Chapter 26:

Golden Robot

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Golden RobotBookmark here

Aemma raised her right hand to my chest and defrosted the right side of my chest revealing my tag. She grabbed my tag then froze it solid before crashing it into tiny pieces.Bookmark here

"There now all your points are useless, good luck with trying to pass now" The snow elf, chuckled before leaving.Bookmark here

Meanwhile in another part of townBookmark here

Tatsuo was casually walking through town, taking out any robot that confronted him, with only his sword Shunsetsu (Spring Snow).Bookmark here

"So much noise," Tatsuo said looking around the empty street he walked through "how long till this test ends? I want to cook something" Bookmark here

As Tatsuo walked around thinking about what he was going to cook, a giant ball of energy came rocketing towards Tatsuo, destroying everything in its path. "Maybe I'll make some soup...yeah soup, that sounds good," Tatsuo thought to himself while looking at the ball of destructive energy flying his way.Bookmark here

Tatsuo raised his katana up towards the sky and just when the ball of energy was in his range, he swung his blade downwards, instantly cleaving the energy ball in half, both halves of the energy ball flew by Tatsuo before exploding behind him. Bookmark here

The level five robot that had fired the energy ball at Tatsuo, came marching towards him with its right hand morphed into a giant plasma blade instead of an energy blaster. The giant robot swung its blade towards Tatsuo, with it cutting through multiple buildings and splitting the ground in its path. Before the blade could reach Tatsuo, Tatsuo had vanished avoiding the devastating swing done by the robot.Bookmark here

Tatsuo reappeared in mid-air, in front of the level five robot's chest. "Sōryū style!" Tatsuo recoiled his katana back "Piercing Dragon", Tatsuo thrust Shunsetsu forward directly towards the robot's chest, which caused a huge gaping hole to appear where its chest used to be.Bookmark here

The level five robot's entire body slowly shut down before it fell on its back. Tatsuo dropped to the ground landing on his feet.Bookmark here

"I'll make herbal soup," Tatsuo said, before sheathing his katanaBookmark here

-Tatsuo: 12,000PointsBookmark here

Meanwhile in another part of townBookmark here

Eldrin left behind trails of destruction, destroying everything in his path, it was to the point where other students would run away from him. He was like a ferocious beast with an everlasting hunger to kill everything in its path.Bookmark here

Eldrin raced through the town with his entire body cloaked in raging flames that would burn anything in a ten-meter radius of him. Aldrin made quick work of every level one to four robots that dared to challenge him.Bookmark here

"I'm right here! Come get me! You pieces of junk!" Eldrin shouted Bookmark here

Eldrin stopped and raised both of his hands towards the sky then released a pillar of flame from his body that shot up high into the sky, destroying all the nearby houses and buildings.Bookmark here

Eldrin did this to catch the attention of all the nearby robots, and it worked as three-level five robots accompanied by a small army of level four robots, marched their way towards Eldrin.Bookmark here

"Let's have a party!" Eldrin said, facing the army of robots marching towards himBookmark here

One of the level five robots fired a ball of energy zipping towards Eldrin. "Demon Magic: Devouring Flames'' Eldrin smirked. Eldrin's left hand lit up with smokey dark purple flames, which devoured the flame cloak around his body and increased the demon flame's size, Eldrin pitched the ball of demon flames towards the incoming ball of energy.Bookmark here

The smokey dark purple flames collided with the ball of energy, and altho the ball of energy was bigger, the demon flames were able to devour the ball of energy, turning it into flames and increasing its size.Bookmark here

The demon flames now as big as an energy blast flew into the level five robots, and upon impact, it exploded into a mass inferno that engulfed all three level five robots obliterating them into oblivion and leaving a massive crater in the townBookmark here

"Now for the piss ants," Eldrin said looking at the small army of level four robots, who stood before himBookmark here

All of the level four robots charged at Eldrin, with their left hands morphed into plasma blades. Eldrin pointed his right index finger towards the incoming hordes of robots. "Chain Lightning," Eldrin said as the tip of his index finger sparked with electricity.Bookmark here

Eldrin shot a single bolt of lighting out of his fingertip, which struck one robot before leaching itself onto another robot, then leaching itself onto the next robot, this happened until the chain of electricity was leached onto every single robot in front of Eldrin.Bookmark here

All the robots were shocked with high amounts of lightning, destroying all of them one after another until the entire group of level four robots was destroyed. Bookmark here

"Done, done, and done!" Eldrin shouted with a smirkBookmark here

-Eldrin: 18,900Bookmark here

Back to KenBookmark here

I can't believe I fell for an elemental clone, and let my tag get stolen and destroyed. I was so focused on pinpointing Yurei's mana level that I was blind to weaker levels of mana, which let that elf get the jump on me.Bookmark here

Now I have to figure out a way to free myself before taking further action. Since I was still conscious within the ice, I was able to release enough mana with the pressure to completely crush the ice. "Binding Chains Release!" The magical green chains that were wrapped around me vanished, I was finally free.Bookmark here

