Chapter 1:

Operation new mutation

Detective Xero

"I want team Alpha and Team Delta to be near the gates. Team Epsylon you stream your webcams directly to the anchor and raid the house.  Remember in there that child is not like any other child. That inside of there is a psychopath. She managed to kill her whole family and any other living blood member. Whatever you do, don't you dare show pity. Shoot on sight. Bring her back to me dead or alive! Go, go go!" Xero shouts into the microphone. Next to her was Ichika. She was looking at Xero wondering if today was the day Xero lost her mind. I mean who wouldn't wonder?  It's been thousands of years since Hunter's evening and not even once was there a new sign of a new mutation of the superioritatem syndrome. Now all of a sudden there was a mutation that let the person infected become a psychopath for short period of time? How could evolution go from an increase of IQ by 50 for two hours every 24 hours to what,according to Xero, was the ability to get rid of all emotion.  Not only that but the prime suspect for the string killing (around Isle of man and Isle of White)was a little redheaded, eight year old girl.  Xero looks at Ichika nodding. It was time for the real plan to take action. 

Oleander looks at the little boy hanging on the ceiling. She knows that the beautiful house is surrounded. She was excited. She can smell the blood that was about to be let out. She looks up again. The little boy had chestnut hair. And behind this ugly maggot filled body where three babies. Each one wearing a bomb. Each one screaming Each one bleeding. Each one with at least one decapitated body part. Oleander did not care. This was fun. Anyway her plan was simple. The minute the soldiers came into the room she was in right now all she had to do was play the pre recorded voice recording and the take the secret tunnel,that she had built in the shed, to the sewers. Not only that but there was no need to turn on her ability.

There was a roar. Gunshots where everywhere. It was like beautiful fireworks. All of the soldiers charged in. All hoping that a little girl wasn't in charge of such a heinous act. Team Epsylon's Leader was the first to go in. The rest of the team followed. There were three rooms to the right from the entrance. The team was commanded to ignore and keep moving. The living room was here. There it was in front of them. Four victims. One dead and three babies behind screaming. They were all mortified. Xero was correct. Each one of their hearts started to beat faster. All of them realizing what humanity was capable of. All of them realizing just how dangerous superioritatem syndrome really is.

Xero and Ichika started to run across the back of the houses. They both knew what was about to happen. So do the teams. They kept on running trying their fastest to reach the garden. Bingo! There she Oleander.  Both detectives walk forward. Both holding their guns tightly. They aim. Oleander sees them.She could smell the bloodshed But that only brings her joy.  "What're you going to do shoot me? I'll just bring the end of three innocent girls with me!"," she laughs out. Her smile invades every single part of her face. 
"Well I mean who cares about those children. Deaths are fun. They bring me joy just as how cocaine brings me joy. This job it's all for the cash. I always dreamt of doing a stunt like yours.," Xero replies. This infuriates Orleander. Her rage boiling. Invading every inch of her body. The rage speaks. The rage moves. Anger was her embodiment now. 
"How dare you! This is not a stunt.You fools. These killings have a meaning. I killed them because of what they did to me. Oh god do I hate humanity," she screams. Right on queue everything surrounding them suddenly faded away. The buildings and guns started  to turn into props. Around them there were eight different projectors surrounding the room. The room was white.  And in the left hind sight there was a mirror. Ichika laughed this time. It was her time to shine. 
"Honey, Smile you're on camera. And don't speak, leave you're explanation for court," she said with a charming smile.
"N-no how . B-but," Oleander was left speechless.
"Oh this was easy. Tracking you was the hard part. We ended up putting a bounty on you just so we could get you. And then all we had to do was brainwash you. And everything else if I say so myself, worked out perfectly," Xero announced.This time she was laughing.
"Take her away guys," Ichika commanded some uniformed personnel. Finally, her and Xero are now the best detectives of the year. 

3 years later,
Xero woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. It was Ichika. She answered it. Only to be greeted with excitement. "It's true. There is another mutation of the superioritatem syndrome. Come here as quick as possible," The other side of the phone said. Xero smiled. She knew it. She was never wrong.

Detective Xero