Chapter 1:

Use of a freshman

She Changed Me

Eyes snap open, Shoya is covered in a cold sweat, shaking, heart-pounding, and gets up and walked toward its bathroom for washing his face.

''Not again that nightmare, it been almost a year these dreams don’t let me sleep.'' (Shoya speaks to himself)

They say whatever bad happens in your life or going to happen in your life is decided, if life plays a happy, enjoyable, and successful game then you started to believe yourself superior, indestructible but life is also a death sentence. So get ready for experiencing the point of exhaustion because without knowing or warning, life will hit you so hard that in a movement you become weak, listless and life will start to fall back, and your indestructible shield will shred into pieces and life will start bouncing your happiness and sadness. Then you realize that whatever you have or achieve is useless and there will nothing left in your life and life will tell you that you are nothing just a mortal being and this happens in just a movement.

"The person real importance is understood by the person's loss"

Whoever said these had said the truth. Everything we suffer emotionally or physically will shape our future but what if this suffering stops you from loving someone or make you afraid from facing it. Some people take months to recover from a fracture but recovering from a mental issue or incident will take years. During these years, no therapy or medicine will able to cure these but there will be one thing that will increase your pain and suffering which is your thoughts.

Thoughts will make your pain deeper and deeper. At this point, only one thing can save you that's your so-called angel or lifesaver which comes in form of a friend or someone who loved you from the heart and will change your thoughts and give them a new point of view.

''Good Morning, myself Shoya Ishida and I am a transfer student and will join you for high school."

<---And this is how my new life away from my past starts now---->

This history period really sucks. Please! someone save me from this period.
Who the heck threw this paper on me?
Someone from the third bench waved a hand with an awkward smile giving a signal to open the paper.

"Hey! buddy, I am Masayoshi Umehara I like to give you a tour of the school and give confidential and secret information about the school and it looks you are suitable for my business
I hope you will accept my offer and like my company

But wait! what is mean by "my business" whether it is confused about my gender because it's my first day might he got the wrong impression about my taste but it's true that I look good, charming and my smile plays as my charisma
I am just overthinking about it...
When he looked again towards Umehra,
He waved his hand again, as an expression of approval whether yes or no?
Shoya showed him his thumb with a hesitating smile. After few minutes bell ranged time for the interval began and Umehra starts to walk toward him as for every step Shoya 's mind started thinking about a man with red eyes walking towards him for a taste of his body and spreading his cold hands towards him "I like new, young boys......yummy!'

"hey! Why are you so sweaty?
"~Nothing just feeling hot~"
"Ready for the tour?"
"But first we are going to buy lunch before there is nothing left for our stomach."He holds his hand and makes him run.
"~But wait where are we going?~"
He smiled and replied "just wait"

"~and what do you mean by nothing left?"

"You ask too many questions. Just wait and watch."
"Do you play any sports or do exercise ?"
"~No, but why are you asking it ~"

"Because I need your muscles for battle "

They reached the destination and there was a huge student rush for bread which is famous in the whole school and there is so many rumor like not in a more than ten minute the shelf filled with bread get sold out and even the girls on the diet forget about their diet and start eating it and this rush for bread is also known as the battle of sweetness or BOS and freshmen have no chance of buying even one piece of bread. Both Shoya and Umehara go into the ring of battle, but Shoya only manages to buy one piece of bread. After this Shoya understands every rumor and why freshmen won't have any chance of buying bread and also due to the BOS his foot was crumpled by many footsteps.
"Did you got any bread?"

"~yes, but only manage one piece. What about you?~"
"I got two and one for you?"
"I don't hope you will even manage one but you did. It's good progress on the first day, congrats!!"

Shoya replied listlessly "~Might someday I will become the champ of BOB.......~"
"Now let's go for the tour. "

After having such a war then also he is so energetic. Is it the magic of bread or what? After eating the bread, if I will achieve energy like this, then I think I have to add one more rumor.

"Where do you bring this much energy?"

"The place we are going next is the reason for this much energy "

"Where are we going next?"

