Chapter 19:


The Human Saint is Bored, so I was Summoned to Another World Vol. 5

Another change of season had come. If you remember, the last season that we had was that of ‘Fire’, which was the same as the season of ‘Summer’ back on Earth. This time, however, an entirely new—and I admit, it’s weird—season arrived.Bookmark here

Hm? What’s weird with the Season of White Rain?” Maddie asked.Bookmark here

“Well, it felt like it’s snowing. And it’s just surreal for me to experience snow, just when the summer had ended a few hours ago. And it’s just the middle of October!”Bookmark here

“Well, you know…” she shrugged her shoulders, “This is how our climate works here. In any case, come inside. It’s about to get cold soon.”Bookmark here

Soon enough, and true to Maddie’s words, a few hours of snow later, the temperature went down. Because of this, Maddie put out the order for everyone to wear their ‘cold weather’ uniforms. The paladins switched to their ‘winter’ armors, and the normally sleeveless maid uniforms of the palatial garden servants were now sporting long, thick sleeves made of wool.Bookmark here

The pretty weird setting, eh?Bookmark here

I had no winter clothes with me, as I was summoned from a tropical country. Snow itself was a strange phenomenon to me, and if indeed there’s ice in the rain, it’s usually hailstones.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for overlooking your situation, Kuro!” Lily repeatedly bowed and apologized to me, “I forgot you were summoned, and have no cold weather clothing with you!”Bookmark here

Haha! It’s…f-fine!” I tried reassuring her in-between my shivers. Maddie and Lily wrapped me in a thick woolen blanket, and Eris lit the nearby fireplace to warm up my room, aside from closing the windows and draping the thick curtains over it. However, as I was used to the warm and tropical weather of my country, Chersean winter was a bane of my existence. I could feel my muscles go numb from the extreme cold.Bookmark here

“I asked the Duchess of Henristone to fetch you winter clothing at Arles.” Maddie told me, “If you want, I could warm you up.”Bookmark here

Err…c-c-could you, p-please?” Desperate for warmth, I asked her.Bookmark here

“A-Alright…j-just a m-minute…” Though flustered, Maddie then unbuttoned her dress in front of Lily and Eris.Bookmark here

“W-What are y-you doing?” I asked. I mean I knew what she was about to do, but I don’t think Maddie should do that in front of others.Bookmark here

“Well, you know…they say that when naked bodies huddle together, it gets warm.”Bookmark here

“Ah, yes! That’s right, I remember that, Maddie!” Lily then undressed as well.Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah…b-but L-Lily and E-Eris are here!” I could feel my nose getting runny, and I couldn’t help but sneeze from the cold.Bookmark here

“We’ll be your wives in the future, what’s the fuss?” Lily asked, “And there’s no malintent here, so you better man up and accept our goodwill.”Bookmark here

“E-E-Eris is s-still a k-k-kid.” I countered.Bookmark here

“Well, we’ll only strip to our undergarments.” the head maid offered, “And Lady Braunhauer, you may leave us for now.”Bookmark here

“What?! I’m Lord Kuro’s servant! Of course, I’d stay!” Eris protested, “Don’t worry about me; I’m a servant.”Bookmark here

“C-Can’t you d-do something a-about it with your magic?” I asked. To be honest, I don’t find it bad to…you know…huddle around half-naked with beautiful girls. However, I don’t like the idea of having little Eris around while doing that; it’s improper, even if she’s becoming my wife in the future.Bookmark here

“Tch.” I heard Maddie clicked her tongue. She muttered, “Just when I get to feel your body with mine…” At once, she began chanting a light spell, and my body slowly felt warm.Bookmark here

