Chapter 32:

Homunculus Part 2

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Homunculus Part 2

<Flash Back: before Five's first release of his mana wave>

In another part of the labyrinth, a yellow-haired boy named Lucas and his group were in the middle of fighting a small army of monsters. Lucas's group consisted of Drew, Eldrin, Julz, and Kalen the chubby panda that was last to pass the first test on Zeless.

"Man...all of this hungry!" Kalen panted as he fended off the monsters trying to attack him

"How can you think of eating at a time like this?" Julz asked as she casted multiple ward spells

"I'm sick of all these Goddamn fodders! Where are the strong ones!" Eldrin shouted as he physically held back multiple monsters with his hands

"Let's hurry up with these monster and move on to finding our next orb," Lucas said as he sliced through multiple monsters with one slash of his broadsword

"Right! So far we only have one orb, we need to hurry" Drew replied

Lucas's group continued to fight the monsters and in no time they were done with them. The monsters themselves were not so tough but they were a bit of a problem due to them being in a large number.

"If I keep going like this without body is going to give in…" Kalen complained

"Didn't you eat like, ten minutes before our fight earlier?" Drew said looking at Kalen

"Right but my magic requires me to eat, for me to keep going…" Kalen replied in a sluggish tone

"Well then you should have carried more food with you" Julz added on

"I could only carry so much...I wish I knew space magic, then I could store food in a pocket space and eat whenever I want" Kalen whined "I wonder if those monster we killed earlier were edible" Kalen added on as he licked his lips

Before anyone else could say anything, the ground beneath them started to shake, as if an earthquake was happening and the air around them thickened a little. This was caused by the pressure of Five first releasing his mana.

Everyone stopped and looked around trying to figure out what was causing this, as soon as Eldrin sensed my mana wave clash with Fives, he smirked with excitement as he had finally found an interesting opponent.

"Finally!" Eldrin said with a grin

Before anyone else could say anything Eldrins entire body lit up in blazing flames before he suddenly ran off towards where he sensed my mana, leaving his team behind.

<Flash Back Over>

Right now Lucas and his group are fighting a homunculus that they stumbled across after Eldrin bolted off.

"I still can't believe that bastard ditched us!" Drew said greeting his teeth

"Yeah...that was so rude of him…" Julz added on disappointed

"You two, focus on the battle, it's going to attack us again," Lucas said holding onto his broad sword with one hand

"I have enough energy for only one attack before my body gives in…" Kalen panted as sweat ran down his body

"Then let's make it count!" Drew said with a grin

"But it just keeps on won't stay down…" Kalen added on

"Leave that to me, I've figured how to kill it, for good" Lucas said "Drew and Kalen you both attack the homunculus with a high damage spell, Julz when I give the signal trap it in a ward spell that'll restrict its movements," Lucas said giving everyone orders

Everyone nodded and got ready, the homunculus raised its right hand towards the group and fired a beam of fire towards them. Lucas stood in front of the group with his sword held tight in his hand and as the spell came close, Lucas cleaved through it in one go. Kalen mustered up every last bit of his energy before jumping in the air, Kalen raised his right hand in the air.

"Expansion magic: Right Arm of the Giant!" Kalen casted

Kalen's right arm suddenly grew in size and length till it was big enough to dwarf the homunculus under him, Kalen brought down his right hand smashing the homunculus into the ground making a giant crater in the same size and shape as his handprint. The homunculus was still able to move but before it could do anything Kalen grabbed it with his right hand and threw him into the sky.

"Alright, I'm...d-done…" Kalen said before his hand shrunk back to normal size.

Kalen fell to the ground and immediately passed out. "Now it's my turn! Earth Magic: Six Point Piercing Pillars!" Drew shouted as he raised both his hands up towards the Homunculus in the air

Six brown magic circles appeared on the ground, underneath the homunculus. One by one sharp pillars of earth ejected out of the ground and pierced the homunculus from every point, holding the homunculus in the air.