Umehara replied with the same awkward smile when he first gave to Shoya "For next place you have to keep quiet and follow me. "
After two minutes of silent walk. Finally, Umehara hints to him that we reached the place but it was just a window"Did this place really that energetic or just a place where lovebirds come and confess their love."
"Heyy..., what are you dreaming about? Did you already started dreaming and imagining things?"
"~N...n...noo, but what you mean by already ?~"
"Just peek inside the window and your mind can't resist the milky, soft, and fluppy-duppy meat buns."
Both of them peek inside and after that Shoya's mind gets filled with thoughts"Woww, this place is really energetic, enthusiastic, evergreen and I had not seen this view for so long. The splashing water on the body and water getting bounced back by those big meat buns. Please God turn me into that water drops "
"Do you like the view or not?"
Shoya was so overwhelmed by his thoughts that he ignored his words." hey man are you listening to me or not."
"Hmmmm...."Shoya started fumbling.
"~Is this swimming pool is restricted for boys~?"
"Getting excited after watching hot chicks in swimming dress"
"~Now I understand what you were talking about ~"After this view, I don't think I need any sweet bread for my stomach or bandages for my leg.
"Did you want a secret and confidential thing that will make you energetic for the whole day? " "~Yesss..yess~"
"Then meet me after school. For now, let head back toward class, but meet me after class at the school library."
During the class, Shoya was only thinking about " what it can be that will keep me energetic?"Then suddenly a blow of cold wind went by which makes him remember the past then his thought changed to "Whether this thing will make me able to forget the past."
Shoya reached the library and Umehara was already waiting for him than a upperclassmen came and give him a package. After reaching a quiet and no one other than us present in the place, he takes out the seal of the package, and it containnnsss....
'A super deluxe top-ranking newly edition porno magazine'
In excitement, Shoya was started acting like a baby, so Umehara also tagged along and started acting like a grown-up gentleman.
"Sooo..., who want this magazine? Hey kid you seem to be excited too much so do you want the special edition?"
"~Yessss!Yesss! senpai~"
"Don't call me senpai. Call me master"
"~Okay master"~
"~But what Master?~"
"If.. you want this magazine then..... "
"~Then what?"
"You have to help me"
"~What help~?"Is it asking for my body and this place is quiet also if he does anything to me no one will come to know.
"There is my business of distributing magazines. So, can you help me?"
Without even giving a second thought Shoya replied
"No. And I am going home. bye"But wait did he said something about business?
"Please wait, master, you can't leave me," Umehara said in hurry.
"Thanks for listening to me Shoy... no,no,no Master"
So now I am a master.
"Can you help me in distribution?"Wait.... Now I understand everything about his motive behind this, showing me a swimming pool, making me more energetic, and giving me a limited edition magazine was a plan.
"So using me as a distributor was your main motive."
"uhhhh... ye..yes! But you are so good-looking that no one will suspect you. So.. please! please! Can you help me? And you will also get good compensation for that."
Don't give me that pity face. And I will not fall for that money or in your cheap tricks.
"Still my answer is no and I will not help you. Period."
"Did you know how important a role I am playing in this school?"
"Nowadays school is creating more clubs for encouraging female students and this gives rise to boys emotions like falling in love but in fear of getting rejected boys started to suppress their feelings and if somehow a boy manages to gather courage and confess his feelings to a girl, then also he gets rejected and suffers from depression. So what about his feelings? Can he really suffer from that alone? And what about his life will it remain normal or get changed? Watching that girl again in the school feels like a new arrow in his heart, started to fall deeper, and makes him more lonely. His life living with one-sided and secret love will turn into a topic of conversation and his love will turn into nothing but a shame. Then comes a magazine in his life that acts as a cure for him. As being single it becomes a responsible duty for me to provide such medicine that is filled with energy and fun."
He really has good oratory skills but using them for this pervy business is really a pain.
"Then also my answer is no."
Suddenly three more boys hidden in the bathroom comes out crying and started giving sympathy to Umehara and one of them scold me.
"Do you know how many boys are there in every class? Average twenty students and comparing the total number of them only 10% have a girlfriend out of which 90% are still single like us. Do you know anything about this? You will not because you don't come under 90%. It because boys like you having a good look, makes the possibility of getting a girl less. Even you don't confess to any girl then also at the end of the year, a girl comes and confesses that she had a crush on you for so long. Overall you will never understand over pain and never will."
No, you are wrong I had more deepest regret and for that, I can not forgive myself even if I know my mistake I cannot say rectify it, that hurts the most. But I will not leave them with this problem.
Suddenly, Shoya's face was filled with gloom and sadness.
"Okay I agree"
They started crying in happiness and started dancing holding hands.
"Heyy.. boys are you playing inside the bathroom or what."PT teacher scolded after listening to the song and footstep from the toilet.
"Sorry sir" all replied together.

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