----------Bookmark here

So, with the issue about the body temperatures solved—temporarily, our next problem was boredom. The snowfall outside was getting heavier by the minute, and playing outside (I wanted to do that, too) was next to impossible. Only important businesses should be allowed to go out, and the visits were suspended for now.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Maddie, Lily, and Eris remained in my room long after Maddie cast a ‘warmth’ spell on me. They were just idling around, with the saint floating quietly as usual over my bed, Lily doing some knitting, and Eris was lying with her head on my lap as I read a book on a nearby chair.Bookmark here

“I’m bored.” Finally, Maddie aired her sentiments.Bookmark here

“Want to draw something?” Lily asked her.Bookmark here

Nah. I’m taking a break from that.”Bookmark here

“How about eating something?”Bookmark here

“I’m full.”Bookmark here

“Right. You always do, fatty!”Bookmark here

“Shut up, horny Lily!”Bookmark here

“Well, how about playing a game?” I offered.Bookmark here

“Oh?!” Both Lily and Maddie turned to me once they heard that. It was Maddie who asked, “What kind of game?”Bookmark here

“Peek into my thoughts,” I told her.Bookmark here

Hm? ‘Uno’? That’s a pretty weird game of cards.” Maddie commented.Bookmark here

“A game of cards?” Lily then said, “I’m pretty much good at those!”Bookmark here

“Well, Uno’s a pretty fun game.” I narrated, “And since we’re four people here, we could all play together!”Bookmark here

“Oh! That’s great, Kuro!” Eris finally joined our chat, “I’d like to play some board games with you!”Bookmark here

“Okay, so let me explain its rules to you.” I offered, “But first, Maddie, could you create the cards for this game?”Bookmark here

“Sure! Just think of those and I’ll try to copy it with my magic.”Bookmark here

So, I did what she requested, and soon, we have 112 differently colored and valued cards. Lily and Eris were both having fun watching Maddie create those, while I was impressed by her ability to copy my thoughts.Bookmark here

Uhh…are you sure you really have to put gold trimmings into the cards?”Bookmark here

“Why not? Since we’re playing, why don’t I create something beautiful along the way?”Bookmark here

“Alright…” Well, I’m not used to seeing gilded ‘Uno’ cards, but I guess if Maddie liked it that way, it’d be fine to me.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Now that we’re done and ready with the cards, I began explaining the rules to them as they huddled around me on the bed.Bookmark here

“So, here’s how to play this. Our goal here is to be the first player with only one card left on his/her deck. If so, shout ‘Uno!’ before another player catches you.” I took the cards and began shuffling the deck, “I’ll be the ‘dealer’—the one who’ll be giving you the cards. Each of us would start with seven cards, and please, be careful not to show it to your opponent, which in this case, every one of us.”Bookmark here

Err…you’re my enemy, Kuro?” Eris asked.Bookmark here

“Ah yes. I’ll be your opponent, Eris, and so are Maddie and Lily.”Bookmark here

“Right…”,Bookmark here

“Okay, so the rest of the cards that I didn’t give you would be known as the ‘Draw Pile’. It is faced down so that we won’t know what card are we pulling ’till it’s on our hands. Again, remember not to show your deck to your opponents. Are you following me?”Bookmark here

The three ladies nodded.Bookmark here

“Next, this space beside the ‘Draw Pile’ is the ‘Discard Pile’. For starters, the player to my left, the dealer, should begin the game. To begin, just choose any card from your deck and place it on the ‘Discard Pile’.”Bookmark here

Maddie was on my left, so she was the first to put a card down: a blue ‘1’.Bookmark here

“Alright. Maddie has placed a blue ‘1’ on the Discard Pile. Now, since Eris is the player next to Maddie, you either put a similarly colored card, or a card with the same value as to what is in the top of the Discard Pile.”Bookmark here

“What if I got no matching card?” Eris asked.Bookmark here

“You have to draw a card from the ‘Draw Pile’.” I explained, “Remember, if there’s no matching card, or you just decided not to play any card on your deck, you’ll have to draw one card from the ‘Draw Pile’.”Bookmark here

