Chapter 16:

Potion Freestyle

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Potion Freestyle

After a few minutes of following Sophie, we finally reached a small garden that was filled with many different types of plants that were spread all around the place including many insects, and bugs that were just wandering around freely. The garden was surrounded by a glass dome with a small venue at the end of some. It was a beautiful garden area, with a small freshwater stream running through it. Everyone was amazed by the sight of it, it was truly a sight for sore eyes.

Sophie led us into the dome and instructed us to make our way to the venue at the end, where we will be given the text instructions for the new test. Sophie left us, returning back to the hotel.

Everyone slowly made their way to the venue in an unorganized manner. It didn't take long before we all made it into the venue. In the venue there were no insects or bugs, instead, it was filled with alchemy benches that were fully stocked with the right equipment.

At the front of the room, Professor Elor who had a serious look on his face stood behind a lab table facing us, but his table had a woman sitting on it, who gave of the complete opposite expression to Professor Elor, instead of being serious, she seemed super cheerful

"Welcome to your next task, my name is Professor Elor and this woman here is my lab assistant Julie!" Elor said looking over at everyone "Your task is simple all you have to do is make a potion within 2hours'' Elor explained

"What kind of potion are we making?" One of the students asked

"You will be allowed to make any potion you desire within the time limit, You will also have unlimited attempts on passing, meaning if Julie and I don't find your first potion to be worthy you will be allowed to make a whole new potion, within the time limit of course" Elor Explained

"And how will you be grading our potion?" another student asked

Elor stood up and walked in front of the desk then placed his right hand on the ground. Without chanting any incantations, a magic circle appeared on the ground and slowly a 7ft lifeless golem materialized in front of him.

"As you can see, this is a testing Golem or also known as a lab doll. Now whatever potion you make this golem will grade it, if it likes it its eyes will turn green if it doesn't it'll turn red. Now the way this works is that whatever potion you make Julie will cast the reverse effect of the potion on the golem for you to test your potion on it." Professor Elor explained. But looking around a lot of people were still a little confused by what he meant

"Basically, let's just say one of you were to make a stamina potion, I'd then cast a spell on the golem that drains of all its stamina, and if your potion is strong enough to make the golem regain its stamina, then you pass" Julie explained with a smile. This time everyone seemed to understand

Everyone started to talk among each other on what potion they were going to make, some were even talking about partnering up. All I can think about right now is sweet Hanako, I do hope she passes whatever task she is going through...what am I talking about of course she is going to pass.

"You're able to use anything within this garden, if you use anything outside the garden you will automatically be expelled, and with that, your 2 hours start now!" Elor said

With that said most of the students started to panic, some ran off looking for ingredients and some were more calm thinking about what potion to create. I decided to take a little walk around the garden to see what sort of plants and bugs were around. I was amazed during my walk since there were lots of plants and bugs around that I'd only read in books back on Zen island.

"Hey, you're Ken Granfold right?" A blonde-haired girl asked walking up to me

"hmm? Yes I am" I replied

"My name is Nelly Lux...I was wondering could help me with making my potion?" Nelly asked

Nelly was about 5'3 with long yellow hair and yellow eyes. She gave off a bright and happy personality. Around her neck was a gold sun necklace indicating that she was a follower of the Sun God Solis.

"Why do you want my help?" I asked

"Because just like you I don't have any friends" Nelly bluntly said with a smile

"Huh? Speak for yourself because I actually have friends" I replied looking down at Nelly

"Oh yeah, then where are they"

"Well they aren't here, but I have friends!"

