Chapter 33:

Finale Rumble!

Elenora's Academy of Magicka: Ken Granfold

Chapter: Finale Rumble!

Tatsuo, Eldrin, and I are still fighting Five. Even though Eldrin, Tatsuo, and I were all in the same team, we had no chemistry as a team. Instead of teamwork, we were fighting to see who could defeat Five first, due to that behaviour we were barely landing any proper spells on Five and we were getting in the way of each other, and to make it worse we were leaving each other, as well as ourselves open for Five to land solid attacks.

"Get outta my way! He's mine!" Eldrin shouted as he shoved Tatsuo to the side before charging at Five

Eldrin created a buster sword out of lightning and held it with both hands before quickly swinging it upwards towards Five, Five grabbed Eldrins lightning sword with one hand stopping it in its tracks, just when Five was about to make a move I appeared a few fleet's above him, with a lightning sword much bigger than Eldrin's, held over my head

"You call that a lightning sword?....this is a lightning sword" I shouted tightening my grip on my lightning sword

I swung my lightning sword downwards with heavy force but Five used his free hand to block my attack by grabbing it with his bare hands and stopping it in its tracks, just like Eldrins.

"Both of you are pathetic, here lemme show you how it's done," Tatsuo said "Lightning Beast, Talon Slash" Tatsuo continued to say before his blade sparked with lightning

Tatsuo swung his katana downwards in a diagonal pattern which caused a shock wave of lighting in the shape of a crescent, to be sent flying towards Five at high speed.

"Do these little brats take me for some kind of joke?...." Five muttered to himself in frustration

As the lightning crescent came soaring in Five's direction, Five let out a beastly howl directed at the incoming spell. The sheer pressure of Five's voice alone caused the lightning crescent to completely break down into nothing, disintegrating it completely. Five's howl directly struck Tatsuo with a strong shockwave of sound, which sent Tatsuo flying back a few feet and instantly stunning him.

Immediately after stunning Tatsuo, Five clenched both his fist, destroying both lightning swords instantly. Five without wasting a second grabbed both Me and Eldrin by the face, before slamming us into the ground then throwing the both of us, sending us hurdling and crashing into a stunned Tatsuo. After a few seconds, the three of us slowly stood up rubbing our heads.

"What the hell! You two need to piss off, this dude is mine!" Eldrin said greeting his teeth

"I'm starting to regret coming here! The two of you are nothing but annoying" Tatsuo hissed at both Eldrin and me

"Well if you two had waited your turn, and let me finish my round with him, then we wouldn't be in this mess!" I yelled at both of them

The three of us stood around shouting at each other and arguing, and honestly, I never thought it would be so fun to argue with people your own age. Weirdly, I felt this was bringing us closer as friends, although this wasn't the best time for it.

"The three of you are such a headache!" Five shouted, getting all of our attention. "The three of you are students from the same academy, yet you act like strangers!...for the last hour we have been fighting I could have killed the three of you at least thirty times now!" Five continued to shout in frustration

"Yeah, I've realised that" I replied. Five is right, the squabble between Tatsuo, Eldrin and I, have left us open many times and seeing how powerful Five is he could have ended us any number of those times.

"So why haven't you?" Tatsuo asked

"That's because I don't like hunting weak prey, I like my prey to be able to fight back, or I'm not interested. You three have the potential to give me an amazing fight but right now all of you are pathetic!" Five replied, clenching his fist tightly

"Then get ready for the next round, I'll show you what I can truly do" Eldrin snickered

Five let out a sigh before crossing his arms over his chest "this is getting nowhere" Five muttered to himself "I'll give the three of you some time to think of a strategy on how you're going to beat me, I'll stand here and do nothing attack me whenever the three of you are ready" Five continued to say out loud

"This guy is no joke, if we keep messing around like this we will get no were," Tatsuo said, looking at both Eldrin and me.

The three of us faced each other forming a little circle, to figure out our strategy.

"Okay then, the two of you focus on attacking Five as a TEAM," I said emphasizing the word 'team'. "And I'll focus on attacking him from far and providing support for the both of you"

"That sounds like a solid idea," Tatsuo said agreeing with me "Eldrin you focus on attacking him directly while I'll focus on breaking his defence and creating openings for you"

"Not fond of teamwork, but I guess it's fine this one time. Just make sure you can keep up" Eldrin said clashing his fist together

"Get ready to become prey to a demon" Eldrin smirked as he looked at Five

"Come! Show me what your magic is capable of!" Five said as he uncrossed his arms

Eldrin clashed both of his fists together, igniting them in flames before getting ready to charge at Five. Eldrin dropped his defence and focused more on his offence, putting his trust in both Tatsuo and me.

