Chapter 1:

Transmigration is Really Tough

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Transmigration is really tough ordeal. You never know what is awaiting you on the other side of summoning circle. There is bound to be misunderstanding, confusion, perhaps a certain amount of violence. Isekai, or an Otherworld, can be full of danger, it’s people might have too different beliefs and customs. They might be monsters or treat you as one. You might even encounter someone who dislikes the nova berries! It’s always full of surprises, both good and bad. Mostly bad.

I had read stories of tentacles and fair maidens, sometimes even dudes, yuck. There were those accidents involving breaking dimension walls and eldritch horrors following transmigration. Getting a harem of lolis was another dangerous thing. If you were too weak it could quickly turn into a nightmare. There was no "Save&Load" in real life.

That’s why I was really glad that I got the right man in my very first summoning ritual.

He was currently lying right before me in the middle of the circle of divine runes. The runes were slowly dispersing, some of them shooting inside the body of the unconscious man. When they finally all but disappeared, the clouds, which made up the floor of Divine Realm hugged him tightly.
It looks like everything is working out perfectly. The Heavens have accepted this brand new “Chosen One”.


Finally I will be able to leave this world behind.

Don’t get me wrong. I love and adore this world. But. There is a point at which every God is oversaturated with power. Power, or rather the Divinity, comes from belief of the people and it accumulates in Heavens, especially the Throne of Heavens. It doesn’t feel right to remain and accumulate more. It is quite impossible. I was able to create an artificial container for Divinity, but it is just about to become full. Still it is enough to make another being with the right qualification into a weak god. Weak, but a God of the Throne nevertheless.

As for me.. I feel the call of the void. I will leave as soon as he wakes up and establishes connection to the Throne.

I will take with me a part of Heavenly Kingdom as well as a good number of angels. Normally ascending Gods would take everything and everyone with them, but I feel that it is unnecessary. Creating a power vacuum also creates an Era of Strife. Hopefully it could be avoided or at least shortened this time.

Eras of Strife would separate the otherwise peaceful Eras. Normally an Otherworldly Hero would be summoned to deal with it all. All of it was possible thanks to Hero Summoning System. I don’t recall whose idea it was. Even the records of Heavens after so many Eras of Strife had become somewhat incomplete. Before I became a god, I was such summoned hero. Never managed to return to my homeworld, but good riddance!

I had been working my ass off for some black company. An average of 12 hours of wageslaving for some billionaire’s corporation. I was pulled by the system when I almost died of exhaustion and not noticing a truck rushing towards me. This world was everything I could have wished for. With the exception of those nasty invaders from neighboring dimensions. I made friends, found love (and more than once!), gained fame, fortune and skills. Finally I ascended to godhood. I digressed in my inner monologue too much and now he is already waking up.


I woke up. It was really bright, which was strange because it was still winter. Then it hit me. I must have overslept. I began to frantically search for my glasses around my bed.

- Good morning. – Said a voice, startling me.

- Good morning, what are you doing in my room..

It took me a minute for the surroundings to sink in. My room always had blue and white walls, but now, while the color scheme was similar the rest of it did not match. I was surrounded by almost nothing, an open space and the floor was.. foggy?

The hell! What happened to my room!

- Well, you are in Heaven, which can be considered a room, albeit not yours, but mine.

- I died. So the Heaven and Hell is real. Fuck!

I was an atheist so it was unBELIEVable and unexpected. Besides as far as I knew I should serve time in Purgatory or something. If not outright go to Hell.

- At least I won’t be late for work no matter how much I have overslept. Shame though I didn’t get to spend my savings. Ha, ha.

I tried to find the good points of dying, while laughing nervously.

- That’s not entirely accurate – responded an elderly and burly man.

He looked both kind and strict. As a seasoned warrior would. His face was adorned with a black and white beard. His eyes were narrow, so I guess he was Asian. He was very scary.

- If you don’t hurry you might still be late for your job.

- Sorry sir, but how? I am dead, free from my mortal vessel, a pure soul, so to say. – I rambled on as fast as Heavy Duty Machine Gun.

I had this particular switch in me, that when turned made me into an extremely talkative extrovert. That switch was simply stressful situations.

- You are not really dead. I might even say you have never been more alive.

- I am not dead? Why am I in Heaven then? Have I lost consciousness? Or is a dream?

- You are taking it better than I expected. Maybe you don’t realize.. do you know who I am?

- Probably some angel in charge of greeting or judging souls? But if I’m not dead.. then you might be my guardian angel as well.

- Actually, I have a little bit higher standing than that. I rule and look after a whole world.

- You are a god? I’m terribly sorry to disrespect you, your Grace.

