Chapter 15:

New Roomates

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: New Roommates Bookmark here

We all headed into the hotel. The inside of the hotel was sparkling clean with everything set out neatly and in fashion, it was very formal and expensive looking.Bookmark here

Everyone walked in amazed by how classy the hotel was as they grabbed their belongings. I was once again overwhelmed just like I was when I first saw the ship, man I feel like I'm super rich being in a place like this. Bookmark here

In the middle of the hotel's first floor, there was a stage. As the students picked up their belongings, Ian and Sophia, who both were the examiners for the entrance exam this year, magically appeared on stage, standing in the middle of both of them, another person appeared and upon his entry, a lot of students stopped to look at him, with a shock and amazed expressionBookmark here

"Welcome first year's! I'm sure a lot of you already know who I am, but i'll introduce myself anyways, my name is Ace Sharma and welcome to Zeless Hotel, a Hotel owned by the academy" Ace said with a welcoming smile as he introduced himself. Bookmark here

Everyone started to talk among themselves, chatting about Ace. From what I was hearing, apparently, he was a student at this academy three years ago, he graduated as a top student and was even part of the Wizard Elites ranking 4th back in his days.Bookmark here

Ian is a human with dark brown hair, he stands around 6'3 foot tall, with green eyes, which are filled with kindness and determination. He has a dark olive skin tone and a welcoming face.Bookmark here

"Okay settle down everyone" Ace continued to speak, calming everyone down "With me today are Ian and Sophia, two teachers from the academy as well as the exam takers for this year." Ace introduced Ace and Sophia.Bookmark here

Ian is the first examiner that took me to test out my mana level and Sophia is the examiner that took me to test out my durability. Sophia is Hanako and Koko's Ward teacher and Ian is Krows illusion teacher. I don't have any of them as a teacher for any of my classes but I've heard that they are great teachers.Bookmark here

"Wow, I can't believe Ace is going to be with us in exams!" Tai said with excitement Bookmark here

Tai is one of the students that passed the Entrance Exam. He was also the one that scored 2000 on the mana level measurer and negated Sophia's spiral spell.Bookmark here

"he sounds really cool" I replied looking up at AceBookmark here

"He's not just cool, he's super strong, awesome, inspiration, and my idol!" Tai said with his chest, in an overly excited voiceBookmark here

"During this exam, you will be given a certain amount of points after each test, these points will add up and be sent to your point bank, to be used at your academy. So depending on your performance, your points will vary" Sophie announced Bookmark here

"Now since this is a Survival Exam, you will be in charge of making your own food, we will only provide you with ingredients and cooking materials which will be located in your rooms, but since today is your first day we will provide the food" Ian explained before lighting a cigarette and putting it in his mouthBookmark here

Everyone started to complain about the fact that they had to make their own food, but they were also happy that we were finally being allocated points. While that was happening, Sophie snuck up on Ian and pulled his cigarette out of his mouth saying "no smoking in the hotel" as she scrunched it up. Ian gave Sophie a death stare implying that she is dead as soon as we leave. Sophie gave off a nervous smile before quickly moving back and hiding beside Ace.Bookmark here

"You have three hours to pick a room, eat and relax until the next task begins" Ace announced before walking offBookmark here

"Hey Hanako come with us, we are going to go look for a room for us ladies to stay together in," Koko said as she grabbed Hanako's handsBookmark here

"Oh okay...bye Ken" Hanako waved as she ran off with Koko and the other female RisingSun membersBookmark here

"See you later!" J waved back "Okay I should go look for a room," I said to myself as I walked offBookmark here

I walked around for a while looking for a room but all the rooms I went to were already full, even the room that had the RisingSun boy members. Bookmark here

"Jeez, this is such a drag! Can't believe the room with the RisingSun members is full!" I said in an annoyed tone as I walked around searching for a free roomBookmark here

