Chapter 0:



Humanity has evolved.

Mankind around the world have gained a new power,the power of the Gods. But not everyone was gifted this power,this selected people is called 'The Adams' and they are capable of wielding the power of a God. 

To some,this is the rise of humanity and to the other it was a self-destruct time bomb.

But new power always means new problem. 

"Where does this power come from?" "Why only a selected few was chosen for this power?"

Many question arose from this power,but of course no one know the answer to it, but little did they know that this power would bring chaos to the world.

The Adams started to realize that they can do whatever they want because there isn't really anyone that can stop them,and they did exactly that. Mercilessly killing innocent people, destroying things for fun, and all sorts of crime was done by them

But not all Adams started doing that,some still have justice in their heart. They started fighting the out of control Adams. Then the government started letting the Adams to fight each other, and the world was turned to complete chaos

When all hope seems lost,there was shining light. A light of change,a new government was created, The World government,and a president was chosen. Alan "Phil" Firda. 

Phil is the first president who is also an Adam. By using his power as the head government and his Godly power,he put a stop to the destruction of the world.

From there, Phil united the world as one country,making new rules for the Adams and new rights for the normal one. He gives the Adams a armband to differentiate them,and so Phil brings order to the world. 

Phil then became humanity's Savior

But one day,people started to realize that the number of Adams on the street has become noticeably way smaller. Suspicion has started to grow amongst the citizen. 

"Where did the Adams go?" "Are they hiding out of fear?" 

Rumours started to fly around,but one that caught the most attention was that the rumour about The president secretly killing all the Adams one by one. The rumour caused a huge media attention especially amongst The remaining Adams. And so, with the support from normal citizen, the remaining Adams began to take action to the matters. 

At first the government kept silent of the matter,this caused a riot. And of course the government absolutely can't use force against it's citizen for this cause for it will make a national riot, and so in response to the riot the government finally open up about it.

"Um.. This is a message to all citizen. We heard your voices, and to answer your question about the declining number of Adams everyday, here is the truth. Most of the Adams has been gathered and turned into special unit soldiers. To prepare against any threat in the future"

The message was broadcasted to everyone. And the riot was put to stop. Not everyone has the same reaction to it. Some accepted the answer,and the others didn't. Those who didn't accepted it, still has suspicion in their heads.

"Why did they kept it a secret until now?" "Why didn't reveal it in the first place?" " Why haven't we see any of these special soldiers?"

Then to find the answer to it,a secret group was created by both normal citizens and the Adams who didn't believed the government. 

In the end they never found the truth to it,some have given up along the way,but there are still who just can't shake this feeling of their chest.

But one day,when they returned from snooping around. One of them was missing from the group. They search for him but they never did found him,and again,some member leave out of fear because of it.

But those who isn't giving up created a Rebellion force,they are convinced that there must be a secret behind it. They outcast themselves from the government. They took town by town as their camp, not by force but by conspiracies that they believes in. They continued to grow for years.

One day they finally started to take action.

"We declared war!"

They declared war against the world government. They wanted the real truth,but even if what the government said back then is the truth,they will still hold their grounds because they stand by equality for the Adams. "The Adams should not be a tool as they are also humans"

Many lives was lost due to the war. Many dreams was taken. Many orphans was created. It was like the world has turned to hell.

Everyone have the same thing in their mind. And that is they hoped that this war will soon meet its end.

But it didnt. The never ending war continued to this very day. Taking the lives of millions of people along its way.

Joe Gold
The Loner