Chapter 10:

Four Seasons

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Four Season Style Bookmark here

Finn has gone up to the Academy Office to pay for the damage done to his clubhouse, by Tempest when he caused an outburst. Right now Hanako and I are wandering around the inner parts of the Academy forest, which is the least dangerous part of its forest, looking for the beasts that escaped from The Companions pocket dimension. Finn has given us a list of the three beasts that escaped, he also gave us a scroll that opens a portal to the pocket dimension.Bookmark here

"I feel really terrible...this is all my fault," Hanako said in a regretful toneBookmark here

"Don't blame yourself. You did warn us, so Finn and I are also to blame" I said trying to make her feel betterBookmark here

"Oh, by the way, what did you mean by 'This Personality', earlier just before summoning Tempest?" I asked curiouslyBookmark here

Hanako hesitated a little before taking a deep breath and answering "Well it's embarrassing to talk about, but...I trust you". Hearing Hanako say she trusts me, put a smile on my face.Bookmark here

"I...ummm...have split p-personalities, right now this is my...well kind s-side, but to Tempest, it's my crybaby personality, because as you can probably already tell I'm shy, nervous and not too confident in myself" Hanako explainedBookmark here

"That is all true, but I also think it's cute I'm sure, plus with the promise we made, you will most definitely overcome them and when that day comes, Tempest will obey you" I replied with a smileBookmark here

"Th-thank you" Hanako replied with a light blush "My other personality is the complete opposite of this one, once I draw Odayakana-kazarashi my katana, my personality takes a complete 180 turn and I become….more violent and brave as well as more skilled in combat, and Tempest actually listens to my every command" Hanako continued to explain as she placed her hand on the hilt of her wooden katanaBookmark here

"Woh that sounds awesome, I'd love to see that side" I replied with an amazed expressionBookmark here

"Really?" Hanako asked in a surprised tone "most people think it's weird or they make fun of me" Hanako replied with a little smile, filled with sadness as she remembered the times she got bullied in the pastBookmark here

Before I could say anything, a giant green beastly feline with dark green spots splattered all over its light green skin came lurking out of the trees. It stood around 6 feet tall, with a muscular body type. Its long razor-sharp canine fangs protracted out of its mouth. The feline stood in front of us, growling, baring its fangs, with its claws protracted out of its strong paws. There was nothing but killing intent pouring out of it.Bookmark here

As I saw the beast, instead of being scared I was lost for words on how cool this beast looked, this is type of feline known as a Lucen, or more commonly known as 'Jungle Crawler' They are powerful predators, and as a kid, I've always wanted one as a pet, but right now wasn't the time. Bookmark here

"Looks like we have found our first beast, get ready Hanako" I turned to Hanako to see if she was ready, but she had vanished from plain sight. Bookmark here

I turned back to the Jungle Crawler, who was getting ready to jump at me, but before it could do anything, Hanako appeared a few feet in the air above the jungle crawler's head. Before it could realize her, she drew her wooden Katana and quickly did a single flip in the air, before slamming her katana on the cat's head.Bookmark here

"Autumn Style: Gentle Wind, Cleaving Leaf," Hanako said. A gust of wind erupted from underneath the cat, making the leaves on the ground dance around in the air, before falling back down, as the leaves fell to the ground the cat dropped to the ground, unconscious.Bookmark here

I was impressed! Until now I've never seen Hanako use her wooden katana, but now that she has, I can tell that she is incredibly skilled and not to say fast, I didn't even realize that she had disappeared, she must be extremely skilled when she switches to her other-self.Bookmark here

"That was awesome!!" I said with an amazed expression, as I walked up to herBookmark here

"Th-thank you," Hanako said as her pink cheeks turned redBookmark here

"Autumn Style? Never heard of that before, is it your family's sword style?" I asked with interestBookmark here

"Yes it is, my clan's sword style is called Four Seasons and Autumn is just one of the styles, so is Summer, Winter and Spring. Each style triples in power during their respective seasons" Hanako explainedBookmark here

"Four Seasons!? That's such a unique swordsmanship technique" I replied impressedBookmark here

I stood in front of the unconscious Jungle Crawler and opened the scroll, facing it towards the beast. The scroll lit up blue before a portal opened up, and sucked in the Jungle Crawler like a vacuum. Once the Jungle Crawler was within the scroll, the portal disappeared and the scroll stopped glowing. Bookmark here

"I want to see more of this sword style of yours," I said with a smile, looking at Hanako Bookmark here

Hanako and I spent the next two hours locating and putting the last two beasts into the scroll. The other two beasts were an 18-foot emerald serpent with two heads, which Hanako took down, she also took down the third beast, which was a red drake. The whole hunt was actually fun since I got to see more of Hanako's Four Season style, although she only used Autumn style, it was still amazing to watch. We made our way to the academy cafeteria, which is where Finn told us to meet him after we were done.Bookmark here

"Hey, Finn! We captured all three of your beasts!" I said as Hanako and I walked up to himBookmark here

"it took long but we did it as promised" Hanako added onBookmark here

"Well it's the least you guys can do since you did destroy my clubhouse" Finn repliedBookmark here

".....I am really sorry...F-Finn" Hanako nervously apologized looking down at the floorBookmark here

"yes yes and we apologized already, now how long till your clubhouse is fixed?" I askedBookmark here

"Well, it took me almost all of my points to pay for the damage caused by that wolf and to also rebuild the clubhouse, which I'll be taking out of your points after you get registered to the point system" Finn replied. "To answer your question, it Bookmark here

should be done within a few weeks, so until then you two are only half members of the Companions"Bookmark here