I continued searching and after 10 minutes I found myself in an empty corridor with only one room, so I prayed that it wasn't full and I walked in. As soon as I opened the door I was met by two other students who were just staring at each other in silence with killing intent.Bookmark here

On the right was Eldrin Aldaval, the High Elf I encountered after the entrance ceremony. Eldrin had a smirk on his face like he was Bookmark here

Just waiting for the right second to strike. On the left was an Oni who had a straight face, but by the aura he was giving off, you could easily tell he was irritated.Bookmark here

I had to find a way to break the tension or a fight between them would break out soon, and I don't want to spend five days with two people who can't get along. "Hey! I'm Ken Granfold. I'll be your new roommate, nice to meet you both" I introduced myself with a smile before walking between the two, trying to cut the tensionBookmark here

"Ken move out the way, this is between me and that stupid swordsman," Eldrin said Bookmark here

Eldrin is a High Elf standing at 6'2 feet tall, he has a light golden skin complexity with long midnight black hair, his hair is short at the top with it only hanger over his long pointy ears, the rest of his hair is tied up like a ponytail, letting it hang freely, stopping just above his backside. His eyes are that of a fiery red, which is filled with destruction and an eagerness to always fight. Bookmark here

"Keep running your mouth golden boy, and I'll cut your tongue right out" the Oni replied with a stern look as he grabbed the handle of his katanaBookmark here

The male Oni stands at 5'10 feet tall, he has dark purple hair, which hangs just above his ears with two fringes adorning the sides of his head, hanging just past his chin. His hair normally just looks black until it's looked at out in the sun. He has a fairly light purple skin tone, with two horns as long as six inches growing out of his forehead. He carries two katanas on the left side of his hip.Bookmark here

"Okay let's cool off...since I introduced myself, what's your name?" I asked the OniBookmark here

The Oni looked at me for a while, then removed his hand from the handle of his Katana. "My name is Tetsuo Sōryū" Tetsuo introduced himself, before leaving the room soon afterBookmark here

"Ken Granfold, nice to see you haven't been kicked out yet," Eldrin said with a smileBookmark here

"Well it's also nice to see that you're still here, so why were you and Tetsuo at each other's throats?" I askedBookmark here

"He ate a sandwich of mine that I put on the table while I was unpacking my stuff into my room, and when I confronted him about it, he said, "I thought it was from room serves". what kind of bullshit is that" Eldrin explainedBookmark here

"Sounds like you two got into a misunderstanding" I replied. Wow, they were going to fight each other over a sandwich!? Sharing a room with these two is surely going to be interestingBookmark here

"Misunderstanding or not, it still doesn't change the fact that he ate my sandwich," Eldrin said before walking out of the roomBookmark here

And with that, I was left alone in the room. I made my way to an empty bedroom and unpacked my luggage before heading out. I made my way to the hotel dining room, which was huge and filled with lots of delicious food. The dining room was where most of the students were hanging out, so it was packed and busy as well as loud.Bookmark here

I grabbed a plate and went around to every table fixing myself a plate filled with all types of different foods. I've been hungry ever since the first task, especially after the fight with that Alice girl. I looked around for a place to sit but most of the tables were already full, luckily I saw Krow sitting all by himself.Bookmark here

"Hey, Krow mind if I join you?" I asked Bookmark here

"Go ahead" Krow replied, "how was the second task?" Krow asked as I took a seat in front of himBookmark here

"Well it was annoying that's for sure, I'm actually surprised Hanako and I made it out as early as we did" I replied, "How about you?"Bookmark here

"It was actually pretty easy, with my crows I was able to see many places at once" Krow repliedBookmark here

"Really?...that actually sounds amazing, how does that work?" I asked before taking a bite of my foodBookmark here

"Well a simple explanation would be, I possess a special eye that lets me see whatever my crows see, which helps with being able to see multiple things at once and more" Krow explainedBookmark here

"I haven't heard of any visual magic like that but it sounds really useful. '' I replied amazed "we've been living in the same dorm for more than a month now and you are still a mystery to me. So tell me what, what kind of Magic do you use?"Bookmark here

