Chapter 0:


Detective Xero

20th of april 2022. The day known as Hunter's evening.  The virus ruled humanity.Vaccines? None worked on the new variant. Codenamed: Hominum.  It turned you into a bloodthirsty monster. And when it was finished your body would shutdown. Billions of us died.  Nature was taking over us. But of course humanity decided to be a dick.  We started a war. A nuclear war. We  killed those infected. But god was that a mistake. It kick-started  evolution. It gave us power. With this power we overruled other inferior lives. Other organism. We where the alphas We started a new life. After a 100 years The world was back to where it was. 

But of course this is my story. This is the story of my fame. The  story of my mistake of  joining. the scheme. The scheme that made hunting criminals entertaining. The scheme that turned those of us with the power into puppets. The scheme That created a society of detectives.  A society that loved us. The society that created more  crime for entertainment. Our lives just became the world's biggest tig and tag match we ever saw. 

Joe Gold