Chapter 1:

Chapter 1


"Ahem.. Good day everyone! Today we celebrate the first public selection for the Special units!" Says the announcerBookmark here

'What the hell am i doing..It's really boring in here,why did i try the audition in the first place? I regret all my decision.'Bookmark here

"I tell you what,it's really good to see the young and promising recruits,and-"Bookmark here

"Just shut up already! Where is he?!" "Yeah he's right! I'm not here to hear you talk,old man!" "We want to see him!"Bookmark here

 The crowd started yelling at the announcer.Bookmark here

'it seems like they aren't happy and just as bored as i am. Come to think about it,Who even are they talking about? Who is this he?'Bookmark here

"Okay okay, it's seems like you guys are impatient to see him. So without further ado. You may know him as the President,The Hero,The Greatest Adam,He has save our world countless time. Please welcome... Humanity's Savior... President Alan Firda!"Bookmark here

A man with a shining aura comes on the stage. He is brighter than the sun itself. So bright that it can put one to tears. His presence immediately change the mood of the room. The crowd silences in awe of this man's greatness.Bookmark here

"No no, i told you to not introduce me like that. Its embarrassing when you do that" says the PresidentBookmark here

'What's up with everyone? Why are they all in silence after seeing this man?'Bookmark here

"Ahem,as you know, our country is at war with the rebels of our country. Many of our soldiers and innocent lives was taken by this war,many places was destroyed. I am SICK of this,but our lack of adams can't comprehend theirs. But today is the day that changes. You, All of you will change this. Stop this war,stop this madness. Put an end to it all, for you are our country's hope. The world's future lies in your hand and only you can change this world. So everyone, give me your strength, save this world with me."Bookmark here

The words that came out of this man's mouth can even bring the strongest warrior into tears. Everyone was in tears. Everyone stood up together and applauded. Everyone respect for the man have exceeded beyond the cosmos, realising that even the humanity's savior is also a human that can cry and be desperate.Bookmark here

"I will fight for this country!" "Yeah! Don't you worry, pres!" "I'll fight this war!"Bookmark here

Everyone yelled their commitment to fight for him,for this country,and for the world's future.Bookmark here

"Thank you everyone,truly. Moving on from that, i don't really have much time for this,to be honest,so I'm just gonna keep it short."Bookmark here

'desperation huh... I guess even the savior can cry,but something's feels off. I just don't know what..'Bookmark here

"Today all of you will be joining the Field test for our Special unit. The test will be separated into three section."Bookmark here

'Makes sense that there is a test,but if i have to guess it will probably to divide us into different regiment'Bookmark here

"And no, none of you will not be selected,this test is just a test to differentiate your strength and weakness,all so that we can divide you to an units that actually fits your strengths."Bookmark here

'Ha, I'm a genius. I wish I'm in a team of strong people. Please.'Bookmark here

A hologram map of the test site appears on stage.Bookmark here

"First, Physical test. This is a simple test, your physical ability will be tested such as 10km run, deadlift,swimming,and punch power."Bookmark here

'Simple enough, seems like a basic soldier training.'Bookmark here

"Second, Weaponry Test. Again,another simple test. In this test you will be fighting a hologram dummy with your own weapon. The weapon is free to choose,and you can bring your own. The only rules is no using your contract. Other than that,there are no other restrictions."Bookmark here

'Weaponry huh,i do wish i can hide my weapon,but i guess i can't do that. Oh yeah,by the way, the term CONTRACT stands for our Godly power. Basically he's saying that I can't use my true power.'Bookmark here

"And the last one,the third stage is individual battle. You will be facing one another in an all out fight with no restrictions. The match can only be ended by knockout or by the referee decision."Bookmark here

'A fight huh, please give me a weak opponent!'Bookmark here

"Killing is allowed."Bookmark here

The word that comes out of the President immediately shift the mood. The room was filled by both fear and excitement.Bookmark here

"What do you mean killing is allowed?!" A man shoutedBookmark here

"Yeah what do you mean? I don't want to be a murderer!"Bookmark here

"If you don't want to be a murderer than don't come here b*tch!. This is war!"Bookmark here

It seems like not everyone agree to the idea of killing one another. All the recruits started yelling at each other.Bookmark here

"SILENCE YOU FOOL!" Bookmark here

The announcer shouted. A shout so loud it can make a person's ear bleed.Bookmark here

"Thank you. I meant what i meant. That man is right. This is war and you have to be prepared to take one's life."Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, but if you are not ready and prepared to kill another human being. Leave."Bookmark here


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