Chapter 1:

The Spring of a 16 Years Old

The Story of Us [私達の物語]

 In a perfectly ironed Tokio High School uniform, Kairin Kashima walks timidly toward the school yard. She smiles shyly to whomever that meet her eyes trying to look friendly and fixing her black-framed glasses position unconsciously.

 She is looking for her name on the list of classes. After running her finger on the name lists, she found her name finally. She is the 14th among other students in the 2-2 class. Somehow Kairin's eyes landed on the name, Atsushi Toma directly below her name on the list.

 "That's weird, where did I hear that name before? Oh, well I better off to school gym now for the entrance ceremony since today is my first day in this high school and I don't want to be late," Kairin thought to herself. She feels lucky to enter the school during spring since it is the beginning of the second year, but then starts to worry if she will make any friends there.

 Fluffy pink petals of cherry blossom that blown by the spring breeze are falling slowly and covering the road into pink. She takes a deep breath as she thought, "I'm going to remember this moment the most" and then gazes at the clear blue sky.