"Well the main school of magic that I practice is Illusions, but recently I have been trying to delve into other schools of magicka, so I've signed up for a class about Destruction magic" Krow repliedBookmark here

"Illusion magic, one of the trickiest schools of magic. The ability to fool you, opponents, by messing with their mind or five senses. Bookmark here

"Ouuu maybe after this survival camp you can teach me some illusion spells, I'm not that well versed in illusion magic" I replied Bookmark here

"If you really want to learn, then I'll be happy to teach you some illusion spells" Krow replied with a smile Bookmark here

"That'll be great! Having some illusion spells added to my arsenal, will definitely make me much stronger" I replied with an excited expression Bookmark here

"Say, Ken, I've been wanting to ask, are you really August Granfolds grandson? Or is it just a coincidence that your surname is the same as his?" Krow asked with curiosityBookmark here

"I thought as much, most of the students think it's just some crazy coincidence" Bookmark here

"And, why would they think that?" Bookmark here

"Well as you know, your grandfather uses to be the Grand Wizard of the Vaevalon Kingdom, he was a big celebrity, hailed as the strongest mage in the whole Vaevalon Kingdom, even now no one has been able to match him. But while he was Grand Wizard, he never had any offspring of his own, even after retirement, he had no offspring, so how can you be his grandson?" Bookmark here

"That's a great question, but unfortunately not even I know anything about my parents, so I honestly can't help you there, but I can tell you that August Granfold is my grandfather" Bookmark here

"I believe you, but the other students won't" Bookmark here

"I say who cares what they think, plus I like it this way, less of a hassel," I said before taking a bite of a spoonful of riceBookmark here

"Your an interesting person Ken, with a grandfather as powerful and as well known as yours, most people would take advantage of his name to boost their social status, but you don't, instead of being his shadow you are your own light" Bookmark here

"Of course I am, I will be known for being myself, not for living in another person's shadow" Bookmark here

"I truly wish I had met you earlier in life, maybe I could be in the light just like you," Krow said with a soft smile that was filled with a glimpse of sorrowBookmark here

"Huh? I don't know what you went through, but you can still stand in the light with your own two feet, just believe in your magic and the friends around you" I said with a smileBookmark here

"Sure, I'll try my best" Krow replied Bookmark here

Krow and I spent the rest of the time talking and getting to know each other more. Soon three hours passed and an announcement was made through the speakers around the hotel "Can everyone please make their way to the hotel lounge room immediately!". Bookmark here

I'm guessing it's time for the next task, I wonder what it's going to be? Krow and I make our way to the lounge room along with everyone else, when we reach there, we are met by Ace, Ian, and Sophie. All the students were still pretty noisy talking with each other.Bookmark here

"Alright settle down all of you! Now for the third task you will be separated into 3 groups, group A, B, and C. Those who are in group A will come with me, group B, will go with Ace and group C will go with Sophie" Ian explainedBookmark here

*Bing!*Bookmark here

Simultaneously everyone's student portal rung with a notification. Everyone looked at their portals, and on their screen, each student was given a letter. The letter on my screen was C, which meant I'll be in Sophie's group. I just hope I'm in the same group as Hanako.Bookmark here

"The letters that appeared on your screen are the group you will be in for today, every day you will be put into a new group that's if you survive the day. Group A and B will stay here can Group C follow Sophie" Ace explainedBookmark here

Sophie made her way out of the hotel with everyone in group C following her which was a lot of students by the way. I looked around for Hanako or any other RisingSun members, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any of them. It looks like I'm by myself during this task but oh well hopefully I get paired up with them in the next task. Soon all the C group was outside with Sophie waiting for her instructions. Bookmark here

"Okay your next task is an Alchemist task that'll be assets by Dr Elor and his assistant Julie, so be ready for anything" Sophie explainedBookmark here

Next Time: Potion FreestyleBookmark here

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