"Now for the finishing touch" Drew Smirked

Drew leapt into the air towards the homunculus "Earth Magic: 100 Ton crushing impact!". A giant war hammer made completely out of rocks formed in Drew's hand,

Drew held the war hammer with both hands and once he reached the homunculus pinned by the sharp pillars, he swung his hammer downwards with full force smashing the homunculus back into the ground, creating an even bigger crater than Kalen.

"Julz Now!" Lucas said looking at Julz

Julz quickly put both her palms together "Binding Magic: Binding Prism!" Julz enchanted before separating her hands and pointing them towards the homunculus on the ground.

A green magic circle appeared underneath the homunculus and from the magic circle, a prism folded open before closing again and trapping the homunculus within it.

"Whatever your going to do, hurry because I won't be able to hold it in there for long" Julz called out to Luca

"Form 4: St.Zacharias" Lucas mumbled to himself

Lucas's broadsword morphed into a completely new sword. The broad sword was now completely different in both design and shape. Lucas pointed his blade at the homunculus trapped in the prism.

"Vanquish Thy, Foe!...". Two giant white magic circles appeared in front of Lucas's blade, from the magic circle a highly concentrated beam of light fired out of the magic circles and raced towards the homunculus.

The light completely vaporized the land in its tracks, once the light hit the prism, it completely vaporized it then proceeded to strike the homunculus and engulf it.

After a few seconds the light disappeared, there was nothing left but black goo. Lucas's light spell completely vaporizes the homunculus, killing it for good.

"Is that a holy blade?..." Drew said to himself as he looked at Lucas

"That's enough of that nuisance," Lucas said as his sword morphed back to normal before vanishing

"Finally...I was just ready to give in…" Julz said panting


Alice and her group are still fighting their homunculus and have yet to find a way to put it down for good.

"Why won't this stupid thing stay down for good!" Tai said with frustration

"I'm kinda enjoying myself here, I can cut it down as much as I want without having to worry about it dying quick" Alice giggled as she held her cleaver knife next to her face

"This whole thing is bothersome" Rex sighed

"Definitely" Krow nodded

"I'm so, running out of mana," Catherine said panting

The dust explosion that was caused by previous attacks cleared out and out came the homunculus still intact. The homunculus stood in front of Alice and her group, it stood there motionless just staring at them with its faceless head.

"What now…!" Catherine mumbled to herself looking at the homunculus with a crept out expression

The crystal on the homunculus's head, as well as the two in its hands, slowly disappeared into its body, once the crystals disappeared a larger crystal appeared out of its chest. The crystal shined bright displaying all the colours it's previous crystals displayed.

"This is certainly new," Alice said looking at the crystal

"We should most definitely move out the way, of whatever is coming," Tai said with his guard up

A blue, red, and yellow magic circle appeared in front of the crystal on the homunculus chest. From the magic circle, a destructive blast of a highly concentrated beam containing Ice, Fire, and Lightning blasted out of the magic.

The beam raced towards Alice and her group at high speed emitting a lot of destructive energy. Everyone quickly jumped out of the way but Catherine was physically too tired to move out of the way, before the beam could strike Catherine, Krow quickly dashed in front of the beam and grabbed Catherine before quickly jumping out of the way, the beam missing him by just an inch.

"You okay Catherine?" Krow asked as he held Catherine safely in his arms, not worried about the fact that the attack could have done some serious damage to him

"Thank you for the save...Krow" Catherine said with a smile

"No worries, can't let a fellow dorm friend get hurt," Krow replied with a soft smile. "Take a rest, we will handle it from here on out" Krow added on

Krow pointed his hand at Catherine, which created a yellow bubble around Catherine, protecting her as well as healing her. "This is one of the only healing spells I know, I hope it helps," Krow added. The bubble floated high into the air with Catherine in it.

"Alright let's move on to the final dish, and we have just the right amount of people to cook it!" Alice smirked as the knives in her hand disappeared "as the leader of this group, I command the three of you to protect me while I get the right utensils to do the final dish" Alice demanded

The homunculus stretched both its arms and whipped them towards Alice, but just before they were about to hit her, Rex appeared in front of Alice and quickly grabbed both of the homunculus arms, stopping them from hitting Alice.

