Chapter 2:

No Choice

The Story of Us [私達の物語]

 During the entrance ceremony, the principal said his opening remarks briefly followed by a speech from the student council president reminding new students to enjoy their experience in here. In the end, the students left the school gym and heading to their own classroom after the school orientation was announced officially.

 By the time Kairin reaches her classroom 2-2, almost all her classmates had already seated. The desks are arranged in pairs, unfortunately. The paired desks at the back row and by the window are the only one that both empty. There are other empty seats too but she's too anxious to sit next to a stranger.

"I guess I have no choice," Kairin sighed as she sits down the empty seat on the right. Everyone seems too busy with catching up with each other and telling stories from their vacation. The fact that no one seems familiar makes her depressed a bit and lonely, but she's glad because she doesn't have to introduce herself in front of the class like transfer student.

 The homeroom is not starting yet so she takes this chance to sort her books and stuff. Her name is on the name list like others as she was supposed to study here and led a new high school life, last year. But, she couldn't make it. She didn't dropped out of school, just taking a long medical leave. Fortunately, her health is much better this year and she can finally go to high school. Kairin doesn't know which one she's looking forward more, high school life or meeting that person.

 Abruptly, the door is slide open by a boy that looks like a senior. "Someone named Kairin Kashima, Uchida-sensei want to see you in the staff room now", he announced and looking around. "Me??", Kairin mumbled with puzzled face. As soon as she said that her classmates turn around and stare at her like a alien. "Yeah, right now", he replied and slide the door close.

 She steps outside as fast as she could, but enough to glance inside. They all look startled and asking each other whether it's true they have a transfer student. She doesn't blame them for that as she tend to be shy around people she just met for the first time and it will be awkward to talk to them out of nowhere.

 "They must be wondering who I am by now," she thought to herself as she's looking for the staff room. As she's about to turn right towards the corridor, she bumped her head into someone. A guy yelled at her, "Hey!!! Watch where you're going! Are you blind?"