- Stop with the formalities. I used to be a mortal, you know. Just like you were. Treat me as a senior coworker.

- With hate and jealousy, sir?

- Not that kind of coworker. Anyway I have summoned you to do a simple job.

- Kidnapped by a god. That’s a first.

- Oh, it happens all the time, I assure you. I was kidnapped myself by the Hero Summoning System, which was created by some ancient god before me.

- So that was what you meant by “used to being a mortal” then.

- Exactly.

- Can I say no to the job?

- It’s already too late.

- Why?

- I have already fiddled with your body. Consider it a forced appointment. You didn’t even ask what the job is.

- I just wondered if denial is or is not an option. Thanks for clarifying that I guess. Senior god, what does that job entail? If it is an isekai adventure, you should know I’m really no hero material with my lousy motoric skills. I could do magic if you show me how, I mean if it even exists.

- You heard of isekais?

- They are pretty popular.

- I miss those stories. Though after living a harsh lifetime of isekai I wouldn’t be able to read and watch works of this genre in the same way, you know.

- Is it really that harsh?

- Oh, it was for me. Starting as a Hero in a godless world is basically difficulty level: hell. Let me show you something.

He made a step backwards and waved his hand. A globe appeared between us. It was not Earth, it wasn’t Kansas anymore.

- This..

- This is the world of Thrope. Were we currently are is metaphysically above it. This white realm is the very Heavens of Thrope. The residence of the God of Thrope.

- Sir is the God of Thrope?

- Not for much longer.

- Why?

- I’m going to abdicate.

- How can a God abdicate? Isn’t the very idea a ridiculous one?

- I wish it was that simple. I’m rather forced to abdicate. My material vessel can’t hold more Divinity as it is. I’m moving out.

- Will the world be okay with your absence, sir?

- Not really. Watch carefully.

The globe started to turn brown and yellowish. Some parts have red splotches on it. A giant tentacle rose from a location. There were some weird symbols changing besides it.

- What do the symbols mean?

- Ah, sorry. I got too used to local numbering.

The symbols changed to Arabic numerals and Latin alphabet. The words, which were in English, were “Date:” and “Death Toll:”. First number was meaningless to me, but the second said a lot. There were more than tens of millions dead and the number was steadily rising as the date changed.

- Am I correct to assume that development of Thrope is in Fantasy Medieval period? That ten millions is actually a significant chunk of the population?

- Quite correct. It was the worst Era of Strife to this day. At least ever since the Throne of Thrope was made, which might not be the whole history of life on Thrope. Basically once the God of the Throne leaves, all kinds of nasties will start to pour in from surrounding neighbor universes. Sometimes there will be good travellers, but most often they will slaughter and conquer mortals. That time dozens of Heroes were summoned consecutively and perished before the last one of them reached godhood.

- Then you really shouldn’t go.

- I will.

- What will happen to Thrope then?

- That is up to you.

- I don’t get it. Besides why the other universes won’t invade when there is a god in Heavens? Why are you speaking about universes, when an invasion could be led from a neighboring star system?

- Strong god acts as a deterrent to any invader and can strengthen the walls of the dimension. It is very strange. I too have learned that there are billions of stars with planets orbiting around them. Nevertheless it was never observed that someone literally came from stars. They were always teleporting in. Honestly the cosmology is a mystery for me even after all those years as a god. I don’t know whether Earth is close physically or not. Maybe we are truly in a different universe now.

- So you also came from Earth? Does every planet with sentient life have a god and heavens?

- I don’t really know. Other star systems feel too distant. Only the main globe and twin moons are within the grasp of Heavens.

- If we consider that FTL(Faster-Than-Light travel) is rare or non-existent than teleportation is the only viable travel option.

- That could be why..

Somehow we ended reaching a conclusion that mysterious dark energy was actually world owners trying to push their world-star systems as far as possible from each other. It explained why the universe kept on accelerating its expansion. That would stop the conventional means of travel, no matter how long they took. Making a generational ship just to invade your neighbor kind of defeats the purpose.

I felt like I have found a soul-mate. Alas, we have succumbed to this nerdy conversation for far too long.

- Oh shit. We talked nonsense and it is time to go. I can’t stay a minute longer here. – said the god.

Bells and trumpets sounded in whole Heavens.

- Quickly! Your new job! I have made you a weak god in charge of Heavens! Please look after Thrope. I won’t be returning. If you don’t do a good job you will likely die anyway. I hope and pray for you. Goodbye!

He said and disappeared. Several chunks of white disappeared with him. The remaining chunks started to coalesce together. Right next to where he was standing just a minute before now laid a book. The title was “Ruling Thrope 101”. Very funny.