"Dovkel varah pexum Radha!" Five said casting in dragon tongue

Two brown magic circles with a dragon symbol appeared on each side of Five. From each of the magic circles, a dragon-like serpent made completely out of the earth, flew out at high speed towards Eldrin but Eldrin did not react to it, instead, he just stood there waiting for some kind of signal.

Before the two earth dragons could get any closer to Eldrin. Giant hands made completely out of fire raced past Eldrin and clashed with the two earth dragons stopping them in their tracks, this spell was cast by Me.

"Not going to let that reach him!" I shouted as I raised my mana level, causing the fire hands to crush the earth dragons

Earth magic: Raklu's gauntlet!" Five said before a gauntlet with weird symbols and made completely out of stones formed around Fives arm, cloaking it in heavy armour

Five clashed both his gauntlets together before jumping high into the air getting prepared to cast a spell down at Eldrin.

"Alright golden boy get ready," Tatsuo said looking up at Five

Tatsuo took a deep breath before rocketing himself into the air towards Five, with his katana(shunsetsu) held in his right hand. Five saw Tatsuo coming and prepared himself to engage in combat. Tatsuo came close to Five but not close enough to be in his direct reach

"Sōryū style: Blinding Flash!"

Tatsuo swung his sword diagonally at Five. Tatsuo's blade did not make contact with Five, but immediately after he swung his katana, a flash of light exploded in Five's face, messing with his senses and temporarily blinding him. With Five thrown off guard, Tatsuo grabbed a talisman and threw it onto Five.

"Oh Great Kami Raijin, I call forth your wrath, strike those that defy you with your raging bolt!" Tatsuo chanted as he landed on the ground

The massive light explosion soon cleared out and Five fell to the ground landing on his feet, shaking his head trying to regain his vision and bringing his senses back to normal. Five soon regained his vision and his senses but it was a little too late, as Eldrin was right in his face with his left fist recoiling back to its furthest.

Eldrin's left hand was engulfed in a large amount of raging dark flames. Five tried to avoid the incoming attack but as soon as he moved his foot, the talisman Tatsuo put on him started to glow and Five was suddenly struck with a huge bolt of lightning that stopped his movement.

With a smirk, Eldrin continued to say "CheckMate". Eldrin launched his fist at full force plunging it straight into Five's face "Hell Flame: Night Phoenix!". All the dark flames that were surrounding Eldrin's left hand transferred onto Five, engulfing his entire body before sending him flying.

The dark flames engulfing Five's body turned into a large black burning Phoenix, the phoenix flew up high with Five being bluntly impaled by the phoenix's beak. Once the phoenix was high enough without touching the ceiling of the labyrinth, it suddenly plummeted down smashing Five into the ground before exploding into a pillar of black flames.

"What an amazing spell…" I muttered to myself looking at the black pillar of flames

"Normally I don't like working with others, but since you, two can keep up with me...I guess this isn't so bad" Eldrin said with a smirk

Five swiped his hand to the side making the pillar of black flames vanish "This is amazing!!" Five shouted with sweat running down his body and heavy breathing "That was amazing, now you're worthy of being my prey!...". Five took a step towards the three boys but immediately after he took his first step forward, the talisman shined and his entire body was suddenly struck with lightning.

"So each step I take this talisman activates and I get struck with lightning ay?....and the Phoenix spell drained a great portion of my stamina as well as dealing explosive damage"

Five's hand started to glow yellow, allowing him to rip the talisman off of his chest but in doing so caused his body to be struck with lightning multiple times consecutively, but even after all that Five was still standing strong.

"Let's see if you guys can keep this up!" Five shouted before he powered up regaining his stamina

Five launched himself towards Tatsuo and Eldrin, ready to pummel them in a fury of melee attacks but before he could reach them multiple green squares appeared around him, then quickly closed in on him, trapping him in a giant cube.

"Eight-Point Lock," I said with both my hands together. Doing this gave Eldrin and Tatsuo some time to prepare for their next moves. Using brute force, Ken punched through the barrier freeing himself.

"Blazing Temple of Purgatory!" Five shouted, before punching the ground. Once Fives fist hit the ground pillars of raging fire radiating immense heat, started to rapidly burst out of the ground randomly, creating a temple of multiple burning pillars surrounding the four of us.

Two magic circle rings appeared around both of Five's arms. This spell is 'Spell Command' . It's a spell that lets one freely control the direction and speed of their spell as well as to modify their spell after being cast.

"These flame pillars have heat on a different level, I'm not even touching them, yet they are making my skin burn up, even with my mana skin," I thought to myself. My skin slowly turned into Volterra's scales protecting my arms and parts of my body from the scorching flames.

