Chapter 0:

The War Begins

Sky Hero

“Emergency, emergency, emergency!”
“The sirens went off!”- said a high ranked officer.
“Everyone, this is not a drill! Prepare to take off!”Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure what’s going on because I was sleeping but then one of my squadron member came to me.
“Sir, the enemy is attacking us.”
“Okay, do we have to attend any briefing or just get in our planes and they will tell us what we need to do?”
“Sir, they only said that the enemy is attacking our country.”- I wasn’t sure either myself what I should say to the captain.
“I see. Gather everyone until then I will ask what we need to do.”
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“Yes, sir!”Bookmark here

Well then, let’s search for the base commander. I hope he won’t get mad at me because I was sleeping.
“Captain Julius Fernd reporting for duty!”- Yes, this is my name and I am a captain.
“Finally you are here!”- said the base commander.
“What is going on, sir?- I asked.
“The Three Stars Republic is under attack by The Great Empires Alliance.”
“What will be my squadron task now?”- I was really wondering what we need to do?
“Your current objective will be to shoot down the enemy bombers that are coming still way. You will be leading 2 squadrons your own squadron the Phoenix and the White Hawks which is under First. Lieutenant Federica Lopzi.”
“We already informed her that you will be leading and your aircrafts are almost ready. You are going to give a small briefing to them”- said the base commander.
“Understood, sir!”Bookmark here

Okay, now I need to find them. They are probably at the hangar. Ah, yes I almost forgot to mention our country name is Fen and we are in the Three Stars republic.Bookmark here

Sky Hero

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