"Sureeeee whatever you say, big guy, well since your 'friends' aren't here with you, then I guess you can partner up with me!" Nelly said air quoting the phrase 'friends'. "Plus just by looking at you, I can tell you don't know what potion you want to make yet, so in the meantime, fill your heart with the warm rays of the sun and help me" Nelly continued to say with puppy dog eyes

I was defeated by her puppy dog expression, I couldn't say no, with a long sigh, I continued to say "Fine, I'll help you. Plus helping you should spark an idea for what potion I should make" I replied with a smile

"Thank you, thank you! The potion I want to make is a strength potion" Nelly said with excitement

"Your welcome" I replied "A strength potion? Making a strength potion is a basic level alchemy skill, that can't be all?" I wondered

"I'm really! Horrible at making potions, you potions always turn out looking and smelling like sewage" Nelly replied

"Did you not have anyone teach you alchemy?" I asked

"I did but I just never went to any of my alchemy classes" Nelly replied with a cheeky smile

"Well then I guess I'll teach you how to make a strength potion" I sighed

"Great! Let's get started" Nelly cheered

Nelly followed me around looking for the ingredients needed to make the strength potion, which was Witch Roots, which are roots that can be found growing around saltwater rivers, Rock Sprouts which are a type of mushroom that can be found growing out of rocks, Shell Bark which is the bark from a tough tree called a shell tree, Dillo Crab Shell which is a crab with a shell as tough as nails and can be found around moist areas and saltwater areas, and Black Crust Corals which are black corals that grow in freshwater.

We walked around collecting all the ingredients needed before heading back to the venue.

"So, Nelly if you don't mind me asking, how long have you been worshipping Solis?"

"As long as I can remember really. I was raised as an orphan in a House of God that worshipped Solis and I've been a follower of him ever since"

"So do you follow Solis because that's how you were raised? Or do you follow him because you truly believe in him?"

"I follow Solis because I truly believe in him, and I know he's always watching over me and protecting me," Nelly said with a soft smile as she held onto her necklace

"I've read a little bit about Solis, I've read that he a very kind god, that loves all his followers, the rays that come from the sun, is Solis basking us in his warmth," I said looking up at the sun with a smile

"Yes, Solis the Ever Radiating Light, truly is a magnificent God," Nelly said with a bright smile.

We finally make it to the venue and look for an empty desk to work in, we soon find a desk in the back and quickly set up the alchemy equipment.

"Okay the alchemy table is set up, now I'll walk you through in making the potion," I said

"Walk me through? I thought you were going to do it for me" Nelly whined

"You won't learn anything that listen to me carefully and I'll walk you through it okay?" I replied

"Fine I'm all ears" Nelly pouted

"Okay first put the Witch Roots and Rock Sprouts in 80ml of hot water and leave it there to soak, while that's happening put the Shell Bark, Dillo Crab Shell, and Black Crust Coral in the Mortar and crush it into tiny bits almost like bread crumbs with the pestle" I instructed with hand movements

Nelly followed my instructions exactly the way I told her to and she was careful with it as well. I could tell that she must have been a quick learner but too bad she skipped all her alchemy classes.

"Almost done....okay done what's next?" Nelly asked as she finished crushing the ingredients into small bits

"Perfect, now normally people would cut the stem of the Rock Sprouts since they take a long time to soften but since our one has been soaking with the Witch Finger it'll soften much faster, so first put the flask on a small stove with the heat on medium, and drain the Witch Root water into the flask then add the ingredients you crushed earlier into the flask with the Witch Finger water, and add the Rock Sprouts into the flask and let it boil for two minutes. While its boiling fill a bowl with cold water and put ice cubes in it" I explained

Nelly stretched her fingers then followed my instructions exactly the way I told her to. Once she was done she filled a bowl with cold water and moved it to the side

"This is easier than I thought," Nelly said

"Yeah, this is a basic potion. So now turn off the fire and carefully move the flask into the bowl of cold water, to let it cool down for a few minutes and you're done," I said

"Great! Thank you so much" Nelly said. Nelly turned off the fire and moved the flask into the cold water

"Okay great, how long do I need to keep it in the cold water for? Nelly asked

"Hmmm, about 5-10 minutes then it should be good" I replied

"May Solis bless you for your kindness and fill your body with his warmth" Nelly said with a bright smile

"Thank you, and I just thought of what potion I'm going to make" I replied

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