was speechless.

"That's the way to do it, Ken!!" Mira Shouted

"Crush him!" Leo shouted

"Show him your magic is stronger!" Drew added on.

"I graduated from a wealthy school! I come from a noble family! I am JOSH RETIN and there is no way I'll lose to FILTH!!" Josh shouted in a fit of anger. "Retin Family Magic: Thunder Beast, Crushing Fang!"

Josh placed both of his hands on the ground, creating a dark blue magic circle underneath his own feet. The same magic circle appeared underneath my feet except it was much larger, it was about 40 meters in diameter. "This should be interesting," I said to myself with the same blank expression.

A huge beastly mouth created out of lightning, rose out of the magic circle before clenching its jaws shut together, which caused two billion volts of raging electricity to run through my entire body, and this went on for quite a while.

"Amazing!! What power! Josh is certainly not playing around, this is one of the Retin family spells! Truly outstanding!!" One of the judges shouted. The entire crowd started cheering once again

I'll admit this is an amazing spell, but unfortunately, it's not enough to make me budge. Soon everyone started to realize that Josh's spell was doing no damage whatsoever, the cheering started to tune down once again. After a good ten minutes of being constantly struck with two billion volts of raging lightning, the spell finally disappeared, and I stood in my exact same spot completely unharmed. The ground around me was burned, with smoke flying out of it.

"You have one last chance to hurt me, so you best bring your best!" I said with a smirk

"Wow...Ken is so amazing" Hanako mumbled to herself with a slight smile

" way this isn't possible" Josh mumbled to himself "THIS ISN'T FUCKING POSSIBLE!!!" Josh shouted in rage and denial of the truth "Retin Family Magic: Raging Lightning Descend!"

Josh placed both his hands in the air with his palm facing the sky. By looking at Josh's condition I could already tell that his low on mana. Five dark blue magic circles appeared one hundred meters in the sky, in a circular formation above me.

The skies started to turn black crackling with lightning, soon the five circles above me absorbed the lightning out of the clouds and also started crackling with lightning, all five circles merged together creating one big magic circle that was bigger than his previous spell.

"Is this it! Is this the spell that's going to put Ken down!" One of the judges shouted

"This is the end for you!!" Josh shouted as he threw his hand downwards.

The magic circle let off a huge discharge of lightning, before firing down a huge bolt of lightning, the same size as the magic circle. The bolt of lightning came smashing down onto me, engulfing my entire body. There was so much power in this attack, about six billion volts were coursing through my entire body. The lightning destroyed the ground underneath me, digging me into a deep crater. But at last, not even Josh's greatest spell was enough to damage me.

The bolt of lightning soon vanished and from all the smoke I slowly walked out of the crater and faced Josh once again without a single scratch on me. As I pat myself down wiping the dust off of myself, I look up at Josh with a toothy grin and said: "At least you managed to dirty my clothes". Josh looked at me speechless, he didn't know what to think, he couldn't accept the truth so in a blind fit of anger he ran towards me at full speed with a tight fist

"How Boring" I sighed

As Josh came in range, he threw a straight jab with all the strength he had left. With no effort at all, I sidestepped him and delivered a clean jab straight to his jaw, knocking him out cold

The whole crowd was silent for a while before they all started cheering out loud, I looked into the crowd towards the RisingSun members with a big smile on my face

"And Ken has done it! He beat Josh Retin with just his one hit!! It's all over. Ken Granfold is the winner!!!" The judge shouted at the top of his lungs

"Looks like this kid isn't just all talk!!" The other judge shouted as the referee ran to check up on Josh

"This match was one-sided from the very start!!"

RisingSun Dorm.

It has been around 10hours after the fight I had with Josh and I haven't heard from him yet, probably because he's in the academy hospital resting up.

I'm currently back at the RisingSun Dorm inside my room with Drew and Leo, who invited themselves in my room like every other day, there is honestly no privacy in this dorm. Leo and Drew are in my room arguing about who is stronger between the two of them, and for once I'm actually interested in their argument.

"Leo, a kid like you can never beat a man like me, so admit I'm stronger!" Drew said with a stern look

"As if! There is no way in hell I'd ever admit to such a lie, everyone in this dorm knows I'm the stronger one" Leo replied with a smug look

"You little runt!...Ken, who do you think is stronger!?" Drew asked me

"Yeh Ken who is stronger!?" Leo also asked

"Umm...well I've actually never seen either of you fight, wait you two have fought each other before haven't you?" I replied with a question to avoid them from making me pick

"Yeh we have fought countless times" Leo replied

"And out of the 98 times we fought, it ended up in a draw!" Drew replied

"Then can't you both agree that you're equal?" I replied

"There is no way I'm on the same level as this meathead" Leo chuckled

Just then Koko invited herself into my room, without even knocking"Hey Ken, Josh is here to apologize to you and Hanako," Koko said

"Oh alright" I replied

I walked out of my room and made my way downstairs where Hanako was waiting for me in her cute penguin pyjamas. Josh stood there looking nervous and a little tense, but slowly he went on his knees.

"Hanako Sakura I'm sorry I called you filth I apologize for being rude towards you" Josh apologized

"I a-accept your apology...please stand up" Hanako replied, embarrassed by the fact that Josh was on his knees

"you see Joe as I've proven to you, you don't need money or have to go to an expensive school to be a strong mage, the poorest person can be the strongest and the richest can be the weakest, in the end, your strength is the outcome of your hard work," I said with a smile

"It's Josh, not Joe," Josh replied in an irritated voice. "I understand and I'm sorry to you too, but I will become stronger than you!" Josh replied with a determined look

"That's the spirit come to challenge me to a duel anytime" I replied

"Well until then I'll be heading back now," Josh said as he turned around

"Who, you can't go yet! I just made dinner, join us!" Louis said as he ran up to the door

"Louis?... Th-this is your Dorm!?" Josh said completely surprised

"You two know each other?" I asked confused

"How can I not, he is part of the Wizard Elites, meaning he is one of the strongest in this whole Academy!" Josh explained in shock

"Wizard Elite?" I replied even more confused

"How about we talk about it while eating?" Louis said with a smile.

Everyone was soon sitting at the dining table eating, including Josh.

"So what and who are the Wizard Elites?" I asked

"Catherine explain it," Koko said looking at Catherine

"Why me?" Catherine replied

"Because you know everything" Leo added on

"Fine...The Wizard Elites are the strongest and most skilled students in this Academy and are of the highest status. They are also the voice of this academy, what they say is the law, they decide what happens and what doesn't happen, and they are the tribunals of this academy...they basically run this Academy, and there are 10 of them in total" Cathrine explained "Louis is part of the Wizard Elites" Catherine added on as she pointed at Louis

"interesting and how do I become part of the Wizard Elite?" I asked

"The quickest way is to beat a Wizard Elite" Silva replied

"Well in that case...Louis I challenge you to a Magic Duel!" I said as I stood up and pointed my fork at Louis

Everyone was silent for a few seconds before breaking out into laughter, I stood there awkwardly in silence looking at everyone laughing at me.

"What's so funny?" I asked before taking a seat

"You challenging Louis to a Magic Duel" Catherine chuckled

"The only way to have a chance of challenging me is to raise your status" Louis smiled

"Is that so, well I will raise my status then challenge every Wizard Elite!" I said with determination.

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