Chapter 3:

The 'Improved' Training Regime (Part 1)

I was once a chef, but due to the circumstances, I am left with no choice but to be a Fighter

The morning exercise starts as soon as everyone in a class gathers. And that is exactly what happened as soon as Kyle joined the group with the red hair.

“Good. Everyone is here,” a person dressed in an instructor uniform said in satisfaction. Kyle did a quick look over his figure; he still had some trouble believing what his eyes were seeing.

Two protruding horn-like antennae. The long, pointy, elf-like ears. The tail that was on his back and finally, that purple skin tone.

‘To think there will be a day I see an alien in person. To be honest, just what kind of world did I get transported to? These past two months, I’ve been busy trying to not get punished so I never had the chance to find out…’

“Alright. Listen up,” the alien said in a stern voice, making Kyle snap out of his thought. “In these three months, your lessons and training will have increased intensity. The preparation for Oracle’s Entertainment Show has already begun and we will send ten students from this academy as representatives.”

‘Wait, what? Oracle Entertainment Show? What’s that?’

“These ten representatives will then compete with other academies in the show. We want you to bring in the championship. Therefore, from today onward, all 384 students will be combined and evaluated at the same time. If you think training was hard before, then the next three months is akin to hell for you. As usual, only the top ten will receive luxury treatment so this time, all 384 of you will compete for that ten spots.”

Hearing this kinds of announcement, Kyle suddenly felt dreadful. This academy has twelve classes with 32 students in each class. Just getting to the top ten from 32 students was already hard and now, they want him to compete with 383 students?

“Sir Treuda, may I ask a question?”

Suddenly, Kyle heard the red hair beside him speak, asking the alien.

“Ah, yes. Reine, what is it you want to ask?”

“Before this, we had 32 students and the top ten received the luxury treatment. And another twelve students received points based on their rankings while the last ten will receive punishments. Then… what about now?” the red hair, Reine, asked.

“Are you worried that you won’t get to the top ten with your ability, Reine?” Treuda asked. “Don’t worry. With your ability, getting to the top ten won’t be a problem but if you are just curious then, other than the top 100, the rest will continue training during the weekend!”

If it were not for the fact that the instructor was in front of him, Kyle would’ve already cursed him out loud. He was originally a chef, and the normal training routine was already pushing him to his limit. Kyle then calculated the amount of points he had.

‘Damn it! Even with my current points, I may only be able to buy myself out of punishment four times at most!’

Kyle was already in despair when he felt a hand patting his back.

“Don’t worry. You’ve been working hard these past three months. You’ll be able to make it to the top 100,” the one who comforted him was Reine.

“Easy for you to say, Mr Top of the Class,” Kyle grumbled.

He could hear Reine chuckle, but there was no follow up conversation. The two then simply focused on Treuda, who is still answering questions from other students.

Once everything was settled, it was finally time for the morning exercise. After half an hour of their warm up exercise, Kyle finally understood what Treuda meant when he said it would be hellish.

In short, if it was a 10km run then it would be increased to a 30km run. The repetitions for push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups were increased from 100 repetitions to 150 repetitions. Though it was still slightly lower than the punishment course, that increase was not small.

In addition, who is to say they won’t increase it again when the students have got used to it? And what about the punishment? Would their difficulty get increased too?’

Kyle’s thought was proven correct when at the end of the day, 284 students who experienced the punishment told their friend of their suffering. He could even sense those students’ renewed resoluteness in wanting to reach the top 100.

He had barely got to the 98th place. His position was in danger. Kyle understood that if he didn’t get to the top 50 at least, he would be in danger of the punishment.

The next day, what he truly dreaded had become a reality.

‘Sure enough… from the 60th to the 100th spot, they are not secure…’

Forty students from the previous 284 students had snagged the top 100 spot from the previous holder. And Kyle is one of the forty who were pushed away from the top 100 spot, ranking at 179th place.

‘Fortunately, I still have my points.’

But when he tried to exchange his points for freedom, he found out that they increased the number of points required by the punishment supervisor by 100 folds. In just one night, Kyle became a broke man.

He knew things must not be allowed to continue at this pace. He must either improve himself or suffer the punishment.

‘Wait… why can’t I have a third option?’

An idea suddenly popped up in his mind and with renewed vigour, he ran across the field and towards the dorm building. His feet only stopped at a door with the number 0311. He raised a hand and pressed on the intercom just beside the door.

Soon after, the intercom lights up and a voice sounds from the other side. “Who is it?”

“Reine! Help me! You gained a lot of points from being the 2nd place twice in a row, right?”

“Well, that’s true, but how do you want me to help? You should know that giving away points is against the rule…”

“I know. That’s why I propose to you an exchange! Of course, I will still try to get to the top 100 but in the case of me failing, I want you to help me pay off the punishment. In return, every day in the next three months, I will cook you a delicious meal, 3 times a day!”


A grin formed on Kyle’s face when he heard Reine agreed. He was confident that Reine would agree, after all, he knew Reine was addicted to his cooking since the first time the other tasted it.

But it was only that one time when Kyle was treating himself to some good meal. After that, he never wasted his points buying expensive ingredients and renting the kitchen again, so he could actually see Reine’s disappointment.

“I haven’t even finished talking. Are you sure that you want to agree? After all, you will bear all ingredients and fees!” Kyle added the last point mischievously.

The door in front of him opened to reveal Reine, who had already cleaned up. “Even if you don't get to the top 100 for the next three months, eating your food is worth it! Let’s go to the kitchen now! I want my dinner!”