"This plan of yours better work," Rex said before he tightened his grip around the homunculus arm and setting it on fire, both the homunculus arm fell off, but it wasn't bothered by it as it just grew new ones

"This final dish of yours, better be one hell of a meal," Tai said as he stood in front of Alice

"Leave it to us," Krow said also standing in front of Alice

The three boys charged at the homunculus and kept it busy while Alice could do whatever it is, she was planning.

"Gourmai Utensils No.14: il miscelatore" Alice casted as she placed her hand on the ground. A red magic circle appeared on the ground, and from the ground out came a giant red mixer with a silver bowl.

"Those three are strong, so they should be able to make a killer meal" Alice mumbled to herself. "Alright, boy's preparation is complete!" Alice shouted as she placed her hand on the mixer, which caused it to turn on.

"Your plan was to summon a giant mixer? is that going to help in a battle?" Tai replied

"Well since none of us are emotionally in sync and we can't get our mana in sync, this mixer right here will help us use a synchronized spell without actually being in sync with each other" Alice explained "the three of you fall back and strike the mixer with a high-level spell, I'll keep the homunculus busy while you three do that" Alice continued to explain

"And why didn't you think of this earlier?" Krow asked

"Because I was having fun cutting up the homunculus of course" Alice replied with an obvious look

"I hope I'm never teamed up with her again" Tai mumbled to himself

"Alright enough talk, let's switch!" Alice shouted

The three boys jumped back while Alice charged the homunculus by herself, wielding a giant kitchen knife.

"Well I'll go first," Tai said

Tai raised his right hand up, aiming it at the mixer, a green and yellow magic circle appeared in front of Tai's right hand, from the magic circle a wind like a drill imbued with lightning, shot out of the magic circle, revolving at very high speed and struck the mixer with full force. Once the spell hit the mixer, the mixer immediately absorbed it into the bowl and started mixing

"I'll go next," Krow said as he stood in front of the mixer

"Dark Magic: Black Crow descend" Krow raised his hand in the air, creating a black magic circle above the mixer. Krow dropped his hand down and from the black magic circle came a giant beastly crow made completely out of magic. The Krow struck the mixer and just like before the Mixer immediately absorbed the spell and continued to mix it with Tai's spell

"Acid Magic: Melting Canon" Rex raised his hand towards the Mixer, a purple magic circle appeared in front of Rex's hand. From the magic circle, a big ball of acid shot out of it like a cannonball, the ball of acid hit the mixer, and once it did the mixer once again immediately absorbed it and mixed it with the other two spells.

"Alright, you guys are done!" Alice said before she smacked the homunculus with a giant spatula, sending it flying across the labyrinth.

Alice quickly made her way back to the mixer and stood there waiting for it to finish mixing the three spells together. A couple of minutes passed and the mixer was finally done but the homunculus was back, and ready to strike again.

Before the homunculus could cast one of its spells towards Alice and her group, green chains sprung out of the ground underneath it and restricted its movements as well as forcing its hand and head towards the sky, making sure none of its attack can be fired at them.

"I'll hold it down, whatever you're planning you best do it now!" Catherine shouted from within the bubble

The mixer vanished leaving only the bowl behind "enjoy the meal!" Alice grinned before she kicked the bowl making it fall facing the homunculus.

A gigantic magic circle appeared in front of the bowl and from the magic circle a giant blast containing Tai, Krow, and Rex's spell blasted out, in the form of a single synchronized spell

The spell struck the homunculus completely devouring it and obliterating everything else in its way. After a few seconds, the blast vanished and the homunculus was nowhere to be seen, it had been vaporized by the synchronized spell.

"I guess it won't be having dessert" Alice giggled

"Color me impressed, that was amazing," Tai said with a smile

"Yes it truly was" Krow nodded

"So that's what the Gourmai Clan is capable of," Rex said

"So amazing!.." Catherine said to herself looking at Alice and the others

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