"How will you deal with these snakes!" Five shouted

Five raised his hands, making two of the flame pillars next to him morph into giant fire snakes. Five then started waving his arms around controlling the snakes and making them attack both Eldrin and Tatsuo. I cloaked Eldrin and Tatsuo in defensive spells, tuning their skin silver, mimicking steel, that would protect them from the scorching heat.

The both of them ran around avoiding the snake's and trying to get into Five's reach so they could attack him, but every time they would come close to him, Five would manipulate the other flame pillars and use them as a defence. For any spells that Eldrin and Tatsuo didn't see coming, I'd put up barriers and use defence spells to protect them, but playing defence wasn't going to get us anywhere.

"Ken switch with me, I'll get rid of this fire temple but I need time to cast the spell" Tatsuo shouted

"Alright, Eldrin and I will give you all the time you need" I replied

Tatsuo jumped back creating a huge space between him and Five while I quickly jumped in the frontlines to help Eldrin.

None of our attacks was getting to Five, and every time we would cast a fire spell the flame pillars would absorb them making itself stronger, and any other spell would just disintegrate due to the insanely hot flames.

Every time the fire snakes would strike us, it would completely burn off the steel protection I put around them, and when it struck our flash it would instantly burn it. What's worse is the intense flames were sucking in lots of oxygen, making the air thin, making it hard to breathe.

"Whatever you're planning, you better hurry!" Eldrin shouted towards Tatasuo

"Yo Eldrin think you can handle two of the snakes? I think I can break Fives defences" I said as I stood back to back with Eldrin

"Of course I can! But when you break his defence I'm getting the first crack at him" Eldrin grinned

Eldrin charged at the two snakes, using lightning magic and ice magic to fend them off, this gave me time to rewrite Fives spell. The spell I'm going to use is called 'Rebuild'. It's the same spell that I used during the phantom fog to remake the banishing tag.

I've only used this spell once so I'm not sure how this will turn out, but all I have to do is output enough of my mana particles into one of these fire pillars to break down Fives existing mana particles in them, in doing so should allow me to make this fire pillar mine, if I can do that then I can break down the spell and recreate it which I can completely alter into a different spell or even erase it….of cause this is all theory.

I placed my right hand over a nearby fire pillar, creating a purple magic circle between my palm and the pillar. I concentrated on outputting my mana particles into the pillar, it was more difficult than doing it to the banishing tag but after a few seconds, I finally did it.

Once my mana particles took over Fives mana particles within the fire pillar, the pillar started to glow white before disassembling into small floating chunks. Okay, now that it's in this state all I have to do now is cast the spell I want to rebuild it as, let's turn this fire pillar into a water pillar to fight off the fire snakes.

I started to imbue water elements into the pillar but as soon as I did, the purple magic circle vanished and the fire pillar returned to normal.

Seems like I'm yet to fully figure out how to work this spell properly, but this fire pillar is mine now. I quickly used Rebuild on another nearby pillar taking control of it. "Okay Eldrin get ready, I'll create an opening for you!".

I use 'Spell Command' to take over the two fire pillars that were mine and I morphed them into burning hawks to fight off Five's snakes while creating several openings for Eldrin to land some attacks on Five.

While all this was happening Tatsuo had thrown countless blue talisman in the air that was floating around, Tatsuo then started weaving countless hand signs while simultaneously chanting "O Kami of water Suijin, I call upon your great and infinite source of power" all the floating talisman flew around and attached themselves onto every fire pillar. "may thy power within your endless well come forth and distinguish these wicked flames. Deep-Sea Gluttony!" Tatsuo said as he weaved his final hand sign.

All the talisman started shining bright blue before massive amounts of water gushed out of them and consumed each of the scorching pillars that they were placed on, completely distinguishing all the flame pillars, once all the flames were gone the talisman stopped shining and disappeared, the water rained down cooling the air.

"Finally, now I can really kick his ass!" Eldrin said as he cracked his knuckle

"Let's test that bark of yours!" Five replied with a grin

Five clenched his fist and dashed towards Eldrin at blinding speeds, leading his first attack with a heavy punch. Although Eldrin was quick enough to react to Five's direct punch with a block, the sheer force behind his punch sent Eldrin tumbling back with his bones shaking.

"The hell is with this brute force!" Eldrin thought to himself as he quickly clad his body in flames and took a battle-ready stance.

Five let out a relentless barrage of punches toward Eldrin but Eldrin reacted just in time and let out a relentless barrage of his own, Five and Eldrin went blow for blow but slowly Five started to overpower Eldrin. In the middle of the slugfest, Eldrin took a step back exiting Fives melee range for a split second.

"Fist of the brilliant flames, exploding impact" Eldrin launched his fist at Five, at full force but Five simply caught Eldrin's punch and tanked the destructive force that came with it. "Is that it!?" Five asked with a smirk. Just before Five was going to return an attack, I came in with a flying kick cloaked in red lightning and kicked Five in the face sending him tumbling back.

