Chapter 3:

Chapter 3


After john finished his backstory 

Akame was overcome with emotion and joy for John. That explains why he couldn't be fully identified because he's a mix of races thanks to the blood he drank. She apologized for inquiring about John's experience, claiming it was none of her concern.

It's well, John emphasized to Akame; I've made a lot of terrific friends who have supported me along the way, and they're all by my side right now.Then Akame went on to ask John  whether he and his friends had a place to sleep tonight.

John said no sadly.

Akame then told John that there are chambers on the top floor of the guild hall that he could show him.

John and co went up the stairs

Akame 3rd room on your right is the boy room and 4th room on your right is the girls room.

Josh was taken aback and expressed his gratitude for your generous spirit.

It's no huge deal, according to Akame, because everyone in the guild receives a free room for the first week, after which it's 20 gold per week

Samantha thought it was an excellent bargain, especially since we get 50 gold for each monster we kill, and we've already killed one, so we should be fine for the next two weeks.

Everyone went to bed, but John was curious about what else this tower had to offer. His skills were easy to obtain, and getting gold was also simple, but most importantly, he was curious about what brought Akame to this tower. He never got around to asking her, so he felt rude even though it had slipped his mind.

The next morning, John awoke before everyone else, silently getting out of bed, his stomach gnawing, he went down to the guild hall's bottom floor, where akame had prepared food for the entire trip, and no one else was awake yet. So john approached Akame and inquired how her day was going.

It's going well, akame said, and she's about to depart after food preparation and breakfast to visit her friend's grave.

John felt weird but asked akame what has happened.

Akame revealed that she and Mercedes had gone into the tower in search of a new life. Her previous life had been equally pointless, and she hoped that she and Mercedes could make something of themselves here, but shortly after entering the tower, they came across a bear, but not just any bear, but a half-bear, half-dragon that negates orgin transcendce. Mercedes had died, and she had agreed to never climb the tower again.

Hearing this made John upset, so he asked akame whether it was okay if he went to the tomb with her.

Given Akame's pride in John's life, it seemed only natural for her to agree.

John and akame were on their way. Before he left, John had left a message stating that he will be returning soon.

Akame and John had gone to Mercedes  final resting place. Akame is mourning Mercedes' death. Akame then started crying angrily and asked John if it was her fault.

John patted Akame on the head and said, "There is no one to blame for this, but you must be strong and remember all the moments you shared with Mercedes in order to keep her flame alive."

While they were at the burial, Akame had to reflect on how time had passed, and she remembered all the memories she had with Mercedes, including how they had always talked of reaching the top of the tower and building a better life for themselves. Then akame had a realization and asked John if she could join his group.

John had agreed 

Akame smiled brightly.

Though John did have one last inquiry for akame, he inquired as to what race she belonged to.

Akame claimed to be of the angelic race.John was taken aback when he learned that the angelic race was one of the top two strongest races in comparison to the demon species.

The angelic races were so powerful because of their healing abilities; they could heal any wound except for death.

John was taken aback when he learned that the angelic race was one of the top two strongest races in comparison to the demon species.

Akame did give something to John  it was a pendant that granted the user 

Complete arsenal (limited)(lvl1)


Any skill gained from the party will be split and copied into 5 segments, each of which can be used once a day (tower time), with the exception of skills required before the pendent and individual skills, which cannot be split at such a low level.

John believed this would be an excellent incentive to hunt monsters, and he was overjoyed with the present, which he couldn't express his thanks for in word.

When Akame saw how delighted he was, she replied, "Don't worry about it, you helped me get through an extremely difficult moment in my life."

John had failed to notice the passage of time. Even though we transcend time itself and it doesn't really matter in this world, John had thought it was time to return to his friends and tell them about their new member, but as they were returning, John and akame came across a half bear half dragon, which akame recognized as the same one who had killed Mercedes, and she had a look of devastation on her face.

John reassured her that everything would be fine. Following that, the halfling went after John. John retaliated, and the battle raged on with continuous attacks by both John and the halfling. Finally, John used his trump card aura, and the halfling was slain. John had eventually prevailed, but it had been a tight call, reminding him of his fight with Samantha all those years before. John, on the other hand, suffered a major injury because of aura and the bears conceptual attacks. He felt as though he was healing at a godlike rate, but his regen couldn't keep up with the damage he was taking, and he kept reverting to his original injury. The onslaught of damage was high, but John had no idea how far it had gone. John asked akame if she could use her passive to heal him.Akame, on the other hand, had completely forgotten about it. Her passive healing is something she can only do once a month. which she had assumed was one of the benefits of being from the angelic race. John was entirely healed by her.

John and akame had finally made it back to the guild it was now  dawn   everyone was awake waiting for john finally looked at the blue screen. Everyone had aquired 60 soul points John was shocked plus  40 points to any stats for everyone  but John had gotten 90 points for any stats

John had also aquired a additional skill called low godly regeneration.(level 1)

Attribute can regen at low godly rate.

This skilled was aquired from killing the boss of this floor.

John realized they only needed 38,39 more soul to move on to the next floor.

John had though this skill was a good skill to give to everyone  so he split it.

Creator note

The pendent is a locked item that can't be taken by any means  but it can be given as a gift.

The pendent was also the last thing  Akame got from Mercedes.