Ah, we could decide to put down a card or not?”Bookmark here

“If you got a matching card, then it’s yes. Otherwise, you have no option but to draw.”Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

“So we’re taking turns in playing this game?” Lily asked.Bookmark here

“Yep. The normal route is clockwise, starting from the player to the left of the dealer going around to the right.”Bookmark here

“I see…” Lily then showed me a four-colored ‘Wild’ card, “I’m curious what’s this for, though…”Bookmark here

“Well, that’s a ‘Wild’ card, meaning, that card can represent any color. You must state what color it will represent though, for the next player’s turn.”Bookmark here

“So if I say it’ll be red, then it’ll be treated as red?”Bookmark here

“Correct. And since I’m the next player after you, I have to play a red card.” I put down a red ‘6’.Bookmark here

“Kuro, what’s this card do?” Maddie flashed a red ‘draw two’ card.Bookmark here

“Ah…haha…” I inadvertently looked at Eris, “If you played that card, it means that the next player would have to draw two cards, and then forfeit her turn to the next player.”Bookmark here

“WHAT?!” Eris cried out, “It’s unfair!”Bookmark here

“It’s only a game, Eris!” Maddie countered, “Besides, we’re just starting. It’s good that we get to know the mechanics of this game as we play along.”Bookmark here

With no other choice but to follow the rules, Eris reluctantly drew two cards and put them on her deck.Bookmark here

“So, it’s my turn now?”Bookmark here

I nodded at Lily.Bookmark here

“What about this, Kuro?” she asked about the red ‘skip’ card on her deck.Bookmark here

Err…that means I get to lose my turn.”Bookmark here

“Eh?!” Lily was shocked by that, “Won’t you get angry if that happens?”Bookmark here

“Of course not!” I laughed, “It’s just a game. Remember, you can only play those cards if the preceding card on the Discard Pile is of the same color. I put down a red ‘6’, Maddie put down a red ‘Draw two’ card, and you put down a red ‘Skip’ card. If I play a blue card, then you both can’t use those action cards except blue.”Bookmark here

Oooh…this is pretty complicated, huh?” Maddie quipped.Bookmark here

“But it’s fun!” Lily backed her up.Bookmark here

“I’m getting the hang of it.” Maddie admitted, “Want to restart the game?”Bookmark here

“Hold on! I haven’t explained all the cards yet to you!”Bookmark here

“Then get down to it, hurry!” Maddie demanded. It seems that, out of the three of them, she’s the one who’s really interested in the game.Bookmark here

“In that case, Kuro, what does this card mean?” Eris showed a ‘Reverse’ card.Bookmark here

“Ah, that action card forces the turns to ‘reverse’ in order. For example, our turn now is clockwise…meaning, from left to right. If you played that card, then we’ll have to change the order to counter-clockwise, right to left.”Bookmark here

“I see. Should be the same color as the one previously played, right?”Bookmark here

“Yep. Or, another ‘Reverse’ card of any color.”Bookmark here

Eris smiled at me. I think everyone understood that rule.Bookmark here

“Okay, let me show you the rest of the other ‘special action cards’.” I took the cards from the draw pile and searched for those, “This card with a blank on it is the ‘Wild Customizable’ card. There are three in our deck, and its purpose is for us to make our own rules as we play the game. For example, if I put here ‘Drink water’ and then I decided to play it, the next player would have to drink water.”Bookmark here

“So…you mean that any order is written there should be followed by the next player?” Maddie was confirming what I just said.Bookmark here

“Basically…yes.” I think I just stepped on a landmine, but well, I’d try not to think about it, “But everyone has to agree with it. It was blank so that we could write our made-up rules.”Bookmark here

“Okie!” Her smile was too sweet and innocent. It reeked of schemes.Bookmark here

Next, I pulled a card with two hands on it, the ‘Swap Hands’ card.Bookmark here

“This one…well, it this was played, we all have to swap decks.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” Lily had a worried expression.Bookmark here

