Chapter 1:

Vol1. Start of My Loner Life

Daily Life of a loner

My name is Taruo Taichi. I am 10 years old. I live in a small town named Banur. It is located on national highway 7 between Chandigarh and Patiala. Although it's not a very famous place among tourists. But if you consider the fact that it's located both near Chandigarh and Patiala, many people from other states come and settle here. I study in Banur public school. It's considered the number one school in our area. Today is the start of my new class. In India, unlike other countries, the education system is based on a 10 +2 system and 3 extra years of pre. Nursery, nursery and kindergarten. This year I am in class 5th. Each class is divided into different sections. And class 5th has only A and B sections. That's what I thought until...... Bookmark here

It was a fine morning. The weather was clear and I was on time before class to start. Everyone was in their seats and 1st period was about to start. I sat with my usual friend group. I was curious who would be our class in charge (in other words homeroom teacher ). A male teacher opened the door and came in. Everyone went silent. He was Rinji Rachin. I know who he was. A few years back he was my tuition teacher. Well, that's the past story now. There was no doubt that he was my class in charge now. I could see many students weren't happy about it though. Everyone performed the ritual to greet him. Anyhow, Why they always sing the greeting "Good morning", instead of saying it simply.Bookmark here

"gooooodmoorrrrninggggg, sir.."Bookmark here

"Good morning, sit down everyone." After everyone sat he continued," My name is Rinji Rachin. I am your class in charge for this year and from today I will teach you English."Bookmark here

'This year gonna be difficult'Bookmark here

Few knocks came from the door. Everyone directed their gazes towards the class entrance. It was a female teacher that I didn't know the name of. Noticing her, Rachin sir approached her, She started talking with him about something. While they were talking, the class was full of murmurs. Bookmark here

'Just how do they have things to talk about? Is there any limit? 'Bookmark here

 As I was thinking about how my classmates don't leave the slightest chance to talk. Both the teachers finished talking, once again class went silent. The female teacher was still standing there, No one knew what the matter was. Then Rachin sir broke the silence. Bookmark here

"I will call a few names. Come out with your school bags if your name is called."Bookmark here

Everyone was confused about what was going on. Sir started calling out the names. There were two girls and six boys. Among them, one was my friend. Sir made a serious look, like deciding on something and came towards me. My heart started racing. Sir came and said something to me and I agreed to it. Bookmark here

Now I was also among those selected students. We went outside with the female teacher leading the way. Few more students were waiting outside the classroom. I guess they were from another section. With a female teacher leading the way, we went to the old school building. Bookmark here

Our School was divided into 3 sections. The old school building, the new school building and the morning assembly ground. we can easily tell why they were given such names. We were in the old building and stopped in front of a metallic door. The teacher opened the door with the key and the door made a high pitched sound. It was a dark, small room with one fan at the centre. There was no blackboard, just a wall painted with black paint. On the female teacher's signal, we went inside and sat on the benches. I sat with my friend who was also selected. What was going on? Bookmark here

Let's go back and see how things end up like this. It all started with Rachin sir. He came and said. Bookmark here

 "We are making a new section this year, there's one student who doesn't want to go to that section. Will you go instead of him ?" Bookmark here

The question was simple enough to answer. But the real question was why me?... I knew why sir specifically consulted me. It's because of my father. My father loses temper very easily and sir was aware of it. Sir didn't want to deal with him, so he chose me to change the section. Well, I felt bad for him. So I just went with the flow. Bookmark here

"Ok, sir" Bookmark here

And now here I am. Come to think of it, was it a correct decision? Now what's done is done. At least I am not alone. I have a friend with me. Bookmark here

When everyone settled on their respective seats, the female teacher started to speak.Bookmark here

"My name is Lina Fuji, and I will be your class in charge this year. I will be teaching you Punjabi ."Bookmark here

 In India, Till class 10, students have to study 3 main subjects that include science, social science and Maths. 3 languages, English as compulsory, one national language i.e. Hindi and one local language mine is Punjabi. Students can choose any other subjects too as there extra. So she was going to teach us Punjabi. She continued,Bookmark here

"As you already noticed, this year we made a new section (section C)by Selecting few students from each section. Is there any question about that ?" Bookmark here

There were only about 25-30 students in our class. Which was very less when compared with other sections. Everyone was silent, till a male student stood up and asked " Why were we selected and what's the reason for making a new section?"
Bookmark here

This Question was obvious since there was no notice about it during admission time. So students were confused right now. Teacher replied,Bookmark here

"There were many students in each section, to cut it down we made a new section and why you were selected, there's no specific reason, all of you were chosen randomly "Bookmark here

