Chapter 1:

Litost Shoal, the Humble Coast

Where the Horizons Meet

"Aiya!" I see a girl rushing toward me. I rub my head as I feel the numbness.  Around me was a very sandy area, filled with houses made of sturdy bamboo. It seemed like it was afternoon, and the sun was ready to set in the far off sky. For some reason, the sky looked rather prettier than I remembered. Or maybe it because of that.Bookmark here

"Aiya, are you okay?" The girl kneels down in front of me and rubs my head. "Geez, Vito must have hit you with that ball so hard." It seems that the ball that my rival had accidentally kicked on me seemed to trigger a memory. A memory from my past. What is this about me, dying, and drowning in the deep? 
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"Aiya, you seem deep in thought!" The girl in front of me calls my attention as I instantly moved my gaze toward her. "That's it, Vito REALLY did screw up this time! Now my friend can't even speak anymore." She stands up in rage and then walks off to look for Vito. I sigh, and stood up as well and decided to go home. Bookmark here

Along the way, I thought about it. This new life, from the memory that I have witnessed, I guess I was reincarnated. As a normal girl in her youth, and I don't think I know anything from my past as much as well. I guess, I was also a woman in my past life. But the details of how I even drowned, or who I really was, seemed so blurry in my head. 
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"Hey, Aiya! I'm sorry about the ball. You'll still play with me, right?" A boy walked towards me apologetically. Vito, is probably within his guilty state, as he moped with his head held down. This boy, named Vito, is my friendly rival. Being someone athletic like him in this new body, meant competition to him. He has overdone his competitive nature on me this time. Well, at least he did apologize. Bookmark here

I only stared at him, blankly, until the girl, came in again. "Vito! There you are! I don't think I can trust Aiya, around you anymore!" The girl pulls Vito by the ear. "B-baila! Stop! It hurts!" I looked at them cluelessly. "It hurts?! It hurts?! Do you know what hurts more? I thought I was gonna lose Aiya, my precious friend!" She removes her hand from his ear then bonks his head while drilling her fist against it. Bookmark here

"Baila, please stop. You don't have to be worried now." I said in a monotonous voice. Baila lets go of Vito and then squeezes me instead. "I thought Vito broke your brain or something! But now that you're okay, I'm happy." She cuddled me so hard. On the other hand, Vito got so scared of Baila, and decided to run away, back to his home. Bookmark here

"Well, Aiya, it's getting quite late isn't it?" Baila finally lets go of me, and gives me a small pat on my head. She's a bit shorter than me, yet she acts as if she's some older sister. "Let me escort, dear Aiya to her castle." She grabbed me by my arm, ran then pulled me towards a friendly looking hut, surrounded with hibiscus and many other tropical plants. Bookmark here

"Mrs. Kalani!" Baila shouted at the woman who was watering the plants. She gently smiles at me and then to Baila. "Oh, how wonderful! Thank you for bringing my dear Aiya home." The woman said. This woman, is also my mother, well, at least as my new life's one. She's the local botanist, and serves as the florist of this area. From memory, many would buy from her store during important days. There's also some who would ask her for herbs for remedies. Bookmark here

"Aiya, dear, are you alright?" She looks at me worriedly and pats my head. "I heard that Vito got you hit by a ball." It seems like Baila told her, and seems like she hasn't moved on from that, huh? "I'm okay, ma. Vito didn't mean it." She sighs in relief. "But you still remember me right?" I giggled. "Of course, I do, you're my mother after all!" Bookmark here

She smiles sweetly at me. "Well, go inside now, the sun will set anytime soon." I nod my head. "I wonder, what's for dinner, ma?"Bookmark here

Even though I may remember a fragment of my memories in the past, and that being my death as well. Everything will be normal right? Or will history repeat itself, without me having any knowledge of it?Bookmark here

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