"I guess that's fair, here is the scroll," I said handing Finn the scroll with the three beasts kept inside itBookmark here

"And Hanako, you probably shouldn't summon Tempest out in the open, not until you know how to control him properly" Finn suggestedBookmark here

"yeah...that would be b-best" Hanako replied twiddling her thumb as she looked at the groundBookmark here

"Well, will be off now, take care Finn," I said before Hanako and I walked offBookmark here

Hanako and I headed back towards the RisingSun, as it was starting to get darkBookmark here

"Hey Ken, do you have a pack with any beast?...just curious," Hanako askedBookmark here

"Yeah, I've got a pack with an Emperor Dragon named Volterra, who is also a close friend and a teacher of mine" I repliedBookmark here

"An Em..per..or Dragon?!!" Hanako stutteredBookmark here

"Yeah, believe it or not, I saved him and he's been grateful ever since" I chuckledBookmark here

"Well does he....listen to you?" Hanako askedBookmark here

"Yes, he does," I answered, "if you don't mind me asking, what's the story between you and Tempest?"Bookmark here

"....Tempest is not as bad as he seems, he's actually really nice, the only reason he acts harshly to me, is his way of trying to toughen me up, since as a child I couldn't stand up for myself and this was before my personality split. He would never deliberately hurt me or any of my friends on purpose. When I feel lost or lonely he always keeps me company, that's why I'm never angry with him because I know he's only looking out for me" Hanako explained with a soft smileBookmark here

"Hmmm I see, he sounds really cool, he's like...your guardian" I replied with a smileBookmark here

With a smile Hanako nodded her head, agreeing with my view on TempestBookmark here

Hanako and I made our way back to the Rising Sun, just in time as Silva finished cooking and the others were working together on setting the table.Bookmark here

"We're back!" I called out as we walked into the dining roomBookmark here

"You two sure have been spending a lot of time together," Catherine said as she walked by us Bookmark here

"Yeah!" Mira agreed "what, are you two dating?" Mira asked before taking a seat at the dining tableBookmark here

"N-no it's not l-like that...we're j-just.." Before Hanako could finish what she was saying, Koko interrupted by saying "no way! Hanako is way out of Ken's reach". Man when she said that, it felt like Koko had just stabbed, myself confidence with a sharp arrowBookmark here

"Hey, what do you mean 'out of my reach'!?" I complainedBookmark here

"She means Hanako is too pretty for you" Cathrine sighed, adding to the insult Bookmark here

"Too pretty? Jeez, love really is too complicated" I replied confused. I really wished someone could have told me more about love, before I left the island, now I know why Grandpa sucked at it Bookmark here

"No, I think they would be cute together" Louis chipped in with a smileBookmark here

"Dear Louis, don't give Ken a false sense of hope," said KokoBookmark here

"Krow, you think I have a chance right?" I asked, hoping Krow would agree with meBookmark here

"I'm hungry, let's eat already," Ken said ignoring my questionBookmark here

"Wow, Krow has such low faith in me being with Hanako, that he thinks it's not worth thinking about!" I complained on the verge of giving up on all hopeBookmark here

"Now that I think about it, Ken and Hanako might actually make a cute couple, that's if Ken plays his cards right," Mira said as she looked at both me and Hanako standing next to each Bookmark here

"Now that I think about it, I want to barf" Said Cathrine, mimicking a barfing motion Bookmark here

"Geez, Catherine and Koko, you two are just stabbing me in the heart" Bookmark here

"Ken and I are just friends!" Hanako said out loud, catching everyone's attention, but with everyone focused on her, she quickly regretted it, and immediately looked down avoiding eye contact. Wow, hearing her say 'just friends' felt like another arrow was shot into meBookmark here

"damnn, she really friend-zoned you" Drew said as he placed his hand on my right shoulder, while slowly shaking his headBookmark here

"just know, I thought you had a chance" Leo added on as he put his hand on my other shoulder, while also slowly shaking his headBookmark here

"I don't need you two to pity me," I said annoyed, before shrugging them off of my shoulderBookmark here

"Alright shut up all of you, and listen!" Silva said out loud getting all of our attention. "Within two weeks, all the first years will be heading out to a Survival Exam, meaning everyone here but Louis. So prepare yourselves for that, cause if you fail in this exam, you will be expelled on the spot!" Silva announced as he put dinner on the tableBookmark here

"Survival Exam? That sounds interesting," I said before starting to eat with everyone elseBookmark here

"It does, but it'll be extremely hard" Louis added onBookmark here

"Yes, and it'll be a 5-day camp, starting Monday, so you guys must stay strong throughout the whole thing," Silva said Bookmark here

"This will be a breeze for me, Leo you better not fail before I get a chance to beat you!" Drew smirkedBookmark here

"There is no way I'm going to fail before I beat you in a fight, you muscle head!" Leo repliedBookmark here

"A Survival Exam….very interesting" Krow mumbled to himself Bookmark here

"Five days of Survival Exam sounds like it's going to be exhausting" Catherine sighedBookmark here

"Survival Exam sounds like a great way to test out how strong I have gotten," Mira said in a strong toneBookmark here

"I hope there is booze there" Koko added onBookmark here

"No matter what the challenge is, we will all make it back fine!" I said with confidenceBookmark here

"Yeah I hope so" Hanako added on, agreeing with meBookmark here

"You're damn right! you brats better all make it back!" Silva let out.Bookmark here

Next Time: Survival ExamsBookmark here

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