'Expect me!'Bookmark here

The male student looked satisfied with the answer and sat down."Any other questions?" Bookmark here

There was no one to ask any further questions. So the teacher continued Bookmark here

"Now, you all got familiar with me. Let's start with self-introduction." While pointing towards the student who sat near the door she said, "you go first ". The student stood up and started introducing himself. Bookmark here

I didn't pay attention to anyone. I was preparing myself and thinking about what should I speak. Self-introduction should be different from others. Because we all are different. Introductions are like our first impression and someone said "The first impression is the last impression." As I was thinking about how I will introduce myself, Soon it was my turn after my friend who was sitting just next to me. I stood up and started speaking,Bookmark here

"My name is Torou Taichi ......I don't have any hobbies in particular....... I am looking forward to studying with you all" Bookmark here

I instantly sat down. "Nailed it!" so I thought. But I certainly screwed it. My voice was very low. I doubt anyone was able to hear what I said. Anyway since I already sat, No one bothered to ask me again. Well, I didn't mind either way. Since I already have a friend, I didn't need anyone else. But my plan backfired. Bookmark here

It was the lunch break. Lina ma'am was in class. In our school, it was another ritual that during lunch breaks, the class in charge should be in their respective classes. I didn't know the reason behind it, possibly to keep an eye on the class. Everything was going normally. Bookmark here

Rachin sir came to our class and told something to Miss Lina. She then called my friend and told him to go to another section with the bag. He took his bag and was gone. He was asked to change the section. He was gone. He didn't even look at me. It all happened so quickly, that I wasn't even able to react properly.Bookmark here

What the? What the hell happened? I thought I was not alone ." you traitor!" I knew that it wasn't his fault, but now I was all alone in some unknown place with some unknown people. I hadn't even heard anyone's introduction, so I didn't know anyone's name either. Bookmark here

But why did he have to go? The answer was simple. We were 5 friends in the previous class. Now 2 were transferred to this class and 3 remained there. Only 2 students can sit on a bench. So 1 of them was forced to sit alone. I guess he felt like an outcast or something. That is why he started crying and the teacher was forced to bring one of us back. And why wasn't I chosen?. That's simply due to my father. Bookmark here

After thinking all this stuff, I let of a tired sigh and rested my head on the bench. Regretting why did I even agree with sir. The first day of this year was over and I failed to talk to anyone else. Bookmark here

 1 week was over and the class was already divided into boys and girls. In boy, there was 3 subcategories - nobles, commoners and outcast. In girls were only 2 - nobles and commoners. I guess it was due to their small number or due to their kind nature that there was no outcast. Bookmark here

There was a student named "Jun Fujiyama".He was handsome to some extent, tall with half-opened eyes, golden round ear-ring in his left ear, Good in studies and sports. I think I can say he was the king of boys. Because he acts as the leader of all the boys. Boys do what he usually tells them to. "Expect me, of course ". I didn't have any connection with nobles not even with commoners, forget about girls. I can't talk with girls. Bookmark here

I didn't make any friends. I guess that was the reason I was part of outcasts. To elaborate term "outcast" more briefly, let's say they were the ones who were socially awkward, had low social skills, less sense of humour, weak in studies etc. In short, low in everything. It was not like I was the same as them, but due to circumstances, I looked that way. But class doesn't show any discrimination between any of the three categories. Commoners and nobles occasionally talk to outcasts sometimes, so that they don't completely feel outcasted or to form a sense of unity or something. Bookmark here

Even others talk to outcasts. No one bothered to talk to me. what the heck? That was the reason people misunderstood me. Some thought I was shy, some thought That I was too arrogant or something, some even thought I was an honour student. Some even gave me names like"kind saint, silent boy". Who am I? Reincarnation of Buddha? I was nothing like that. Although That name was kinda cool...... "SILENT BOY!"..... I wanna meet the person That came with this name. Anyway, I was saying That I was nothing like that. I didn't have friends, that's why I didn't talk to anyone. Thus people were assuming things by what they were observing I guess. Bookmark here

But wait a sec? Why you all are so curious about me? Have I done something special? I guess I did something. Bookmark here

It was the result of the test that was held earlier and I somehow was a topper In that. Everyone was shocked. How did do it? That's simple. Bookmark here

No friend is equal to no talk in class. No talk in the class is equal to no distractions. No distraction is equal to more focus. More focus is equal to more studies .Hence, no friend is equal to more study. I am a Bookmark here

And this is how everything started. Start of my a.k.a Tarou Taichi's loner life. Hence, my youth begins........Bookmark here

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