Chapter 0:


The Integrity of a Dishonoured Samurai

Years before modern civilisation, a meteor crashed on Earth leaving its remains with seven rune stones. Each rune stone has a beast protecting it from mischievous purposes. The beasts search diligently for an owner for the rune stones, or death shall fall upon them and the power of the stones will go loose. As time passes by, each rune stone has been owned by eight families from various nations. However, some beasts have live along with humans and made peace with them, while others despise and manipulate to control the owners to their own evil desires, specifically the Rune Stone of Destruction.

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Years have passed where modern technology and research kicked in. Some of the scientist could duplicate and improve the lives of humanity. With some families with the stones and the beasts willing to cooperate, most of the humans could obtain unique abilities called "Styles" from their "Key." With almost every conveniences in their hands, you may think that everything was all well. Bookmark here

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