Chapter 4:

Chapter 4


After john and Akame finally made it back john had talked with everyone about what terrible option he was in but he was happy bc we had gotten a new member. Samantha,josh and beatrice were skeptical but John reassured them after telling akames story.Then they all went up to Akame and was congratulating her about being their new member Akame was flustered.

Joshes asked John what they should do 

John had thought for a minute but then asked Akame she had the most time and experience in this floor.Akame had said let's go sight seeing their plenty of beautiful theme parks and rollercoaster in the next town over, and there were no monsters.

This was a fantastic idea, according to everyone.They counted their gold before leaving.

Samantha, Josh, and Beatrice each scored 50 points.

When John looked, he noticed that the bear had given him 500 gold
Akame also possesses 50,000 gold.Everyone was shocked, but akame said, "Don't forget, I get passive money as the guild hiring officer, and I used to be the guild leader."

And with that they headed off to the yami the next town over. 

Everyone had made it halfway through their trek when they came across a wandering trader selling books and manga for 10 gold apiece, which rewarded 1 soul point for each book acquired. They saw one that looked fascinating after I was reincarnated as a slime and Dragon Ball Josh and Samantha each bought one and went about their business.

When they finally reached yami, Josh had finished reading his manga, and he told them about how insane Rimuru was, which they were excited to hear. After they finished with Josh, they went over to the entrance. The tickets for all of the rides will cost 20 gold. Because it was her idea, Akame decided to pay for everyone.

 They entered the theme park on foot. They witnessed a great deal. On the roller coasters, they were having a blast. After seeing some shows, we went to the beach. John pondered on how much fun he had today and how he didn't have many opportunities like this as a kid; it was a beautiful experience that he would never forget. Everyone had a great time, but everything had to come to a close eventually. They eventually got home and talked about their adventures. Everyone was appreciative to Akame for thinking up such a great idea and for the fact that they hadn't had a day like this since we arrived almost two weeks ago.

Akame was overjoyed that everyone had a fantastic time and that she had made such good friends, so she went over to join them and gave him a big hug for allowing her to have these adventures.

John was happy and his cheek got real red 

The following morning, Akame forced everyone to rise and begin cleaning the guild hall. They continued to clean until Josh discovered a weird ring.

Skill acquired light  can manipulate the concept of light. 

Josh experimented with this skill and built light clones of himself since he thought it would be useful. He could use it to learn more quickly and defeat enemies more quickly, allowing him to stay on the sidelines without dying.On that point, Josh approached John and inquired whether there was any other way to use this skill.

John had reasoned and instructed Josh to stay put while he used his ability, and as a result, he used his limited full arsenal and granted everyone this skill, but John's ability was now on cool down. For such a unique skill, this wasn't a big deal.

After the cleaning was over, everyone went over to the board to look for a duty to complete for soul points in order to advance to the next level.

They chose to divide into two groups. Samantha, akame, Josh the John, and Beatrice are three of Samantha's friends. Given John's strength, this group wasn't awful. And that Akame had the ability to heal them, even if it was only once.

They found 2 missions to go own which were around the same area. One was slay a pig  that had been destroying towns and crops which granted 15 soul and another which was help free a mansion from ghost which granted 20 soul so after they would finish these missions they would move on to the next level

They discovered two assignments in the same location to go on their own. One was to murder a pig that had been damaging cities and farms, which gave them 15 soul, and the other was to assist in the freeing of a mansion from ghosts, which gave them 20 soul, so once they completed these missions, they could advance to the next level.

After a week at the guild hall, they would regroup or return if their assignment was completed early. For both teams, this appeared to be fine.

Samantha, Josh, and Akame went on a tour of the town.

Samantha thought Nanporo was attractive.

After then, Akame informed them that this settlement was extremely similar to Angel village. Akame reflected on her time at the angel village. Everything was spotless, and everyone was courteous to one another.

 Josh had inquired of Akame about the location of the nearest bar in order to learn where the pig had lied.

Akame had to believe it had been a long time since she had visited Nanporo.

Because Akams remembered, the gang went to the tavern, where they met Dai.

When Josh inquired about the pig's location, he was told that if you head north, you'll find him in no time, and that he should be heading in the same way.

Everyone thanked Dai for providing them with such valuable knowledge. With this information, they set out to get the pig so that they could get this over with and return to the guild hall.