“Well, we have to swap decks. Yours would become mine, mine would become Maddie’s, and Maddie’s would go to Eris. Eris’ deck, of course, would go to yours.”Bookmark here

“Isn’t that unfair, for, let’s say, Eris got a few cards left?”Bookmark here

Haha…yeah…but this is how this game’s rules are.”Bookmark here

“Goodness!”Bookmark here

And finally, I flashed a card with four colors and the number 4 on it, “This is called the ‘Wild Draw 4’ card. It functions like a ‘Wild’ Card, but forces the next player to draw 4 cards on the draw pile…effectively stacking him/her with new cards to play.”Bookmark here

“This game is really unfair!” Eris commented.Bookmark here

Haha! Well, back in my world, a lot of friendships got broken because of this!” I jokingly bragged.Bookmark here

“S-Seriously?” Lily had a serious expression.Bookmark here

“Of course, it’s just a joke. However, someone who’s good with strategies, quite lucky, and with a cold heart will win this game.”Bookmark here

“W-Well…” the head maid cleared her throat, “This is an interesting game.”Bookmark here

“So!” Maddie had a triumphant face, “Who dares to play against me in this game? I think I’ll be the best player for Uno in this world!”Bookmark here

Uh, Maddie…” I told her, “You can’t play reading our minds. It’s cheating.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

And with that, the very first game of Uno in the world of Chersea began.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Since I’m the one who taught them the game, I presented myself to be the dealer. Maddie, as she was excited to begin, sat on my left. Eris went to my right. I think she’s still traumatized earlier when Maddie slapped her with a ‘draw two’ card.Bookmark here

“Hello, Maddie!” Lily was full of smiles, “Let’s have a good, relaxing, nice game of Uno!”Bookmark here

“Yes. I agree.” the Saint reached out her hand, which the head maid took for a shake.Bookmark here

Somehow, though they’re both smiling, Eris and I could feel a brooding atmosphere between them. So much for a ‘good, relaxing, nice game of Uno’…Bookmark here

Anyway, after giving them their respective cards, our game began.Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

Maddie put down a red ‘1’. Which Lily followed with a red ‘4’.Bookmark here

Ah…they’re playing it nicely. Let’s see how Eris is doing…Bookmark here

“Muu!” the irritation was written all over her face, as she was forced to pull a card on the ‘Draw Pile’. Looks like she’s got no matching card yet…Bookmark here

When my turn came, I quickly put down a red ‘Draw Two’ card. That irritated Maddie.Bookmark here

“You’re playing unfair!” she cried out to me.Bookmark here

Haha! Game rules!” Lily teased her.Bookmark here

“Oh yeah?” Maddie then pulled two cards, and had to suck up to her complaints for a while, “We’ll see about that later!”Bookmark here

Lily only stuck a tongue out to her before putting down a green ‘Draw Two’ card.Bookmark here

“WHAT?!” Eris couldn’t keep herself from screaming, “I just pulled from the ‘Draw Pile’!”Bookmark here

“Rules are rules!” Lily was laughing, so the little maid had no other choice like the Saint.Bookmark here

Alright, my turn! I put down a green ‘Draw Two’ card, much to Maddie’s frustration. And Lily kept on teasing her.Bookmark here

“Prepare yourself later, Kuro!” Maddie threatened me, “I’ll make you suffer.”Bookmark here

“Hahaha…”Bookmark here

Lily quickly shut down Eris by playing another ‘Draw Two’ card, a red one this time. The little maid’s face was red in fury as she reluctantly pulled another pair of cards. Somehow, it felt like Lily and I were the lucky ones this time, for pulling those ‘Draw Twos’.Bookmark here

But we’ll see in a bit…for I have no ‘Draw Two’ left in my hand. Fortunately, I have a red ‘9’ card and put it down. Let’s hope the others would not take notice that I’m winning this round…Bookmark here

