Chapter 2:

Character Info

When You Enter The World Of BL!

Shinra: He is happy and easy going. Always smiling and forgives everyone no matter what they did wrong. He tries to meet all requirments. Smart and loves to joke around. He doesn't believe in punishment.Bookmark here

Red hair with golden eyes.Bookmark here

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Asuka: Loves anything educational. He likes being neat and hates germs. Can be kind but will not forgive every little thing. He is a vegan. He punishes you in quite a weird way. Forcing you to read with him?Bookmark here

Black hair and green eyes.Bookmark here

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Luman: Has anger issues. Hides his feelings and can be cold. Hard to figure out what he is thinking. Rude to anyone no matter who they are. He is not all evil because he'll still make sure you meet all of your needs. His punishments are dark and scary.
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Black hair and sea green eyes.Bookmark here

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