The Integrity of a Dishonoured Samurai

A world-renowned, private military organisation called The World’s Senshi specialises in situations that the military can’t handle. Any typical individuals that have great potential inside them may enrol to a school specifically to find a job in The World’s Senshi. Despite its powerful army, they have a secret team of seven known as “The Great Seven.” This grouped believed by many to have the power to rule over the entire world. However, one of them has gone rogue and started a new organisation to destroy The World’s Senshi to preside over all power.
The Leader of The World’s Senshi has a sense of duty to stop them. The burden to take out most of their traitor’s trash is no other than codename “Raiden” a young teen with a dark and painful past, but wears a mask to cover it up. Although he isn’t the assigned Leader of The Great Seven, his potential is greater than all of his teammates; however, kept confidential by the Leader of The World’s Senshi and The Great Seven.

GenreActionComedyMilitary / WarSchoolTragedy
UpdatedJun 14, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
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