Ahah! Now here I come!” Maddie was finally freed from the ‘Draw Two’ curse and immediately played a ‘Wild Draw 4’ card. Now it was Lily’s turn to get pissed.Bookmark here

“I’ll get back to you Maddie!” she cried out as she counted the cards she pulled from the draw pile.Bookmark here

Likewise, Eris was relieved that she could now take a turn. Maddie stated that the ‘Wild Draw 4’ card she played was a blue one, so Eris quickly slapped the ‘Reverse’ card she had on her hand. We have no choice but to reverse the turns, and Lily was utterly frustrated that she had to draw another card from the Draw pile since she had no matching card.Bookmark here

Oh…now things are heating up!” Maddie quipped and put down a blue ‘3’Bookmark here

I quickly countered her with a blue ‘6’. By now, I only got three cards left.Bookmark here

“Haha!” Buoyed by her success in reversing the turns, Eris played a blue ‘4’.Bookmark here

“You thought I’m going to lose? Think again!” Lily put down a blue ‘7’.Bookmark here

“Hah!” Maddie was turning up her rivalry against her head maid, “So you really think you can win against me, a semi-divine being?!”Bookmark here

“No reading of minds, Maddie.” I reminded her.Bookmark here

“I wasn’t!”Bookmark here

Yeah, but I can tell you wanted to.Bookmark here

“Muu!” Almost caught red-handed, Maddie had to back down and play her yellow ‘7’, “Anyway, to make things even more interesting, how about the first one to reach ‘Uno’ would get to spend the whole day with Kuro and he can’t refuse the winner’s request?”Bookmark here

“Ha?” I blurted out, “I wasn’t consulted here!”Bookmark here

“Why not?!” Lily’s aura turned even more competitive, “Bring it on, Rubinforth!”Bookmark here

“Come on Kuro!” Maddie had a nasty smirk on her face, “Won’t you give in to our little request this time? Pretty please?”Bookmark here

Well, it’s not like I have anything to do anyway, so it’s fine with me. But I’m concerned about the condition ‘I can’t refuse the winner’s request’. In any case, it’s my cute ladies who requested it, so I guess it’s not that bad…Bookmark here

“Hey Lily, Kuro finally consented.” Maddie aired my thoughts.Bookmark here

“Yay!”Bookmark here

“No peeking of minds!” I quickly reminded her again.Bookmark here

Maddie only smiled sweetly at me, and we resumed our game. It’s my turn anyway, and with that, only two cards would remain in my hands. One more cycle and I’m the winner.Bookmark here

I played red ‘7’ that I have.Bookmark here

Eris never made a clear expression once I put down my card. She stared at her own deck, looked at the ‘Discard Pile’, and then back on her cards. And then…Bookmark here

“!!!”Bookmark here

Eris played the ‘Swap Hands’ card. We could only stare at her as she silently put her cards before Lily to switch with mine.Bookmark here

“Sorry, my Lord Kuro, looks like I’m going to win this time.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I guess I didn’t have to tell you who won that game. It’s pretty obvious, anyway.Bookmark here

Maddie and Lily demanded a rematch with Eris, however, three games, several embarrassing moments, and hundreds of heartaches later, it became clear to those two that the little maid was more than a match to them.Bookmark here

Ah…spending time with my lord in peace is the best.”Bookmark here

“You sure trounced Maddie and Lily back there, huh?Bookmark here

“Well…” Eris closed the book she was reading and turned to me, whose lap she was using as a pillow, “…I’m an expert traitor, so I’m quick to know how to play games like ‘Uno’.”Bookmark here

“Haha…”Bookmark here

“But seriously, it’s just that, Her Holiness and Big Sis just don’t know how to play. They’re too sincere to let their expressions betray them, and I read them all.” the little maid winked at me, “That’s why I won.”Bookmark here

Eris is indeed a formidable Uno player…Bookmark here

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