Chapter 3:

Transfer Student?

The Story of Us [私達の物語]

"Ouch!!! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it," Kairin said apologetically on the floor and she held her head in pain  as the result of running into a guy. "How could this happen to me? Why? I'm so unlucky! It's only my first day in school," she muttered inside her head. He must be in pain too because she can see him rubbing his chest repeatedly. She doesn't want to create further trouble so Kairin stand up and bow a little at him.

"Sorry, I have to rush," Kairin said quickly and dashed from there. She doesn't even look at his face properly. She's hoping that they won't meet each other again because it'll be so awkward.

"Hey! You! Don't you dare run away!" the guy yells loudly at Kairin to stop her. She can barely hears what he's shouting since she almost arrive at the staff office. She's sweating from running hastily from him. Kairin thought she was safe for now.

🔹IN CLASS 2-2🔹

The moment Kairin Kashima left, the some of her classmates are confounding over her presence. "Whoa...what was that?" asked a guy who sits in front of the teacher's desk. "I never know we had a transfer student", a girl said from behind.

"She looks like an introvert that's why we don't notice her," said Nene Maeda with a sarcastic voice and rolled eyes. A girl behind her nod to show her agreement.

"Guys...honestly, I can't believe you all said that. We can't judge a book by its cover, right? Give her a chance, today is her first day too", spoke Yuji Watari lively, trying to convince everybody. 

"Yeah, I guess you're right," someone said supporting Yuji.

Nene praised, "As expected of Watari-kun, you had never spoken ill of anyone." Hearing that makes Yuji grinning a little. Another boy seated beside him, Shin Odagiri added, "Speaking of transfer student...there was a girl last year that always absence from class. Could it be that girl, is her? Don't you think so?"

"Hmm, really? I don't remember that," Yuji replied blankly. Suddenly, the door is slid open and a guy with annoyed face steps inside and closes the door again loudly.

"Good morning, Toma-kun! You're almost late. Is something upsetting you? You look angry," greeted Nene and smiling happily. "I just bumped into this rude girl. How dare she left just like that," said Atsushi Toma in irritation.

"'s your fault too. It won't happen if you come early. Ah! I'm sorry Toma, I couldn't save your seat. Someone already sit in there when I come, but you could still sit beside her if you want" said Shin pointing towards the paired seats at the back row and by the window.

"What!! No way...I really like that seat," sighed Atsushi. "Don't worry. I already save you another just in front of that seat" told Shin.

Nene comes towards him as Atsushi sits in his saved seat, "Looks like everyone is in the same class again like the last grade," she said smiling. "'re right," he replied half-halfheartedly. 

Nene told him, "Did you know? We have a new transfer student"