I look up at the scoreboard only to see my name flashing red. Damn, I'm really in a serious situation now because of that snow elf....okay Ken calm down the only way out of this situation now is to find and destroy the golden robot.Bookmark here

I used my accelerator boots to run across rooftops looking for the golden robot, but it was nowhere in sight, I couldn't spot it at all. Maybe it's hiding inside one of the buildings or houses.Bookmark here

"Damn it! I better find this stupid robot quick!" I thought to myselfBookmark here

I jumped down from the rooftops and ran from building to building looking for the golden robot but I still had no luck finding it. This isn't good, there is less than an hour left before this task is over, where the hell is the golden robot!Bookmark here

As I ran around looking for the golden robot I heard a scream coming from a nearby building, so I quickly made my way to the building only to find Claire tangled up in slimy tentacles.Bookmark here

"What have you gotten yourself into this time?" I asked walking up to ClaireBookmark here

"D-Don't just stand there help me!" Claire asked embarrassedBookmark here

"This is wrong on so many levels. Banish!" I said before the tentacles that were wrapped around Claire disappeared freeing ClaireBookmark here

"I won't be saying thank you if that's what you're waiting for!" Claire said with a stubborn lookBookmark here

"I wasn't expecting anything from you" I replied with a blank expression "Anyways aren't you part of the Wizard Elite? How did you fall into such an embarrassing trap?" Bookmark here

"Hey shut up! You have no right to pity me, you got your tag destroyed and it's almost time before you fail, which you will" Claire rebuked as she pointed at the scoreboard high in the skyBookmark here

"Jeez I just saved you and that's how you act towards me?"Bookmark here

"As I said before, you don't deserve my kindness, but...I was taught to repay those that have helped me, in return with how may I help you?" Claire asked forcing herself to be kind towards meBookmark here

"Huh? That's new, who would have thought you were capable of showing kindness on your own" I replied a little surprisedBookmark here

Before Claire could reply, the ground around us started to shake vigorously and the building we were in started to break down. A huge piece of the building fell off from above Claire and came falling down towards her, she was so distracted by the heavy shaking that she didn't realize it.Bookmark here

So without realizing what I was doing, I quickly jumped towards Claire falling on top of her, trying to protect her from the falling piece of the building. The piece of the building came crashing on top of us.Bookmark here

I really thought it was going to hit us, but I opened my eyes only to see that there was a barrier around me and Claire protecting us. It looks like Claire was quick enough to cast a magical barrier just in time to protect us.Bookmark here

"Woh, you saved us!" I said with relief looking at her.Bookmark here

"no your just lucky, I was trying to save myself" Claire replied opening her eyesBookmark here

Before I could reply to her, I couldn't help but stare at Claire, taken back by her appearance up close. "Now that I'm up close to you, you're actually really beautiful...." I bluntly said while admiring how attractive Claire is when she isn't looking down on meBookmark here

"w-what?...ahh...g-get off of me!" Claire demanded all flustered and red in the face before pushing me off and quickly standing upBookmark here

"Can't you take a compliment either?" I asked as I stood upBookmark here

"H-how can you be so b-blunt, saying something like a girl..." Claire said annoyed and still blushingBookmark here

"huh? But isn't it good to be honest?" I replied a little confused. I was raised on an island so I'm still a little new to interacting with people my age especially with girls, maybe I shouldn't be so blunt next time.Bookmark here

"Well yes..b-but not like that...." Claire stuttered "Anyways let's forget this ever happened" Claire quickly said "so just tell me how I can help you, so I can get away from you," Claire said even more flustered as she changed the subjectBookmark here

I looked at her still a little confused but I decided to ignore it "Well have you spotted the gold robot by any chance?" Bookmark here

"As a matter of fact I have, if you head east three hundred meters from here, you will see a cathedral which is where the gold robot is" Bookmark here

"Oh sweet! I'm going to have to find a way to get in without alarming it" Bookmark here

"No need, it's just standing there, It doesn't move an inch no matter how close you get to it. So all you need to do is cast a spell strong enough to take it out, which I doubt you know a spell strong enough to destroy it" Bookmark here

"Jeez, are your expectations that low towards me? Whatever I just need to focus on destroying the gold robot" I said with an annoyed expression "Careful not to fall into another trap, cause I won't be around to save you again!" I chuckled before dashing off towards the cathedralBookmark here

"S-shut uppp! I don't need you saving me!" Claire shouted as I disappeared into the distance.Bookmark here

Great, now that I know where the gold robot is all thanks to Claire, I'll destroy it in one go and pass this test. I was able to make it to the cathedral in a couple of minutes, thanks to my Accelerator Boots.Bookmark here

Once I reached the cathedral I walked inside and I was met by the golden robot, who was just standing a few meters in front of me motionless. Claire was right it wasn't phased that I was in front of it.Bookmark here

Now since this robot has been enchanted with high-level defence by Ace I should go with a full incantation destructive spell. Bookmark here

"Okay I only have about fifteen minutes before this test is over so I'll go with the spell Incinerate, I haven't been able to master this spell but the stage it's at right now should be enough to obliterate this robot".Bookmark here