"Don't forget about us!" I said as I landed next to Eldrin

"Come at me at the same time!" Five said as his claws protracted out of his fingers

Tatsuo held his katana up in front of his face with his left hand, and slowly ran two of his right fingers up the katana, from the guard of the katana to the tip while counting upwards "1,300, 1,600, 1,900, 2,300, 2,600!" Tatsuo mumbled to himself as his wooden katana got brighter each time he counted up, Tatsuo then swung his sword down to his left side and his katana stopped glowing.

The three of us dashed towards Five and attacked him at the same time. Our teamwork wasn't the best but it was enough to put Five on the edge and push him back.

After some time of fighting the three of us, Five jumped high into the air and pointed his hand down towards us "Giga FireBall!" a giant blazing bright ball of fire, fired out of Five's hand towards us at great speed.

"Iron Rock Guardian: King Defence!" I put both my hands together and a giant earth golem from the torso up appeared in front of us, facing the incoming spell.

The golem caught the giant ball of fire and launched it back at Five, Five used spell command to make the fireball explode before it could reach him. The explosion soon cleared out and Five was no longer in the air, he was now standing a few meters behind us.

"You three are really impressive! But how about this" Five scoffed. Countless words written in Magus appeared around us formed in a giant circle.

Five placed his right palm on the ground and all the letters started to glow up. Just before the spell could activate I quickly used a wind spell and pushed both Eldrin and Tatsuo out of the circle. "Shit I wasn't quick enough," I said just before Fives spell activated causing an explosion made out of white light.

"Anyone caught in that spell will have all of their limbs cut off and all their magic power sealed away for weeks and will be rendered unconscious" Five explained looking at the ball of light that engulfed me

"Damn it! He drew a magic circle in Magus and I didn't see him do it!" Eldrin said to himself in frustration

"I have to stay more focused!" Tatsuo said to himself gripping his Katana tightly

The light soon disappeared and I stood there with both my arms severed from my body, blood oozing out of my body. "Magus the language of Magic, a language forged by High Elves...I'm sure glad I studied it" I said as I coughed up some blood

"How are you still conscious?" Five asked surprised

"I realized you were drawing up the magic circle, so I simply rewrote it but you activated it before I could finish rewriting it. All I had time to rewrite was the magic seal from being activated and to stop the spell for putting me unconscious and losing my legs" I explained

"Wow...I didn't even realize you were rewriting it" Five said amazed

"Well fuck..this isn't good...hey horn boy do you know any healing spells?" Eldrin asked

"Unfortunately I don't know any high-level healing spells, we need to make an escape and look for someone who knows a high-level healing spell" Tatsuo replied slowly shaking his head "the best I can do is stop the bleeding and close up his wounds"

"I have an idea. Can you two place my arms back on my body? I want to try something" I asked looking at both Tatsuo and Eldrin

Both Eldrin and Tatsuo looked at each other a little confused but they decided to do as I asked, they picked up my arm and held them against my body where they should be.

"Do you know a spell that will heal your arms?" Tatsuo asked

"Not really, but if mimic what I saw then I should be able to reattach my arms" I replied

"Mimic?" Eldrin asked confused

I'm capable of naturally copying whatever magic I see, altho I've never tried copying an ancient spell it should still work no matter the age or origin of the spell.

I took a deep breath before chanting "Zethra Magic: Reconnecting Needle". Four sewing needles made out of magic appeared above My shoulders, two on each shoulder and instantly started to stitch My once severed arms back together with magic threads. Even though these threads were sewing into my skin, I didn't feel any pain. It felt good.

Once the needles were done they disappeared and so did the threads that were sewed into My shoulders. Tatsuo and Eldrin left my arms and backed away a little, giving me space to move them around. I moved both My arms around and stretched it out, it was amazing, my arms felt better than before.

"How does a punk like you know a Zethra spell" Five asked

"I learnt it from watching you do it, so thanks I guess" I replied

"Was that some kind of copying spell?" Tatsuo asked looking at me

"No it's not magic at all, my brain automatically analysis any spell I see and stores it for me to use at any time, but of course I can only cast the spell with the right amount of magic power or tool if required to copy the spell I least that's the easiest way of explaining it" I replied pointing to my head

"Wow you sound like a freak" Eldrin chuckled

"Huh? Don't make me feel insecure" I said covering my head

"In that case, I have a plan for our next attack!" Tatsuo added on

"Elenora's Academy of Magicka never fails to collect the most interesting mages" Five chuckled "This is getting more fun the longer I keep you guys alive, come on show me everything you got! Before I get bored" Five shouted with a grin

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