I took a firm stance before raising both my hands up towards the gold robot, my hands were very close to each other with my palms facing the robot. I took a deep breath then exhaled slowly, I cast 'Spell Command' which created a magical ring that circled around my right wrist, these rings allow me to control any spells I cast.Bookmark here

"Flames of the Crimson God". Four crimson magic circles appeared in front of me lined up in front of each other from smallest to biggest. "Lend me your Flames''. the magic circles started to erupt into blazing magic circles. "And Destroy everything in my way, INCINERATE!".Bookmark here

An intense ball of fire blasted out of the magic circles, at a speed that easily broke the sound barrier with little to no effort. The ricochet of the spell pushed me back a little bit but I was able to keep a firm stance. As soon as the ball of fire hit the golden robot, I quickly raised my right hand towards the sky, directing the ball of fire upwards with the golden robot.Bookmark here

The ball of fire shot through the ceiling of the cathedral and up one hundred meters into the sky before exploding. The explosion was big enough to almost cover the entire town. Everyone could see the explosion no matter where you were in town. I dashed out of the cathedral and onto its rooftops to see if it had worked. Bookmark here

"Incinerate is an expert spell that is strong enough to whip out a town as big as this, luckily I used Spell Command to redirect Incinerate upwards where the explosion wouldn't damage anyone but the golden robot. There is no way the golden robot survived after taking the full force of an expert level spell like that" I thought to myself cautiouslyBookmark here

Everyone was surprised and speechless at the same time looking at the size of the explosion. The fiery explosion started to settle down and disappear into the sky. The golden robot finally appeared out of the leftover smoke in the sky and fell down a few meters away from the cathedral.Bookmark here

I looked up at the scoreboard, and unfortunately, my name was still flashing red. I couldn't believe it, there is no way it survived that spell. The golden robot slowly stood back up and looked at me for a few seconds before suddenly making a run for it.Bookmark here

Looks like incinerate was able to break all the high-level defence enchantments that were cast onto it. But now it's running away trying to buy time for the enchantments to reform itself. Bookmark here

"Shit! I didn't think it would come to this but looks like I'm going to have to use a red lighting spell. It might be overkill but I've only got five minutes before this task ends, I don't have any time to waste!" Bookmark here

I quickly dashed after the golden robot with no further delay. I travelled using the rooftops so I don't lose sight of it. While chasing the robot I conjured four purple daggers in each hand and threw them into the sky. The daggers scattered in the sky before flying into walls surrounding the golden robot.Bookmark here

Purple ribbons sprung out of each dagger and wrapped themselves around the golden robot completely immobilizing it. The golden robot tried to force its way out of it, but it was no use as the more it struggled the tighter the ribbons got.Bookmark here

"Don't bother, they might not look it but those ribbons are tougher than steel" I said standing twenty meters in front of the robotBookmark here

Now it's time to end this. I took a quick look and I could see some students standing around in the short distance watching me, some of those students included members from my dorm including Yurei, Claire, and Emilia, as well as Eldrin, Tatsuo and Rex, and some other familiar faces.Bookmark here

But I didn't have time to worry about them, I'm guessing they are just watching to see if I can destroy the golden robot with only two minutes to spare. I took a firm stance and raised my left hand in the air, creating a crimson circle above my left hand.Bookmark here

"Volterra's". Red lightning bursted out of the magic circle above my left hand and materialized into a giant lance made completely out of red lightning. "Crushing Lance''. There was wild red lightning flying off of the lance destroying anything it touched.Bookmark here

"Game Over" I mumbled to myselfBookmark here

I threw the lance with full force with only ten seconds left. The lance flew faster than the speed of lighting. Destroying the land underneath it. The lance hit the golden robot with full force completely disintegrating the robot into ashes.Bookmark here

My name finally stopped flashing red, but unfortunately, I couldn't celebrate as the lance continued going straight, completely disintegrating everything in its path.Bookmark here

The lance kept on going forward until it hit the end of the town which was where the magical barrier around this mock town stood. But not even the barrier was strong enough to stop the lance, it just shattered the barrier with some resistance making its way towards the hotel.Bookmark here

In front of the HotelBookmark here

Ken's lace made out of red lightning had just shattered the barrier around the mock town and is now heading towards the hotel at a speed faster than lightning. Just when it looked like nothing could be done to avoid the destruction of the hotel, Mei appeared standing in between the incoming lance and the hotel.Bookmark here

"Ken Granfold...very impressive," Mei said to herselfBookmark here

Mei grabbed the handle of her katana. As the lance quickly closed in reaching Mei, Mei yawned before quickly drawing her katana upwards, slicing through the lance with little to no effort, destroying it before it could reach the hotel. The lance broke down into red lighting before disappearing into thin air, and with that, the test was finally over, I had just passed.Bookmark here

"These generations of kids sure are interesting" Mei smiled softly before she re-sheathed her katana.Bookmark here

Next Time: Hot SpringBookmark here

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